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Dragons have fascinated humans for centuries. These mythical creatures have been the monsters of English myths and wise creatures in Chinese mythology. With the popularity of dragons, it is unsurprising that a number of parents want their child to have a dragon-inspired baby nae. To get you started on your naming search, we have a list of 70 names meaning dragon.

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40 Names Meaning Dragon for Boys

1. Veles

This is a Slavic variation on the name Volos. The name actually means ox. In ancient mythology, it was the name of the god of the underworld, cattle, dragons, trickery, the underworld and magic. In the myths, he appears in a serpentine form and is the enemy of Perun.

2. Askook

This comes from the Native American tribe, the Algonquins. It means snake.

3. Drago

Originally, this was the Latin name, Draco. This is the Italian version of that name and means dragon.

4. Longwei (龙威)

This name is Chinese in origin. It means dragon greatness. Later on, it was the name of a Chinese constructed battleship.

5. Quetzalcoatl

This unusual name actually comes from the Aztecs. In Nahuatl, the name means feathered serpent. In ancient myths, it was the name of the sky god.

6. Tezcacoatl

This comes from a Nahuatl name that means king or reflecting serpent.

7. Ormarr

This is an Old Norse name that comes from root words that mean serpent army.

8. Apophis

This is a Greek variation on an earlier Egyptian name. The original name meant to slither. In the myths, Apophis was the personification of evil and was known as the Evil Lizard. He was the enemy of the sun god and looks like a giant snake or dragon.

9. Pythios

This is Greek name that means to rot. In the Greek myths, it was the name of a certain that Apollo killed near Delphi.

10. Ladon

This was a Greek name for a river god from myths. It was also the name of the hundred-headed dragon who was said to guard the garden of the Hesperides.

11. Fraener

This is an Old Norse name. In the myths, it was the name of a dwarf who was turned into a dragon because of his greed.

12. Drake

This was originally an English surname, but it could also be a great first name meaning dragon. It may be from a Middle English word that meant male duck. It could also be from a name that meant dragon in English, or an Old Norse name that meant monster or snake.

13. Astarot

This is the Prince of Hell in demonology. He is often pictured as a naked man with dragon-liked wings and a crown.

14. Viper

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This is actually used as the name of a king of snake. The original Latin words meant alive and to bring forth. This word is used for snakes or serpents.

15. Uther

This name originally from Arthurian legends. It was the name of Uther Pendragon. He was the youngest son of King Constantine as well as the father of the legendary King Arthur. His name meant chief dragon.

16. Dracul

This name comes to us from Romania. In Romanian, the name means dragon or devil.

17. Knucker

This comes from Old English legends about a winged dragon. In Anglo-Saxon, it means water monster.

18. Pachua

This is a Native American name. Among the Hopi tribe, it means feathered water snake.

19. Tatsuo

This is a Japanese name that can mean far-reaching man, dragon man or imperial man.

20. Apalala

This name comes to us from a Hindi myth. It was the name of a water dragon in the stories.

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21. Pythagoras

This is a Greek name that comes from words that mean python and market. Together, these root words mean python market.

22. Ophiuchus

This is a Greek name that means serpent bearer. It was the name of one of the constellations that Ptolemy wrote about. The constellation is of a man supporting a serpent.

23. Coatl

This name is from the Nahuatl language and means snake.

24. Vasuki

This name first appeared in Hindu mythology. He was a king and a serpent.

25. Attor

This is an Old English name that meant poison or venom.

26. Shiesha

This Hindi name was the name f the king of serpents in myth. He was said to be one of the primal beings of creation. The actual Sanskrit root word meant that which remains.

27. Vritra

This is a name of a dragon or serpent in Hindi myth. He was an enemy of Indra and personified droughts.

28. Draco

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This is the Latin version of the Greek Drakon. As such, it means dragon. It was also the name of an Athenian scribe from the 7th century.

29. Pendragon

This is a Celtic name that means chief dragon. It was the name of King Arthur’s father in Arthurian legends. The father’s entire name was Uther Pendragon.

30. Nagendra

This name comes to us from Sanskrit originally. This Hindi name meant snake Indra and was another name of the god, Indra.

31. Uruloki

This name actually comes from Tolkien’s Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was the name of a type of wingless, fire-breathing dragon. They were also known as a fire drake.

