Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (2022)

Best Ankle arthritis brace

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (1)

Braces are commonly made of soft, durable fabric, and can be custom made. Brace for ankle arthritis is an important device which helps to support joints and reduce pain, swelling, stiffness and excessive movements. Arthritis is the inflammation of joints and causes progressive joint degeneration with gradual loss of cartilage in joints. It results in limited range of motion, and loss of function of the joint. An ankle is less commonly affected by arthritis as compared to other joints, although it also makes joints difficult to walk and perform other activities. Arthritis affects any or all of these bones of the joint: tibia, fibula and talus.

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What is ankle arthritis?

The condition in which tibiotalar/ankle joint (forms between the tibia and talus), the three joints (including heel bone, inner mid-foot bone, and outer mid-foot bone) or the joint of the great toe and foot bone has damaged resulting from degeneration of cartilage leads to pain, swelling, and stiffness in joint that affect mobility, sometimes cause significant disability.

Ankle arthritis treatment

There are numerous nonsurgical therapies for arthritis, depending on the kind and symptoms of the condition:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to treat inflammation.
  • hyaluronic acid injection to treat pain
  • Intra articular corticosteroids injection to reduce inflammation
  • Exercises include Strengthening, mobilizing, functional, balance and proprioceptive
  • Electrotherapy: physio modalities if there is severe pain
  • Maintaining hydration is important for general health and joint lubrication.
  • Using brace or sleeve
  • Walking is another important parameter to maintain mobility


Top 5 Brace Ankles for Arthritis

Brace AnklesRatingPrice

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (2)

Powerlix Ankle Brace

4.5 Check on Amazon
Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (3)4,5 Check on Amazon
Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (4)4.3 Check on Amazon
Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (5)4.3 Check on Amazon
Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (6)4.0 Check on Amazon

Braces for ankle arthritis

People with active lifestyles frequently seek non-surgical interventions and pain relief methods to continue their daily living activities. That’s why wearing an ankle brace to support the joint or ankle compression sleeve to assist reduce pain, swelling and stiffness, adding brace or inserts to the shoes to provide cushion and foot support, or in extreme cases, a splint to immobilise the area are all non-surgical management options.

Types Braces for ankle arthritis


It is designed to prevent and reduce the risk of re-injury, and also lessen the severity of injuries These braces commonly used in contact sports.

Ankle rehabilitative brace

It gives external temporary support, immobilization and restricts movement when a person is rehabilitating after sustained injury or surgery and provides compression to reduce swelling. This type of brace is a great tool to prevent future injuries

Functional ankle brace

After an injury, functional braces are used to compensate for an already injured area or for weaker or degenerated structures, protecting you from further injury during recovery. The Functional Ankle Brace is the most effective in ankle discomfort, swelling and stiffness caused by sprains, strains, rolls, or ligament instability.

Powerlix Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (7)

Check on Amazon

Summary: Lightweight compression sleeve promotes joint stability. Multi directional compression brace, evenly distributed pressure throughout the ankle joint, has medium to strong compression, provides complete pain relief. Soft and comfortable even after wearing regular socks over it and tight enough to help you recover and provide great support, is easy on and off and is comfortable to wear. No annoying odors. Also works under the splints. In short, powerlix brace is best for everyday use.

  • Pros & Cons


    • Ultimate pain reduction
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Cheap
    • Breathable
    • Quickly absorbs sweat and keeps feet dry
    • 6 month money back guarantee


    • Overly constrained
    • Size difficulty

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (8)

(Video) Top 3 Ankle Braces for Ankle Sprains | Physical Therapist Review

Check on Amazon

Summary: Straps of Med Sec form figure-eight to support the ankle. Also used after ankle sprain, fracture or dislocation. Comfortable, easy to adjust and it washes well. The elastic cuff adds support and keeps the laces and stabilizing straps in place. Laces, compression tapes and velcro around the ankle provide greatest support. Restrict the ankle from rolling. Ballistic nylon boots are extremely strong and durable. This made it ideal for wearing in the yard, hiking, or in front of a customer at work. For healing, the side straps immobilise the ankle, keeping it straight and at a 45-degree. Overall, it improves stability not only for runners but for anyone who suffers from instabilities.

Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (9)

Check on Amazon

Summary: ComfortFlex designed ankle brace ensures comfortable, supportive, smooth, ergonomic fit without restricting circulation. Quite stretchy but has that compression aspect. Relieves pain, swelling, fatigue and discomforts. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet dry all day and thin enough to wear under shoes. Double stitching and long lasting. Material folded and stitched cuffs on both the top and bottom of the sleeve, we can prevent blisters by cutting the bottom cuff. Thick high quality material to provide effective support. Not as bulky as the neoprene sleeve. Perfectly designed for arthritic pain.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • ComfortFlex design
  • Instant pain relief
  • 100% guaranteed


  • Size problem

TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (10)

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High quality TechWare brace is incredibly lightweight, thin sleeve with smooth stitching, gives a good amount of support, minimal fatigue and compressive enough to be very effective. They Fit nicely around tendons and do not limit foot movements . Helpful in pain management and relief of heel and arch. Highly recommended specially for achilles tendon and plantar fasciitis. Can be worn with all types of shoes. No neoprene in this sleeve; instead, it is made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex for the superior support.

Pros & Cons


(Video) Top 3 Ankle Braces for Ankle Sprains, Ankle Pain, & Ankle Arthritis.

  • Reasonable price
  • Moisture wicking soft fabric
  • Compression sleeve 20-30mmHg (for those who wants strong compression)


  • Too loose at top and tight at foot area
  • Not machine washable

Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (11)

Check on Amazon

A molded cast type brace, an Arizona aircast brace which is not restrictive, provides mild support for the ankle, supports weakest point of joint, and requires no help in Velcro straps, a single strap present which is easy to apply. Breath-O-Prene fabric to keep feet dry. Helpful in chronic injuries. This is beneficial since the brace must be washed after a few days of continuous use. It must be hand washed and air dried which takes around 12 hours to dry.

Aircast AirHeel Ankle Support Brace

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (12)

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There are 2 linked air cells which are tested with 1,000 lbs. of pressure found under the foot arch and behind the achilles tendon in the aircast airheel support brace which gives pulsating pneumatic compression to reduce swelling and increase blood circulation. Great bottom support with no bulk. Coveinient during travelling. Thin enough to wear in normal workout sneakers with no discomfort. Effective in heel, and foot pain also in medial injury.

Pros & Cons


  • Worn on either the left or right foot
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fits comfortably in most of the shoes


  • Some may feel trouble in fitting into tighter shoes with thick socks
  • Longevity does not allow for proper support.

Ankle Support, AdjustableAnkle Brace Breathable Nylon Material

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (13)

Check on Amazon

(Video) Best Ankle Brace 2022 | Top 5 Ankle Braces

Soft and comfortable adjustable tightness with criss cross strapping can be attached anywhere on the sleeve just like taping.A wide band with a loop to fit securely. Fabric used for this brace is Nylon which is thick enough to provide support while thin enough to be worn under many shoes. Non slip silicon inside the sleeve which adds friction. The brace is very strong, tough yet gentle and as protective as bulky. The flexibility prevents achilles from overextending, resulting in reduced discomfort.

Pros & Cons


  • The best thing is the Velcro stays in place all day
  • So much easier to put on


  • Lace up brace sometimes difficult to put on which couldn’t do it in a hurry

ComfiLife Ankle Brace for Men & Women – Adjustable Compression Ankle Support Wrap

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (14)

Check on Amazon

The ComfiLife brace improves ankle stability while keeping the ankle in a neutral position, preventing future sprains and fractures. Suits for all ankle sizes of both men and women from mid foot through arch area. Perfect compression with Velcro straps that helps in the swelling reduction and discomfort caused by overuse or injury. Comfortable and supportive. You can put direct pressure on the area where you need the most support which is based on how you wrap the ankle. In short you have total control over how tightly it wraps around your ankle, as well as how much support and tightness you choose for your ankle/foot. It improves circulation and is easy to put in and take off. It fits with any shoe. Great for pain relief and swelling.

