15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (2022)

Winter is coming and here to stay. So, crocheting these slippers for everyone on your shopping list is going to be a great present. Yes, they are holiday gifts, but they would be awesome all year long.
These crochet patterns are very famous in the present time because they make look gorgeous and look fit for men and women. And the designs of crochet slippers are too impressive to wear in the winter season. You can easily crochet these slippers and it's a fantastic and good way to present them to your family and friends. So, check these wonderful patterns and you will present your imagination items by taking the help of these Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns.

The combination of thick yarn, bulky hook, and bulky stitch gives these slippers extra coziness and warmth, Free crochet chunky slippers patterns are like a blessing for cold feet. These slippers are not only perfect to cozy your feet but look adorable too. These slippers are crocheted with a thick yarn or chunky which makes them perfect for colder seasons. You can make them in any color you like. But, here, we are going to see the free crochet chunky slipper patterns with bright colors.
You will definitely fall in love with these crochet patterns at first sight. They are so colorful that you will love to wear them. Besides, they are so easy to make that you will love them.

How to crochet chunky slippers!

When winter hits, there's nothing quite like a pair of warm, fluffy crochet slippers to keep you cozy. And unlike shoes, these slippers don't have to be tight or constricting, making them perfect for comfort. The chunky yarn used in these slippers gives them a comfy look and feel, and they're made to be simple and quick to make. They'll add warmth and personality to any outfit, making them perfect for adding to a handmade Christmas present.

Crocheting a chunky slipper can be a fun project for a novice crocheter or intermediate-level crocheter, depending on how large you make the slippers. If you're a novice, use bulky yarn (such as Red Heart Super Saver), but go to chunky (such as Caron Simply Soft) if you're an intermediate crocheter.
Although you're likely to start with making magic circles, regular crochet is not too difficult. As long as you have experience crocheting a chain stitch, you can make chunky slippers.
Crochet a magic circle:
1. Start with a chain that's about 16 inches long (the longer the chain, the thicker your slippers will be).
2. Chain two.
3. Skip one stitch.
4. Insert the hook into the skipped stitch, then draw up a loop.
5. Pull the yarn through the loop, then chain one and skip the next stitch.
6. Do this six times, then chain one.
7. Repeat this process a few more times, then cut your yarn and weave in the end.


  • Any of your bulky or chunky Yarn
  • Suitable Crochet Hook
  • A big eye tapestry needle to weave in the ends
  • A locking stitch marker or a safety pin.

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Crochet Quickie Slippers Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (1)

Open the door to style and comfort with this quick pair of slippers. Crochet them in simple single crochet for an easy project that's fun to complete. With our versatile Bernat Softee Chunky on hand, this takes just a few balls—any shade you like. This free pattern for a Crochet Quickie Slippers Pattern will guide you through the steps to creating your own slippers. The finished size resembles a small, medium, or large shoe, so you may want to make several pairs in different sizes. Crochet yourself a pair of super-fast slippers with this Slippers Pattern. This pattern is so easy to follow, so you can turn them out in no time at all. Using super bulky yarn will finish your slippers fast, too, so you can wear them right away.

There are three sizes for this pattern—small, medium, and large. These quickie slippers are just the thing to keep your toes warm on chilly days. These slippers are just the thing for a chilly walk to the car or a trip to the mailbox. They're quick to crochet—you can make them in an evening. There are many reasons why you should bring home the Crochet Quickie Slippers pattern today. We're sure that you'll agree that it's not only affordable but that these super bulky slippers are perfectly comfortable. With the ability to create three different sizes, you can give a pair to your favorite child or adult and know that their feet will be warm and cozy all winter long.


Crochet Santa Slippers Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (2)

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! These Christmas slippers are fun to make and fun to wear. Santa slippers are a holiday tradition as much as decorating the Christmas tree. These crochet slippers will be a hit at home, the office, or at holiday parties. The free Santa slippers pattern comes in sizes to fit children through adults. They are perfect for slipping on after you come in from raking leaves or delivering presents. This Crochet Santa Slippers Pattern is cute, simple, and quick!

Just a couple of square pieces that easily connect with continuous crochet rows. These slippers work up fast and easily. Get them started in the morning before work, and they’re ready to wear by bedtime! Santa Slippers Crochet Pattern is a fun and easy crochet pattern that makes the perfect holiday gifts for women, men, teens, girls, boys, toddlers, infants, teachers, grandparents, or anyone you know! This pattern is crocheted in the round, so it’s great for people who are new to crocheting in the round.


