Best heated dog beds: Our top 5 - Practical Paw | The Dog Lovers Toolkit (2023)

Best heated dog beds: Our top 5 - Practical Paw | The Dog Lovers Toolkit (1)

Providing your dog with a heated dog bed may seem like a luxury, but there are many advantages of providing your dog with a warm place to snooze.

Of course, the most obvious reason for opting for a heated dog bed is if you live in a cold climate. But did you know that both young puppies and older dogs could benefit from the additional warmth too?

With a variety of options on the market, the choice can be confusing. So, we’ve rounded up the best-heated dog beds and mats on the market. Our top pick is the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper for overall versatility and comfort but for more options read on.

Benefits of a heated dog bed

Our dogs feel the cold just as we do. While some dogs enjoy chilly weather, others suffer when the temperature drops. Feeling cold can disrupt sleep, make us irritable and more importantly affect our health and it’s no different for our dogs.

So, although it may seem like an overindulgence to invest in a heated bed for your dog, many dogs benefit from the extra warmth.

  • Breed

Some breeds of dog are more suited to cold weather than others. Compare a Husky with its thick double coat to a Yorkshire Terrier with its beautiful hair-like coat, and you’ll get an idea of how different breeds are more or less tolerant to cold weather.

In fact, many small dogs struggle in cold climates as do dogs with single coats. Providing a warm sleeping place goes a long way to keeping your dog healthy and happy.

  • Health

Dogs with existing health conditions also benefit from a warm place to sleep. Kidney disease, hormonal imbalances, diabetes and heart disease all make it more difficult for your dog to regulate their body temperature.

Not only that but age-related conditions like arthritis become much more painful in cold weather so keeping your dog warm is a must.

  • Outside living

Keeping your dog warm is especially important if they spend extended time outside. While a suitable shelter will keep off the worse of the weather, it won’t keep your dog warm when the temperature drops.

If you are cold outside, your dog will be too. Investing in an outside bed, especially a heated bed will keep your dog healthy and happy and give you peace of mind.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following best heated dog beds

What to look for in the best heated dog beds

Choosing a heated bed doesn’t need to be complicated. Looking out for a few basic features will help you choose the best option for your dog.

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  • Self-warming or electric

Self-warming beds work with your dog’s body heat, reflecting it back to keep them warm. They make use of heat-reflecting materials and have the advantage that they can be used anywhere as they don’t need to be plugged in.

Electrically heated dog beds, in contrast, need to be plugged into an outlet to generate heat. They generally produce more heat than their self-warming counterparts but are more restrictive as they need an outlet nearby.

  • Safety

Safety is more relevant to electrically heated beds. As they have both a heating element and an electric cord. If your dog likes to chew it’s worth looking for options with cord protectors or even hidden cables.

Not only that, but the bed needs to be robust and thick enough to prevent your dog from sinking so low that they come into contact with the heating element.

  • Environment

If you consider where you want to use the bed, it goes a long way to help make an informed choice. For example, if you’re using a heated bed outside, you’ll also need it to be waterproof. Are you going to be using it in a crate? If so, size will inform your choice, etc.

With those things in mind here are our top choices for the best heated dog beds;

Best heated dog beds: Our top 5 - Practical Paw | The Dog Lovers Toolkit (2)

Furhaven Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats - ThermaNAP Quilted Velvet Self-Warming Thermal Blanket Mat for Crates or Kennels, Washable, Espresso, Large

  • DESIGNED FOR PETS: A safe, electricity-free solution to keeping pets warm and toasty; the thermal blanket mat is equipped with a layer of mylar material that reflects body heat to create a warm sleep...
  • SLEEP SURFACE: The sleep surface features ​smooth quilted velvet fabric that is gentle on noses and paws for enhanced snuggling comfor
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: The thermal blanket mat is lightweight and foldable for portability and easy storage; it's perfect for crates and kennels, and makes for an ideal bedding accessory for traveling,...

We’re starting our top choice of heated dog bed with a blanket. But we think it well deserves to be in our top five. Not only does it use reflective material similar to emergency blankets encased in insulating polyester but the whole thing is machine washable.

Perfect from travel as it doesn’t need to be plugged in. It can be used on its own or on top of an existing bed to provide additional warmth when the weather turns chilly.

Not only that but the blanket is available in four sizes and eight colors and has a non-slip backing to keep it in place. It’s perfect for providing your dog with a lightweight, soft and cozy spot to sleep.