32. Leviathan

This name originally appeared in the Bible as a name of a demonic water dragon. Leviathan is the Anglicized version of an earlier Hebrew name. The name actually means cooled or twisted in folds.

33. Orochi (大蛇)

This is a Japanese name from mythology that means big snake. He was an eight-forked serpent who demanded that people give him virgin sacrifices. He was later killed by a god-like hero known as Susanoo.

34. Ryuu (竜)

This Japanese name means dragon spirit.

35. Apep

This is an Egyptian name that means to slither and was the name of an evil, giant serpent.

36. Tatsuya (竜也)

This Japanese name is said to mean dragon assertive.

37. Drakon

In Greek myths, this is one of the names of a number of dragons who did things like guarding sacred springs and the golden fleece. The name means dragon.

38. Samael

In Jewish myths, this was the name of a fallen angel and archangel. He was the angel of death who is known as the Grim Reaper. He was said to be both good and evil and was said to be the Biblical serpent who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. The name is said to mean whom God makes or venom of God.

39. Volos

This is a Slavic name that means ox. In the myths, he was the god of dragons,the earth and magic. He is said to be serpentine in form and horned.

40. Chua

This is a Native American name from the Hopi tribe. It means snake.

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30 Names Meaning Dragon for Girls

1. Hydra

In Greek, this name means water. It was the name of a multiple-headed water dragon who was ultimately killed by Hercules.

2. Medousa

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This name means guardian in Greek. In mythology, it was the name of a Gorgon who had snakes instead of hair. Her glance was said to turn people to stone, but she was actually mortal.

3. Tanith

This is an Egyptian variation on a Phoenician name that meant land of Neith or serpent lady. V

4. Mindy

This is a variation on the English name, Melinda. It means sweet or dark serpent.

5. Dalinda

This adorable sounding name means noble serpent in English.

6. Adalinda

This comes from an Old High German name that means noble serpent.

7. Bellinda

This is an English version of the name Belinda. It means bright serpent. It can also mean bright linden tree.

8. Linnie

This is a nickname for the English name, Linda. It means serpent.

9. Coaxoch

This is a Nahuatl name that means serpent flower.

10. Amelinda

This is an Older German name that means work serpent or weak worker.

11. Tanis

Tanis is a Greek variation on a Phoenician name that meant serpent lady.

12. Medusa

This is the Latin version of a Greek name for one of the Gorgons. She had snakes instead of hair.

13. Linda

This English name probably came from a German word that means serpent. It also sounds like the Spanish word for beautiful or pretty.

14. Bindy

Bindy is an English nickname for the German name, Belinda. It means bright serpent.

15. Melusine

This name comes from German legends. It was the name of a fresh-water spirit of rivers and sacred springs. She appears in a serpent or fish from her waist down.

16. Shuman

This is Native American in origin. Among the Hopi tribe, this name means rattlesnake handler.

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17. Lynda

This is a variation on the name Linda. It is said to mean serpent.

18. Ethelinda

This is a Middle English variation on an Anglo-Saxon name that meant noble serpent.

19. Tanit

This name comes from Phoenician myths about the goddess of the stars, love and moon. It is said to mean serpent lady.

20. Lindy

This is a pet form of an English name that means serpent.

70 Names Meaning Dragon - EverydayKnow.com (4)

21. Annabelinda

This compound name comes from a Latin name that means grace or favor and a German name that means beautiful serpent. Together, these names mean a gracious, beautiful serpent.

22. Malinda

This is a variation on the name Melinda, which means sweet or dark serpent.

23. Tiamat

This name comes from Babylonian myths about a dragon goddess who embodied chaos.

24. Lyndi

This name means serpent.

25. Delinda

This comes from a German name that means noble serpent.

26. Chumana

This Hopi name means snake maiden.

27. Belinda

In Old High German, this means bright serpent.

28. Adelind

This Old High German name means noble serpent.

29. Chusi

Among the Hopi tribe, this means snake flower.

30. Melinda

This modern English name comes from words that meant sweet serpent or dark serpent.

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What name means dragon? ›

Draco, Drake — Greek meaning “dragon.”

