5 Popular Pearl Necklace Styles and Why You Must Have Them | Pearl Wise (2022)

Pearl necklaces are a classic piece of jewelry that should be in every woman’s (or man’s) jewelry collection. But with the endless choices out there, which pearl necklace style should you choose?

Here’s our top 5 must-have pearl necklacestyles that you need to add to your jewelry collection if you haven’t already.

1- The Princess Length Pearl Strand

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5 Popular Pearl Necklace Styles and Why You Must Have Them | Pearl Wise (2)

This is the quintessential pearl necklace andthe one that suits everyone. The pearl strand comes in several lengths, but theclassic length is 17 to 19 inches, falling just below your collarbone. Thepearl strand necklace transitions from casual to formal wear and from day toevening effortlessly. You can wear it when running errands or make it the focalpiece for your bridal attire. It’s highly versatile and should definitely be inany woman’s pearl collection.

The size and color of the pearls can easilyelevate this type of necklace from casual to formal so choose carefully. Largerpearls always look a little more dressed up and mature, while smaller pearlslook casual and tend to suit younger people.

2- Pearl Choker

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Pearl choker necklace.

Find it here

When you want a bit of drama or to look dressed up, the pearl choker isan excellent piece to add to your look. This type of pearl necklace rests atthe base of your throat or higher and depending on the style of the choker, canbe simple and casual or dramatic and make a statement.

Pearl chokers look best when worn for formal occasions or eveningengagements. It perfectly complements a dress or top with an open neckline.It’s also an excellent choice for strapless dresses.

For a statement look, consider layering your choker. One of the mostfamous choker looks was that of Princess Diana, who often wore a three-layeredpearl choker with a giant center sapphire. With or without the center gemstone,a layered choker is an eye-catching, confident look.

5 Popular Pearl Necklace Styles and Why You Must Have Them | Pearl Wise (4)

If you skip the layers and go with a single, small choker strand, thispearl style then works as a casual necklace, much like the princess lengthpearl necklace.

When choosing the type of choker necklace, consider your neck length. Ifyou have a shorter neck, a smaller pearl choker might be the best way to go.But if you’re neck is elongated, chokers with larger pearls or layers wouldwork perfectly.

3- Pearl Pendant

If you don’t like too much pearl but stillwant to incorporate pears into your attire, the pearl pendant is the best wayto go. This type of pearl necklace comes in several styles and can be classicand sophisticated, to quirky and fun.

When choosing your pearl pendant, first decideon the type of metal you prefer. Your typical choices would be silver-hued,yellow gold or rose gold. These tend to flatter different skin tones and impacton the overall style of the necklace.

For example, silver-hued metals arecontemporary and stylish and tend to flatter people with cool skin tones andfairer skin. Yellow gold looks amazing on darker skin tones and people withwarm complexions. Rose gold typically looks great on any skin tone, warm orcool, which is partly why it’s such a favorite.

5 Popular Pearl Necklace Styles and Why You Must Have Them | Pearl Wise (5)

Popular baroque pearl pendant by Lisha Pearl Jewelry.

See it here

Next pick the type of pearl you’re after, considering its shape and size. Baroque pearls add a bit of whimsy and modernity to a pearl pendant while the classic round pearl takes on a traditional look.

You can also pair your pearl pendant withdiamonds or other gemstones, to enhance the look of the piece and add value andbeauty. One of our favorite styles is to surround the pearl with preciousmetal, to give it a bezel look.

Surrounding the pearl with tiny crystals ordiamonds to create a glittering halo is another way to add sparkle and enhancethe luster of the pearl.

Pearl pendants are very versatile and a modernapproach to wearing pearl necklaces.

4- Endless Pearl Rope

5 Popular Pearl Necklace Styles and Why You Must Have Them | Pearl Wise (6)

Doublingthe pearl rope necklace to create a layered look.