Pros & Cons


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable compression


  • Contains latex which may causes allergy

CINLITEK Ankle Support Copper Infused Brace

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (15)

Check on Amazon

Summary: Cinlitek is composed of high-quality, breathable, and super-elastic material with active copper to help prevent smells, helping to wear it for long duration to relieve discomfort associated with chronic arthritis, aching joints and fatigue. They’re washable and made from a neoprene type material with additional padding for extra support. Two silicone inserts that comfortably fit within and outside the Malleolus bones to protect and support the ankle ligament.

Pros & Cons


  • Silicon ankle support
  • Premium quality for active lifestyle
  • Boost recovery and discomfort relief
(Video) Top 5 Best Ankle Compression Sleeve for Foot Pain, Arch Support, Joint Pain, Swelling Review in 2022


  • Size complain

Ankle Support Breathable Neoprene Sleeve, Adjustable Wrap

Best Ankle Brace for Arthritis 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide) (16)

Check on Amazon

Breathable neoprene sleeve helps to prevent skin irritation. Provides support through compression and relieves pain. Design of the open heel allows a wide range of motion. Speed up the healing phase and provide comfort. Velcro in the sleeve secures well which is easy to wrap around your foot, especially when you have pain or can’t flex your foot into shoe/socks.

Pros & Cons


  • One size fits both feet
  • Neoprene material to prevent skin irritation
  • Idealized for indoor and outdoor sports
  • For acute and chronic


  • Open heel area is too small
  • Problem with sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ankle brace help with arthritis?

Yes, it can help by providing support to the foot and ankle. It assists with stability and by providing compression to reduce swelling. Braces not only support the joint but also help with pain and inflammation. It improves mobility and makes it easier to do daily living activities.

Is it bad to wear an ankle brace constantly?

It depends on the condition of the ankle or type of activity you are doing. If you’re wearing an ankle brace for therapeutic or treatment purposes, you should keep it on while doing everyday activities to increase stability and minimize re-injury. In active people ankle bracing is a good preventive measure.

Is it possible to get rid of ankle arthritis?

Unfortunately there’s no cure for arthritis but you can manage it through changing lifestyle or through other treatments to relieve pain, inflammation and slow the progress of disease. But, if left untreated, it significantly limits mobility.

Do I wear ankle brace under the shoes/socks?

In an article of ULTRA ANKLE, they suggest “Low-top athletic shoes are preferable for wearing with ankle braces since they don’t put as much pressure on ankle bones”. While socks underneath the brace keeps skin dry and helps prevent blisters. Although, brace may not fit all of the shoes, it can be adjusted to fit most casual shoes.

Does compression braces help with arthritis?

Compression brace is a conservative method to reduce swelling and inflammation after activity in patient with arthritis.

How long should I wear ankle brace?

As there are several bones connected in the ankle joint, it appears to be more complex than any other joints of the body. So, it’s impossible to say how long you should wear an ankle brace. It is only determined on your treatment plan and the condition of injury. For example in mild case you can wear brace for ten days to six weeks.


Purchasing an ankle brace is similar to choosing a car because of an athlete’s finicky nature. In patients, condition and severity of illness plays an important role in deciding the type of braces. Moreover, fitting patients with braces is usually a challenging step and another issue is so called unisex brace which simply translates as “doesn’t fit anyone.” Although many companies have different sizes including small, medium, large and XL. But still, finding a brace that fits a toddler, a teenage girl, or an obese diabetic patient has always been difficult. When it comes to choosing the right brace the Powerlix Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve is a lightweight compression sleeve for pain which is best for everyday use with 6 month money back guarantee. Another both braces ComfiLife Ankle Brace or Ankle Support Breathable Neoprene Sleeve suitable for ankle stability with adjustable Velcro straps to reduce swelling and discomfort. Many people find difficulty while choosing braces. So, it is recommended to measure your feet through a size chart before buying.


(Video) Best Ankle Brace In 2022 | Top 7 Ankle Braces For Supporting Men & Women’s Weak Ankles


What kind of brace is good for ankle arthritis? ›

The best ankle braces for ankle osteoarthritis patients are those made with a semi-rigid plastic that incorporates a hinge for natural ankle movement and a cuff design that encircles your lower leg to help absorb the impact of standing or walking.