What Chinese name means dragon? ›

Long is the pinyin romanization of a Chinese surname. It includes 龍 / 龙, which means "dragon" in Chinese, ranking number 80 on the list of common Chinese surnames in 2006, up from 108 in 1990.

Is dragon a real name? ›

The name Dragon is primarily a male name of American origin that means Fire-breathing Creature.

What are some badass names for dragons? ›

The Most Badass Dragons of All Time
  • Smaug. Of all the dragons across all media, Smaug may be the one who sticks with fans the most. ...
  • Drogon. Actually, pick your favorite from the three Game of Thrones dragons. ...
  • Spyro. Does cuteness count as a weapon? ...
  • Norberta. ...
  • Paarthurnax. ...
  • Crimson Dragon. ...
  • Toothless. ...
  • Alduin.
12 Jan 2016

Who is the god of dragons? ›


What is a famous dragon name? ›

Dragons in film
King GhidorahGodzilla
SivethDragonheart: Vengeance
SmaugThe Hobbit film series
Vermithrax PejorativeDragonslayer
15 more rows

What are the 9 Chinese dragons? ›

There are nine types of Chinese dragons: Tianlong or the Celestial Dragon, Shenlong or the Spiritual Dragons, Fucanglong, the Dragons of Hidden Treasures, Dilong, the Underground Dragons, Yinglong, the Winged Dragons, Qiulong, the Horned Dragons, Panlong, the Coiling Dragons, Huanglong, the Yellow Dragons, and Lóng ...

Who is Dragon King? ›

The Dragon King, also known as the Dragon God, is a Chinese water and weather god. He is regarded as the dispenser of rain as well as the zoomorphic representation of the yang masculine power of generation. He is the collective personification of the ancient concept of the lóng in Chinese culture.

What is the most famous dragon? ›

Lernaean Hydra. Arguably the most famous dragon of all antiquity, the Lernaean Hydra was a serpentine water monster with reptilian traits in Greek mythology and art. According to Hesiod, the Hydra was the offspring of two other famous monsters of antiquity, Typhon and Echidna.

What is a good dragon name? ›

10 coolest dragon names for inspiration
Dragon nameMeaningOrigin
CadmusDragon teethGreek
KaidaLittle dragonJapanese
TanwenWhite fireWelsh
Ryoko“She who is like a dragon”Japanese
6 more rows

What is a group of dragons called? ›

Christopher Paolini on Twitter: "A group of dragons is called a thunder. (

Did flying dragons exist? ›

Scientists have found evidence a “flying dragon” - known to have roamed the skies of the northern hemisphere - also set foot in Chile. The dinosaur belonged to a group of early pterosaurs that roamed the earth 160 million years ago.

What is a fire dragon called? ›

Fire Dragons (sometimes called Red Dragons) are hot-tempered and intolerant beasts whose flaming breath and ready rage have long since passed into legend as being synonymous with Dragonkind.

What is a best name for a dark dragon? ›

Black Dragon Names For Girls
  • Dalinda (English Origin), meaning 'a noble serpent'.
  • Demona (English Origin), meaning 'a femme fatale with draconic powers'. ...
  • Falak (Persian Origin), meaning 'a serpent', derived from Middle-Eastern legends.

What goddess has a dragon? ›

It is suggested that there are two parts to the Tiamat mythos. In the first, she is a creator goddess, through a sacred marriage between different waters, peacefully creating the cosmos through successive generations.
Personal information
ChildrenKingu, Lahamu, Lahmu
1 more row

Who is the Greek god of dragons? ›

Typhon. Typhon was the most fearsome monster of Greek mythology. Typhon was the last son of Gaia.

What is the largest dragon? ›

Komodo dragons, or Komodo monitors, are the largest, heaviest lizards in the world — and one of the few with a venomous bite. These stealthy, powerful hunters rely on their sense of smell to detect food, using their long, forked tongues to sample the air.

What are evil dragons called? ›

Language(s) Chromatic dragons were a type of dragon distinguished typically by a solid, non-reflective coloring of their scales, hence the name. They were generally evil, greedy, and predatory, and usually worshiped Tiamat, whom they regarded as their queen.

What name means Little dragon? ›

Kaida Kaida means “little dragon” in Japanese mythology. It also loosely translates to little one, which makes it the perfect name for a little dragon child.

