10 Best Translation Services of 2022 | Top websites Reviewed (2022)

Studies show that about 62% of people look for the best translation websites at least once during their life. They want to find high quality for little money, but this doesn't always work, even though the market is full of different agencies. It's difficult to say which of them are professional and which just pretend to hire experts. TranslationReport guards your interests. We studied the background of many translation companies, comparing their prices, services, and reviews. We placed orders with each, and in the end, we formed this list with top 10 choices. Making decision will be much easier with its help!

How We Select Best Online Translation Services

When we start our search for the top translation company, we form the best review team and develop common assessment criteria. They outline every relevant category and the amount of points each of them can get. In most cases, we use the 1 to 5 system. Analysis is both joined and individual, and every team member makes their notes with grades. When the review is finished, we compare these grades and discuss our results. The final mark is a reflection of everyone's opinion, which minimizes opportunity for bias and helps us make certain that we provide you with the most objective kind of information.

Customer Feedback

Our review team follows one top rule in the process of our work, and that is, “The best translation website will always put the client first.” Customers are paying entities — without them, no one is going to need translation services. That's why policies should be friendly and prioritize clients' wishes when approaching their orders. Also, if there are issues with quality, every respectable legal translation agency or medical language provider should have managers capable of looking into the issue objectively. Revisions and refunds are obligatory aspects that should be present in case the feedback isn't the best.

Company's Background

When an agency has been providing translation services online for many years, it means you stand higher chances of getting positive client experience after hiring it. Our review team always takes this factor into consideration because experience usually means the best quality. Bad companies or scams don't survive in this market for a long time — they quickly run out of resources and face a storm of negative reviews. In a way, when we see that an agency has at least five years of professional translation work, we favor it more, but it's not always the case. Top companies that earned an excellent reputation might grow too lazy and greedy at some point. On the other hand, new agencies might show the best kind of accuracy and loyalty because they want to make a good impression, so we still analyze their end products closely.

Website and Navigation

Before we start evaluating language services, we check how the potential best translation company looks. Studying its website is essential — it can tell you a lot more than you might expect. If the design is cheap, pages load too slowly, and ads keep popping up, then it's unlikely that managers care about what product they are selling. Even more damning are mistakes in content. We can reluctantly believe that the owners of an agency are so focused on language translation that they don't care if their platform doesn't look its best. But if ads, policies, and information are riddled with grammar errors, then trust toward a company rapidly disappears. The same goes for navigation principle. Interface should be clearly comprehensive and relevant; clients need to be able to find what they want within seconds. All of this matters in our review.

Certified Translations

All top translation companies that make it into our list have a recent ISO mark. It's a sign of quality and proof that it is capable of providing the best certified services. The more certified translators work for an agency, the more points it gets from us.

Details of Pricing

Even when it comes to the best translation companies, there is a matter of price. Professional agencies shouldn't charge too much: translation industry is full of competitors who provide top quality, so if they ask for too much, they risk alienating a big part of their consumers. But overly low costs are also a bad sign. Experts who know a foreign language well enough to work with it expect to be paid well — they won't accept an order for a low charge. A balance must exist, and our team watches out for it.

Available Services

Like we said, best translation agencies usually have more experience, and this is directly reflected in the range of services they offer. The more diverse they are, the better, but only if a company can actually back its propositions up. There is little sense in listing every possible translation option on its site just to keep saying that this or that feature is not available. Our language team checks these facts. Our goal is to recommend diverse services that include translation, localization, certification, subtitles, captioning, transcription, and so on.

Quality of Customer Service

Each best translation service provider should have loyal customer support that works 24/7. Quick response time is important since people who place their orders want to settle all details ASAP. Operators must be patient and ready to explain whatever a customer doesn't understand. They have to stay on topic without bombing clients with annoying offers. Their language must be fluent and professional, and this plays its role in our review, too.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance team is a vital part of each agency that offers the best translation service online. These top experts watch how translators do their work, making certain it's accurate and that client's requests were met. They also handle disputes and situations with revisions or refunds. Their approach must be 100% objective and evidence based.

Review Criteria for Finding the Best Translation Sites

These aspects we listed above all help us in deciding which company is the best. But we went further and developed more criteria on their basis. The following features inform each our review and help us maintain our objectivity.