Can an ankle brace help with ankle arthritis? ›

Pads and arch supports may also help provide extra cushioning. Arthritis Ankle Braces - Ankle braces for osteoarthritis can help provide the support your foot and ankle need when moving around. In addition to helping with stability, they also provide compression to reduce swelling.

Should I wear an ankle brace all day? ›

If you are using your ankle brace as a rehabilitative or treatment device you should wear your brace while performing any daily activities to provide more stability and prevent re-injury.

What helps arthritis in ankle? ›

Non-surgical methods to treat foot and ankle arthritis include:
  • Weight control.
  • Custom-made shoes or orthotics.
  • Inserts that support the ankle and foot.
  • Bracing for joint support.
  • Using a cane or walker to take stress off the affected joint.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling in the joints.
Jan 31, 2019

What is an Arizona brace for the foot? ›

The Arizona Brace® is prescribed to stabilize the ankle, talocalcaneal, midtarsal and subtalar joints. Often copied but never equaled, the Arizona Brace® is the only custom AFO proven in clinical trials to effectively treat Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) as an alternative to surgery.

What is an AFO ankle brace? ›

An ankle foot orthosis (AFO) is used to improve walking patterns by reducing, preventing or limiting movement of the lower leg and foot and by supporting weak muscles. They are also used to maintain joint alignment, accommodate deformity and to help reduce spasticity.

How do I know what size ankle brace I need? ›

Measure the widest part of the ankle. If in-between sizes, select the smaller size for a snugger fit. Measure the widest part of the ankle. If in-between sizes, select the smaller size for a snugger fit.

Should you wear an ankle brace to bed? ›

Should ankle braces be worn while sleeping? No, unless your medical professional recommends you do so.

Is aso a good ankle brace? ›

The ASO is one of the leading lace up ankle braces on the market due to its unique combination of comfort, durability, protection and support. The contoured tongue provides exceptional fit and is constructed of light-weight yet durable CoolFlex material.

How many hours should you wear an ankle brace? ›

Wear in Schedule

Begin by wearing the brace two times for one hour the first day. Add one hour to each wearing period until you are comfortable wearing the brace full time during the day and do not experience any red marks or pressure sores on the skin.

How tight should an ankle brace be? ›

An ankle brace should be tight enough to restrict motion but not so tight that it cuts off circulation. Circulation can be checked by pinching the nail of the big toe and watching to make sure that color returns to the nail.

How long should you wear a compression ankle brace? ›

If you happen to step on an uneven surface or lose your balance, your ankle is held in proper position. Physicians often recommend that you wear a brace during activities for up to 12 months after an ankle sprain.

Can arthritis be removed from ankle? ›

If pain, stiffness, and swelling caused by ankle arthritis do not respond to medical treatment, orthopedic surgeons at NYU Langone may recommend surgery to clean out the arthritic joint, fuse and stabilize a painful joint, or replace the arthritic joint with a prosthetic one.

Is ankle arthritis a disability? ›

Inflammatory Arthritis

The 4th arthritis condition that can automatically qualify you for benefits under the SSA listings is when arthritis causes inflammation or deformities in your knees, ankles, shoulders or elbows.

What is end stage ankle arthritis? ›

Abstract. End-stage ankle arthritis is a debilitating condition that leads to pain and swelling in the ankle joint, with symptoms aggravated by standing and ambulation. Ankle arthritis commonly results from a history of trauma, or a series of recurrent injuries to the ankle.

Does insurance cover ankle braces? ›

For patients covered by health insurance, the typical out-of-pocket cost for a doctor-prescribed ankle brace consists of a durable goods copay or coinsurance of 10%-50%. An ankle brace typically is covered by health insurance if it is prescribed by a doctor.

What is an IDEO brace? ›

Introduction: The Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis (IDEO) brace is a custom energy-storing orthosis design meant to improve gait, stability, and function after lower extremity injury or limb salvage.