  • Well-made and durable
  • Soft and safe as there’s no electrical element to worry about
  • Portable meaning that your dog can travel with you and still stay warm


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  • Not suitable for dogs that chew
  • Although described as a blanket, it’s more mat-like so it won’t wrap around your dog
  • The insulating layer makes a crinkly sound which may put off some sensitive dogs

Best heated dog beds: Our top 5 - Practical Paw | The Dog Lovers Toolkit (3)

Pet Heating Pad for Cats Dogs, Homello Waterproof Electric Heating Mat Indoor, Adjustable Warming Mat, Pets Heated Bed with Chew Resistant Steel Cord...

  • HIGH HEATING EFFICIENCY - Heat up about 10 min. Temperature can be adjusted (up to 104℉) with high/low level of temperature control. This pad can meet different pet demand for the temperature.
  • SAFE & SECURE - Worry-free of overheating. Power-off protection temperature control can avoid overheating to protect your pets. Keep the heating pad flat (DO NOT FOLD IT) when you use it. Indoor use...
  • CHEW RESISTANT CORD - The cord with metal outer layer provide chew-resistant protection. Don't worry your pet biting or chewing it. Will give you replacement or full refund if the cord was bitten by...

This heating pad heats up in ten minutes meaning your dog never stays cold for long. It’s available in four sizes making it suitable for both small and large dogs.

What’s more, the temperature control has a simple high, low and off function giving you the option to reduce and increase the heat with a touch of a button.

Not only that but the cord is steel- covered making it chew resistant and the cover is durable PVC making it easy to wipe down and keep clean.


  • Waterproof construction means you don’t have to worry if your dog is damp or has an accident when laying on the pad
  • Only takes ten minutes to heat up
  • The high-temperature setting is very warm which is great, but you may want to set it to low if you’re using it overnight


  • There isn’t an auto shut off, so the pad will stay on as long as it’s plugged in
  • There’s no simple way to clean it as the cover is not removable
  • The chew resistant cord is just that – chew resistant, it won’t stand up to a determined dog

Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats Indoor Warming Mat with Auto Power Off (M:18" x 18")

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  • Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats: Fourth generation heating pad suitable for senior pets, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury. Help the pet (dog,...
  • Auto Power Off Function Pet Heating Pad: Time setting 1-12 Hour Heating pad will be powered off when you forget to turn off the switch
  • Safey and Secure Stucture : 7 layer Protection Structure with UL approved heating wire will prevent your pet from get burnt. With temperature sensor inside warming mat can avoid overheating to protect...

This heat pad from Riogoo has easy to use control that allows you to set both temperature and timer settings. It has an automatic power off function which is useful if you forget to turn off the heating element.

The soft cover is removable for easy washing. And the pad can be used on any flat surface which means you can add it to your dog’s existing bed for additional warmth.

What’s more, the cord is steel-wrapped making it chew-resistant.


  • The cover is machine washable which is good for keeping the pad clean
  • The twelve-hour timer means it will automatically shut off if you forget to do it
  • Adjustable heat settings mean you can up the heat when the temperature drops and reduce it on slightly warmer days


  • The chew-resistant cord won’t hold up to determined dogs
  • Only available in one size which is a disadvantage if you have a large dog
  • The automatic shut off option is great for some users but a real disadvantage for others as you have to reset the pad each twelve hours

Best heated dog beds: Our top 5 - Practical Paw | The Dog Lovers Toolkit (5)

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed Medium Sage 26" x 20" 6W

  • HEATED DOG BED: This cuddler style heated dog bed cradles your pet in warmth and comfort; features soft foam walls for your dog's comfort
  • OPTIMAL TERMPERATURE: Electric heated dog bed is thermostatically controlled to automatically warm to your dog's normal body temperature only when your doggy is in the heated pet bed
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Heated dog bed is low wattage and extremely energy efficient; the thermostatically controlled 6 watt heater is removable for use in all seasons

This heated dog bed offers all the comfort of a traditional bed but with the added advantage of the additional warmth.

The bed is thermostatically controlled to warm the bed to match your dog’s body temperature when in use. Also, when not in use it remains at ten to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit above ambient temperature.

What’s more, the heating element is removable which means the bed is suitable for multi-seasonal use and the covers are washable too.