Crochet Monticello Slippers Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (3)

Winter is drawing near, and you know what? The Monticello Slippers are made with chunky yarn that will keep your tootsies toasty while giving you an elegant, rich look. The double sole helps protect against wear while walking on rough surfaces, while the close-fitting foot and ankle will provide you with a perfect fit. These slippers can be easily adjusted to lengthen or shorten them, depending on your personal preference. Crochet Monticello Slippers keep your toes cozy warm, complete with a double sole & close-fitted foot & ankle for comfort and maximum fit.

This pattern makes it easy to create a pair of comfortable slippers, perfect for indoor wear during the cooler months. Worked in chunky yarn, they sport a double sole and close-fitting foot and ankle for comfort and warmth. These warm and comfortable slippers are perfect for chilly nights! Crochet these Slippers for yourself, your kids, or your friends. They make great gifts! These easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through choosing the correct size yarn and hook, working the heel flap, and joining it to the sole. By the time you finish, you will be able to make another pair in any color you like.


Made With Love Slippers Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (4)

In these slippers, your feet will have a place to hide. Of course, these slippers are snug, warm, comfortable, and stylish. They are perfect for walking on tile or hardwood floors or traipsing through your home with your coffee mug in hand. And they could be made taller if you prefer more of a sock-like fit. They could also be used as an alternative to booties for women after delivering a baby. And, of course, they are perfect for lounging around the house. These knit slippers are designed to fit both men and women alike.

They can easily be resized by going up or down in hook size or yarn weight. These slippers were designed to fit and also look great on feet! The double sole and close-fitting foot and ankle keep feet warm while allowing for free movement. These slippers are the perfect pattern for using leftover chunky weight yarn in your stash. They are quick to work up in any worsted weight size and feel so warm and soft when you are done!


Crochet Boat Shoe Slippers Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (5)

These boat shoes are crocheted using bulky yarn and possess all the classic lines of the original while taking on a whole new look. They sport a double sole, use YO profusion (optional), and close at ankle and foot for some security and a cute fit. Check out this pattern for a crochet boat shoe slipper. Crochet a pair in browns and beiges, or use bright or striped yarn to make a fun pair. They have double soles and a snug fit for extra warmth, and they'll fit men and women, so they're great for gifting!

These boat shoes are so simple and can be made using bulky yarn, so they work up fast. Paired with a flowing skirt and tank top, you'll be ready for a picnic at the beach. If you want to up the fun factor, then try them in colored yarns or stripes. You and your feet will love these Crochet Boat Shoe Slippers, knit in bulky yarn for fast and fun crocheting.


Crochet Stars And Stripes Slippers Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (6)

Featuring the colors of your country, these slippers can be worn to celebrate The 4th of July or all year long. Patterns are suitable for intermediate skill levels. Crochet these adorable and fun-to-wear Stars and Stripes Slippers in Red, White, and Blue. With bulky yarn and a large hook, they work up quickly. These can be made for all of the family, of course, the larger sizes will look different from the child sizes. These slippers have an easy crochet pattern with a double sole and close-fitting foot for comfort. They are made from bulky yarn, so size 5.5 mm (I) crochet hook is used. The star on the sole is a separate piece sewn on, which you could stuff if you wish, but it isn't necessary.

The slippers have a lace pattern on the part going over the top of the foot and ankle. Foot length is adjustable, making it easy to fit any woman, girl, or man. The stitches are rather quick with bulky yarn too, making this an easy item for anyone to start learning how to crochet slippers. The double sole gives the slipper a firm foundation, so you are not skidding on hard floors. There are so many ways to use bulky yarn, with the exception of the carry-all bag with handles idea. I have not shared them with you yet. Enjoy!


Crochet April Showers Slippers:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (7)

These April Showers Slippers are designed with that fun, color-blocked look that was so popular in the '80s. Remember that yellow rain boot that everyone had? The April Showers slippers are an excellent gift for so many people this year! Men, women, and kids–they're a fun gift to make and fun to wear! Designed in an easy slip-on style without any laces or closures, these slippers have a soft lining, wedge heel to keep you steady on your feet, and cute cow spots that remind us of the old rain boots we all had when we were kids. Pair them with a cuddly cardigan, and you've got a gift-giving win!" These are made out of soft bulky yarn in shades of purple and pink to resemble that kind of rain boot.

These slippers are worked up in multiple parts and will be a fun project to work on while watching television. So, Make a statement when you step out in these Crochet April Showers Slippers. They are warm and snug, either inside the home or outside for a fun day of shopping or strolling through the park. If you know someone who loves to crochet, I'm sure they will love to make a pair of these for you.