If you had to pick just one type of pearl necklace, this should be it. The pearl rope style is so amazing, we wrote an entire article on it. The reason we love the endless rope so much is because it’s just so versatile and can be worn in dozens of ways… literally.

A pearl rope is typically over 36 inches long and can reach upwards of100 inches. Depending on the length you choose, the styles available to youwill vary. For example, some ways to wear the pearl necklace include doublingit around your neck for a two-layered style or tripling it for a three-layeredchoker-like necklace style.

With pearl rope necklaces, you don’t need to have a clasp but would justslip it over your head. It’s comfortable to wear and goes beautifully withcasual clothes or a stunning evening gown.

This video shows you 11 ways you can style the pearl rope.

5- Colored Pearl Necklaces

5 Popular Pearl Necklace Styles and Why You Must Have Them | Pearl Wise (7)

For a truly unique twist to the classic pearlnecklace style, opt for different colored pearl necklaces. While the whitepearl necklace is beautiful and classic, it’s also very traditional. If youwant to break out of that box and showcase something different, colored pearlsis a good way to go.

5 Popular Pearl Necklace Styles and Why You Must Have Them | Pearl Wise (8)

Luckily, because pearls come in a variety of colors, you’ll have endless options. One of the most stylish and luxurious looking pearl necklace styles is the Golden South Sea pearl necklace. If you go for an authentic version, it’ll cost you a fair bit but you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Golden pearl necklaces are glamorous and perfect for formal events. They could look over the top for a casual day out.

Black Tahitian pearls are also a favoriteoption to add color to your pearl necklace. Tahitian pearls are classy andmodern and suit a range of styles. If authentic Tahitian pearls are beyond yourbudget, consider dyed black Akoya or freshwater pearls.

5 Popular Pearl Necklace Styles and Why You Must Have Them | Pearl Wise (9)

Beautiful multicolour freshwater necklace strand.

See them here

Pearls also come in a range of pastel shadesso a multicolour pearl strand would be a gorgeous option to add a pop of colorto your look while keeping it simple. These colorful pearls are typicallyfreshwater pearls which are the most affordable variety, which means you havethe beautiful look of colorful pearls at a reasonable price.

Some Tips toRemember

When shopping for your pearl necklace style,consider the type and quality of the pearls. If you’re going for faux pearls,then you won’t have to worry about this but even then look for high qualityfaux pearls that’ll last you a long time.

For genuine pearls, check for surface quality,color, type, size and shape:

  1. Surface Quality – look for unblemished, smooth surfaces without flaws.
  2. Color – there’s a range of color to choose from, from black to white. Note that only Tahitian pearls are genuine dark bodied pearls. If the pearl is too garish in color, it’s probably been dyed.
  3. Type – there are four main types of pearls to choose from. Freshwater is the most affordable and abundant, while Akoya is the most classic type. Tahitian and South Sea pearls are more luxurious and expensive.
  4. Size – pearls vary in size from 2.0mm to 20.0mm. Tahitian and South Sea are larger pearls which reflects in their higher price.
  5. Shape – while round, spherical pearls are the quintessential pearl variety, pearls come in a range of shapes. Consider coin pearls, stick pearls or baroque. Each pearl shape offers a different styling.

Where to BuyPearl Necklaces

You can opt to purchase your pearls in-storeor online both of which have their pros and cons. Purchasing in store allowsyou to view the pearls before you buy, check them against your skin and todevelop a relationship with the jeweler so you can always go back formaintenance and repairs.

However, purchasing online gives you endlessoptions and highly competitive pricing, which at times can be up to 80% lowerthan retail price. This is because online pearl specialists don’t have to dealwith higher overheads like brick and mortar stores. They also have excellentcustomer service, returns policies and product quality. The shopping process isfacilitated with high quality images of products, product descriptions andquick delivery. And if you don’t like the jewelry, most reputable retailersoffer free return shipping.

If you think you’d like to start searching online, check out our article on whether Amazon is a good place to buy pearls.

You can also check out our comprehensive guide on the best places to buy pearls online.

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