What is a small dragon called? ›

Image by Epic Wildlife. As it turns out, dragons do exist. Well, these little guys technically aren't dragons, but they are flying lizards, which seems pretty close. The tiny lizards are known as "Draco volans," and over the course of thousands of years, they developed an amazing way to evade predators: Flight.

What is a golden dragon? ›

The Golden Dragon is a rare Horned Chinese Dragon with wings. The wings are an adaptation for highland living, unique to Golden Dragons, a sub-species of Chinese Dragon. Golden Dragons live in the mountains of eastern and central Asia, where their wings enable them to travel easily.

What are Japanese dragons called? ›

A Japanese dragon, also known as ryū or tatsu (龍 or 竜, "dragon") is a mythical animal from Japan.

What kind of dragon has 4 toes? ›

CLASS. Chinese dragons and Japanese dragons are very similar, probably because much of Japan's dragon mythology derives from China. The primary difference between the two is that Japanese dragons usually have three toes on each foot while Chinese dragons most often have four.

Who are the 4 Dragon Kings? ›

The four Dragon Kings in Journey to the West are:
  • Ao Guang (敖廣), Dragon King of the East Sea.
  • Ao Qin (敖欽), Dragon King of the South Sea.
  • Ao Run (敖閏), Dragon King of the West Sea.
  • Ao Shun (敖順), Dragon King of the North Sea.

Who are the 5 Dragon Kings? ›

Five Great Dragon Kings

The Five Dragon Kings are Tiamat, Yu-Long, Vritra, Midgardsormr, and Fafnir.

Who is the strongest Chinese dragon? ›

Dragon King – Lastly, the dragon king or dragon god is considered the most powerful of all dragons. He can appear in a variety of shapes and is often depicted as human. He is thought to reign over the seas of China in all four directions (East, West, North, and South).

What is Black dragons name? ›

Official male names include Sjachmalsvir, Mrinabnahor, Insithryllax and Hethcypressarvil. Official female names include Amnemis, Casarial and Vilholin.

What do you call a female dragon? ›

In Greek mythology, a drakaina (Ancient Greek: δράκαινα) is a female serpent or dragon, sometimes with humanlike features.

What is a feathered dragon called? ›

The Feathered Serpent was a prominent deity or supernatural in many Mesoamerican religions. It was called Quetzalcoatl among the Aztecs, Kukulkan among the Yucatec Maya, and Tepeu Gukumatz among the K'iche' (Quiché) Maya.

What is a male dragon called? ›

A fledged male is called a dragon. Females do not change the pronunciation of their names, and they are usually called dragonelles, even if older ones (usually of great size and with mate, but there have been exceptions) are called dragon-dames.

What is an ice dragon called? ›

Viserion, called an "ice dragon".

How old is a dragon? ›

Dragon Age Categories
Adult101-20020 - 30
Mature Adult201-40030 - 40
Old401-60040 - 55
Very Old601-80055 - 70
8 more rows
12 Jan 2018

What is an alpha dragon called? ›

The Bewilderbeast has been referred to as the Alpha species, and this may be because their size and natural hypnotic ability lead to them often rising to that rank.

What is a dragons home called? ›

4 letter answer(s) to dragon's home


What family are dragons? ›

11 more rows

Which dragon is still alive got? ›

Drogon is alive

Probably the most important of all the remaining mythical creatures on the show, Drogon is now Dany's only remaining dragon.

Are dragons still alive today? ›

All that said, there are no 'real' dragons in today's world, but we do have creatures that resemble dragons in their own way. The closest of which, as mentioned, is the Komodo Dragon because of the fact that it is a massive lizard. However, Komodo Dragons are probably closer to dinosaurs than they are to dragons.

What is more powerful than a dragon? ›

The only thing more powerful than a dragon is a dragon slayer.

What color dragon is the strongest? ›

Red dragons are the largest and most powerful of the classic chromatic dragons.

What is a 3 headed dragon called? ›

A) The Three-Headed Dragon in Godzilla

Ghidorah is the brainchild of Tomoyuki Tanaka, who also designed Godzilla. Ghidorah looks more like a wyvern (fantastic creature) than a dragon since it has only two legs. Nevertheless, it has three lightning spitting heads, two tails and membranous wings.