What is a Moore balance brace? ›

The Moore Balance Brace (MBB) is a prescription custom-made ankle foot orthotic (AFO) that is designed to fit easily into shoes recommended by a doctor. The MBB is NOT intended to be worn without a shoe. It's part of a long-term treatment plan that includes a strength training program to prevent falls.

What is the difference between an AFO and a DAFO? ›

Different from a traditional Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO), which is typically stiff and rigid, a DAFO is characteristically thin, flexible and wraps around the patient's entire foot in order to provide improved sensation and alignment.

Does Medicare pay for AFO? ›

Medicare will also cover AFO and KAFO prescriptions, although additional documentation and notes are necessary to receive full benefits. Documentation from the ordering physician, such as chart notes and medical records, is required for coverage.

What is the average ankle size for a woman? ›

According to podiatrists, the average ankle size is about 10 to 11 inches around; men's ankles may be a little larger.

How do you wear shoes with an ankle brace? ›

In general, we recommend a low-top work shoe where you can spread out the laces enough to easily fit the brace in the shoe. Since the sides of the shoe are below the joint there is no potential for irritation over your ankle bones.

What shoe size is a large ankle brace? ›

If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one. Shoe size is just for quick reference.
How to select Filmista Ankle.
S27 - 3010 - 11.75
M30 - 3311.75 - 13
L33 - 3613 - 14
XL36 - 3914 - 15.25

Do you wear a sock with an ankle brace? ›

If you wear an orthosis or brace on your feet, ankles or knees, you need to wear some sort of sock underneath it. The sock protects your skin, keeps your skin dry and helps prevent blisters or sores. For the best protection, wear a sock that extends past the top of your brace.

What is the best support for weak ankles? ›

Protect. If you feel the instability daily through walking or standing, wearing an ankle brace can help support your weak ankles. The Trizone Ankle Sleeve is recommended for daily use. If you are looking to stay active and play sports, we recommend an ankle brace that provides moderate protection.

What is an Aircast ankle brace used for? ›

Commonly worn immediately after an ankle injury and throughout recovery, this brace is to treat or prevent acute ankle injuries, third-degree ankle sprains and severe chronic instability. Not meant for activity.

What is the difference between Aso and Evo ankle brace? ›

With its new strapping and cuff design, the ASO EVO provides even greater inversion / eversion control and protection against syndesmotic ankle sprains than the original ASO. In addition, the dynamic cuff has been upgraded to offer superior comfort and support.

How can I improve my ankle strength and stability? ›

All you need is a chair or object to hold onto for added stability.
  1. Stand up with legs directly under your body or as they feel best naturally.
  2. Shift your weight from both feet onto one foot. ...
  3. Hold for a few seconds at least, adding time as you improve.
  4. Switch legs and repeat.
  5. Repeat each set.
Jun 17, 2020

How do you use ASO ankle brace? ›

ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer Brace - YouTube

Do ankle compression sleeves work? ›

Ankle compression sleeves do not cure foot injuries, but they do allow the pain and swelling to subside faster than normal.

When should you get an ankle brace? ›

Put on a soft brace around 4 weeks after the injury. Soft ankle braces will help decrease ankle sprains and swelling. Finding an ankle brace you can be active in and supportive to prevent a new ankle sprain is a great long term goal. It is important to do the physical therapy to prevent future ankle sprains.

Does compression help ankle arthritis? ›

Compression socks may lessen the symptoms of arthritis by applying mild pressure to affected joints, which can help with inflammation and swelling.

Can orthotics help arthritic feet? ›

The best evidence of benefits with orthotics is for reducing foot pain in people with RA and lower extremity OA, Hannan says, noting, “The right insert may also help slow damage caused by knee OA.” Research on orthotics and the progression of knee OA are mixed.

Do I have arthritis in my ankle? ›

Foot and Ankle Arthritis Symptoms

Pain when you move it. Trouble moving, walking, or putting weight on it. Joint stiffness, warmth, or swelling. More pain and swelling after you rest, such as sitting or sleeping.

What is a Richie Brace? ›

The Richie Brace is a custom ankle brace (ankle foot orthoses) designed to treat chronic conditions of the foot and ankle.


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