Crochet Chunky Button Slippers:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (8)

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of these fast and fun chunky button slippers. Crochet this adorable pair of chunky button slippers, featuring a bright color block heel and toe. These simple Crochet Chunky Button Slippers will keep you extra warm during the cold winter months. They are perfect for lounging around the house, especially when watching your favorite movies. Using Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy yarn makes it easy to crochet in any color you like with no need to change hook size, so you can set your creativity free!

These super-cozy slippers are amazing. They slip on over the foot and ankle and keep your toes toasty–but they’re fun to make, too! The long fringe makes them look so luxurious! A great gift or easy project for yourself, these super-fast slippers are worked in three hours or less. Worked in quick and chunky crochet, they make a stylish yet cozy addition to any wardrobe. Best of all, they require barely any sewing--ideal for the person who loves to knit but doesn’t love to sew!


Watermelon Chunky Slippers:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (9)

We know that the most important part of winter is keeping cozy. These fun, bright Watermelon Chunky Slippers are just the piece to keep your toes toasty and your feet stylish. Made from soft Bernat Super Value Solids (New) and Mainstays Basic yarns, these slippers embroidered with lots of watermelon goodness will make you smile on all of those cold winter days! These plush and fun slippers feature a chunky wedge sole and fuzzy, watermelon-colored fabric. Keep your feet cozy on chilly mornings before you step out to start your day.

Whether it's the beach, the pool, or just around the house, these watermelon slippers are perfect for any occasion! These colorful chunky slippers are a cute way to keep your feet warm on chilly days. Their extra-wide design is comfortable and roomy, with an ergonomic interior for all-day comfort. Made with a slip-on fit, these slippers work well for men and women of all ages. They're an excellent way for kids to put a unique spin on a classic wardrobe staple!


Rustic Fur Easy Slippers Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (10)

Protect your feet from the cold with the Rustic Fur Easy Crochet Slippers. Perfect for lounging around the house, at camp, or for camping, these slippers are cozy and made of wool. These slippers are kid-friendly—easy to slip on, great to wear running out the door, and easy to clean if muddy paws get on them. The Rustic Fur Easy Slippers is a hit for all ages. The slippers are nice and thick for warmth and sturdy to withstand rigorous wear with a double sole. Pair them with a cute sweater or loungewear for a fun look, or wear them casual to please dad, grandpa, and bro-in-law alike." These Rustic Fur Easy Crochet Slippers are so comfy you'll never want to take them off!

The fuzzy pink exterior will keep your toes warm, while the reinforced interior ensures you won't damage them during all your winter adventures. Slip these on, grab a snack, and settle in for an evening of movies with friends or binge-watching your favorite TV shows! These slippers are made from one single rectangle of material, making them super fast to crochet. They are perfect for the whole family. The pattern comes in three sizes: toddler, kids, and adult, so everyone can have a pair of their own. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support of independent designers. Have a fabulous day!)))


Simple Chunky Cable Slippers Crochet Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (11)

At the arrival of winter and chiller season, when you want to brighten up your wardrobe and shoe rack, then you will surely like this Simple Chunky Cable Slippers Crochet Pattern. This crochet pattern is made with the use of maroon color that makes it more special. Use Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky yarn and make this warmer and cozier pattern. You can use it as a gift to your friends. Click down!


Adult Chunky Slippers Crochet Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (12)

Adult Chunky Slippers Crochet Pattern is perfect in the winters that will keep your feet warm, and it will provide a stylish look to your foot. You can customize the size of this pair of slippers easily according to your desire. You would have to require Bulky yarn to crochet this pattern.


Kids Chunky Slippers Crochet Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (13)

Kids Chunky Slippers Crochet Pattern is a mixture of bright and bold colors that plays a vital role in beautifying. You can also crochet this gorgeous pattern for yourself as it is suitable as a gift for your friends. The Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair is the type of thread that is important for it. Use basic crochet stitches to crochet this pattern.


Watermelon Slippers Crochet Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (14)

If you love to wear crochet slippers and want to make a pair of crochet slippers with your own hands, then this Watermelon Chunky Slippers Crochet Pattern is perfect for you. Use Green (1 oz)[62yds], Bright Green (½ oz)[30yds], White (½ oz)[30yds]. And Pink (3 oz)[200yds], Black (scraps) to make this crochet pattern. If you are not satisfied with this color scheme, you can change it according to your desire and choice.


Adult Men's Slippers Crochet Pattern:

15 Cute Free Crochet Chunky Slippers Patterns (15)

Try to crochet all those things that can be made within a short time if you want to do this, then Adult Men's Chunky Slippers Crochet Pattern is a perfect solution for you. You will need Red Heart Yarns Sweet Home in Steel. And Red Heart Yarns Bunches of Hugs in Sapphire, K-6.50mm Crochet Hook to make this adorable pattern and basic crochet stitches that are given in the link.



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