What is dragon's name in Shrek? ›

Dragon, also known as Elizabeth, is one of the main characters in the Shrek franchise.

What is a good name for a white dragon? ›

Official male names include Thlaaklauthimir, Ikzinfraxis, Glaxenheim and Aurbangras. Official female names include Augaurath, Arkhelthingril and Ghaulantatra. All dragons may also have a nickname, one which could've been given to them by both allies and enemies alike.

What are some shadow dragon names? ›

Notable Shadow Dragons
  • Aurgloroasa "Sibilant Shade"
  • Furlinastis.
  • Nurvureem "Dark Lady"
  • Shhuusshuru "Shadow Wing"
  • Haerinvureem "Shimmergloom"
  • Thaxll'ssillyia.
  • Umbraxakar.
  • Uthgrimnoshaarl.

What should I name my blue dragon? ›

Blue Dragon Male Names
  • Azazel (Abrahamic Origin), meaning a fallen angel. ...
  • Arden (English Origin), meaning the Lord of the Dark.
  • Egarron (Greek Origin), meaning one who is voiceless and gentile.
  • Gethynth (Greek Origin), meaning a powerful and courageous leader.
  • Heldras, meaning champion of the seas.

What names mean black? ›

386 Baby Names Meaning Dark
BismanBlack; Dark BlueIndian
Blaca dark-skinned-man, Blac is a derivative of the name BlackUnited States
BlackDark; Dark SkinnedEnglish,United States
BlagdenFrom the Dark ValleyEnglish
86 more rows

What girl name means dragon? ›

Dracona Dracona is the female-version of Drake or Draco. The meaning of the name is “she-dragon.” A child name Dracona will grow up to be fearless, brave, and independent.

What Japanese name means dragon? ›

Wyvern (Japanese Origin), meaning 'dragon', is one of the best Japanese girls' names with the meaning dragon.

What is female dragon called? ›

In Greek mythology, a drakaina (Ancient Greek: δράκαινα) is a female serpent or dragon, sometimes with humanlike features.

What is the Japanese name for dragon? ›

A Japanese dragon, also known as ryū or tatsu (龍 or 竜, "dragon") is a mythical animal from Japan.

What is a fire dragon called? ›

Fire Dragons (sometimes called Red Dragons) are hot-tempered and intolerant beasts whose flaming breath and ready rage have long since passed into legend as being synonymous with Dragonkind.

What is the most famous dragon? ›

Lernaean Hydra. Arguably the most famous dragon of all antiquity, the Lernaean Hydra was a serpentine water monster with reptilian traits in Greek mythology and art. According to Hesiod, the Hydra was the offspring of two other famous monsters of antiquity, Typhon and Echidna.

What name means Water Dragon? ›

Apalala (Sanskrit or Pali origin) meaning “water dragon”.

What name means dragon in Korean? ›

Most hanja with the reading Yong are pronounced that way in all dialects of Korean. However, the character used to write the family name (龍, meaning "dragon"), is also read as Ryong and spelled as such in hangul (룡).

What is a male name for a dragon? ›

Draco. It is another boy name that means dragon. The name originated as an Italian boy's name. In Italian the word Drago means dragon.

Is 2000 a dragon? ›

Years of the Dragon include 2024, 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952... The Dragon is the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Each year has an animal sign according to the 12-year cycle.

What is a half man half dragon called? ›

Dracotaur – Half-man, half-dragon. It debuted in Dungeons & Dragons. It also has a counterpart in the form of the Dragonspawn from the Warcraft franchise.

What does a Celtic dragon mean? ›

About the Celtic Dragon

The Celtic Dragon is a mighty mystical creature that represents sovereignty, power, or a chief or leader of a clan, such as Pendragon the Celtic word meaning 'chief. ' Raising power is to invoke the “Eye of the Dragon.”

Is there a Greek god of dragons? ›

Ladon was one of the creatures in Greek mythology that looked most like a dragon. He was most known for winding his body around a tree in the Garden of Hesperides. His main role was to guard the golden apples that were so prized in this garden. He was considered to be a true dragon, or drakon.

What is French dragon? ›

dragon → vouivre, dragon.

What is Black dragon? ›

The Black Dragon (黒龍会 Kokuryū Kai) is a faction, a clan of mercenaries, in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series.


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