  • Informative website. We expect every company to have a comprehensive website. It must clearly list what kind of services it offers, what policies it has, and what additional features customers can order. Info should be concise but detailed enough to address all questions an interested person might develop.
  • Safe and diverse payment options. People who need the best translation services online live in different countries. What payment methods work for some don't work for others, so a top company must offer at least three or four options.
  • Open pricing system. Professional services don't hide how much they charge. Each language pair has its price, and these numbers should be reflected on a website. Customers shouldn't have to share personal data and waste their time just to get a price quote.
  • Positive reputation among clients and employees. In a professional world, the more positive translation services reviews exist about a company, the more reliable it is. We always check what other customers think, but in addition, we look into employees' opinions. If the work environment is toxic for them, you can't expect management to treat you well either.
  • Clear policies. Businesses should set clear policies for their customers. If you're reading a page with rules, you need to understand exactly what your expectations should be regarding revisions, refunds, services, support, etc.
  • Translators' qualifications. For providing the best certified translation services, agencies must hire only top experts with translating experience. They must be native speakers of target languages and possess relevant education and skills. We check who works for a company to the best of our abilities.
  • Localization. Stuff like app or game localization services requires a higher level of skills than standard translation. Localization means close adaptation with attention paid to culture and mindset. This industry is in high demand, so it's a must for good companies to have this option.
  • Confidentiality. Based on certified translation services reviews plus policies outlined on a company's website, we can make conclusions about how well it protects its customers' information. Only transparent policies get a pass.
  • Multiple formats. Best services need to support multiple formats, providing files, audio, and videos in a way a client wants it.

Only the best language translation services that score high in each of the listed categories get our recommendation. We might evaluate some aspects of their work positively, but if they failed industry standards at any point, our review will reflect it. We work hard to suggest strictly top options to you.

Looking for the Best Human Translation Service by Yourself

The best rule you should remember when looking for a top service is that clarity has mutual importance. For translators to do a job you like, you need to explain what exactly you want as clearly as possible. Upload all important files and be sure that you answer questions employees ask. Read policies attentively: if you missed something, this won't help you avoid consequences.

Things to Know About the Best Certified Services

When you order professional translation services online and ask for certification in particular, you need to know what features a reliable company should have. Certified translations are for those occasions when you plan on going to live or study abroad, are involved in a court case, have to submit a marriage or divorce certificate for travelling purposes, contact an international hospital, etc. Simple translation won't be enough. The best translators get certificates from ATA or similar organizations — clarify with your company if it employs such people.

Facts About Localization Services

TranslationReport review team has already mentioned what localization entails, but now let's add a couple of details. Like we stated, this is a type of work where a culture of a target audience is taken into account. If your text has humor, strong subtext that you want conveyed accurately, cultural references, sarcasm, or anything that has many tiny nuances, you'll need localization. What you find hilarious might offend another audience; if you read from left to right, some populations do it in the opposite way. Best localizers consider these things, and it can be seen in their work.

How to Recognize a Bad Service?

You know how to find the best document translation services now, but what about bad ones? Knowing how to spot them is also important. We compiled a list with helpful points.

  • Website should be professional. It shouldn't have annoying ads that won't let you close them, suspicious offers, or bad design.
  • Hidden fees. If you don't understand what you're paying for because the sum is higher than it should be, we suggest looking for another agency because this one is not the best.
  • No online support. If you cannot see a way to contact a service 24/7, then something is fishy. What if you need assistance right away? Better look for other options.
  • Poor reviews. If reviews claim this agency doesn't have human translations or employees complain that they face terrible conditions, ditch it. It's not worth it.
  • Overly cheap prices. Seeing low prices might seem like the best gift in the world, especially for larger projects. But unfortunately, usually, it is not a blessing. Scams are real, so you need to watch out for that. Learn average market price for your target language and ignore services that offer something too good to be true. Top specialists require solid payments.

Is there a company you are interested in but we haven't written a review on it yet? Let us know! We constantly follow our visitors' requests because we want to stay up to date with translation industry's trends.

Use TranslationReport's Expertise to Find the Best Services

Choosing the best company is a difficult and sometimes dangerous process. With the help of reviews by TranslationReport, you'll be able to make a safe and informed choice. We compare and test numerous services in numerous ways to present you with the most accurate and loyal options. Try our lists and find your translation helper!

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