  • The removable heating element is an excellent feature as it means that the bed is usable in all seasons
  • Removable and washable covers are ideal for keeping the bed sanitary and in good shape
  • Energy efficient heating element using only six watts


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  • The electrical cord lays over the back of the bed which is an unfortunate design flaw. If your dog chews, it’s not worth the risk.
  • Sizing is not perfect. The measurements provided are from underneath the bed seam to seam. So, consider this when ordering.
  • No on/off switch, so it needs to stay plugged in all the time

Best heated dog beds: Our top 5 - Practical Paw | The Dog Lovers Toolkit (6)

Aspen Pet Self Warming Round Bed, 19.5 Inches, Barn Red and Cream

  • HEAT-REFLECTING TECHNOLOGY: This small round dog & cat bed features a Mylar interior layer that reflects pets' body heat to provide comfort and warmth. Non-skid bottom is perfect for tile & hardwood...
  • SMALL PET BED: The comfy faux lambswool pet bed for dogs & cats is designed with plush sides for pets who like to burrow. The thermal bed's lightweight design is perfect for vacations & road trips....
  • CAT BEDS: Pets can feel at home both in the house & on-the-go with a variety of beds for cats & dogs as well as plush kennel crate mats. Features self-warming beds, orthopedic beds for senior pets,...

This self-warming round bed is perfect for dogs that like to curl up when they sleep. The high walls combined with the Mylar heat-reflecting layer make it exceptionally cozy and draught-free.

The exterior is durable corduroy while the sleep surface is a soft faux lambswool. What’s more, the bed has a non-slip bottom which prevents it from slipping around if you’re using it on hardwood floor or tiles.

Not only that but these beds are available in three styles; round bed, pillow bed, and rectangular lounger so if the round bed isn’t suitable for your dog’s sleeping style there’s bound to be one that is. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a choice of five sizes.


  • The bed can be hand-washed which keeps it in good shape and hygienic
  • It’s soft, and the high walls protect your dog from draughts
  • The bed is lightweight which makes it portable which is ideal if you’re traveling with your dog


  • The round bed isn’t very supportive as the sides are soft. Which makes it unsuitable for dogs with mobility issues
  • The non-slip dots tend to fall off and litter your house
  • Pay careful attention to the measurements and look for the sleeping area size rather than the overall bed dimensions.

Best heated dog beds conclusion

Not only does a heated dog bed provide relief from freezing temperatures it can also benefit your dog’s health.

Many dogs, including puppies, elderly dogs, dogs with medical conditions as well as small and single coated dogs all benefit from additional warmth when it’s chilly.

Out top choice is the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper for overall versatility and comfort and we like the fact that the heating element is removable when the weather turns warmer

Last update on 2021-05-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds? ›

Dogs don't need soft beds, but instead need to rest on a firm surface; too-soft pillow beds don't offer the support needed for comfortable rest and healthy joints, and an older dog who sinks into a plush bed may have trouble getting into and out of it. This doesn't mean he should sleep on the floor—that's too firm.

Does my dog need a heated bed? ›

Does my dog need a heated bed? Heated dog beds are an investment that can certainly make dogs more comfortable in the cold, but they're not a necessity. There are many alternatives to help your dog stay warm in cooler temperatures.

How long should a dog bed last? ›

How Long a Dog Bed Lasts? Depending on how expensive and playful your pup is, a dog bed can last one to six months. The more expensive, the longer the dog bed should last. Yet, if your pup is exceptionally active and plays with or on their bed, it may become damaged quicker.

How many dog beds should a dog have? ›

Even if your dog is allowed to sleep with you in your human bed, every dog should have a bed of their own — or two or three or four, actually. There are plenty of benefits to having dog beds. They can be used for napping during the day and sleeping in at night.

Do dogs need pillows? ›

A pillow should always be available somewhere for your dog to lay down, but a dog will find a place that is most comfortable for them. Dogs don't need a pillow to help support their neck or spine, but some dogs just prefer the fluffiness of a pillow.

How do dogs know their bed is theirs? ›

They often “look” for a resting spot that smells like their owner (or other members of their “pack”). This was a prime sensory experience we needed to consider when making a mattress for them. Surroundings are also incredibly important.

Why does my dog sleep on my side of the bed on the floor? ›

Just like a heated dog house that provides shelter during time spent outdoors, the space right under your bed provides your dog with a sense of safety. Since you're close by, your dog may feel that you're providing protection, or that they're helping to keep you safe while you're asleep.

How do I choose a dog bed? ›

Your dog's bed should be large enough to allow them to sleep in any position without hitting the floor, and consider walled dog beds if your pup is anxious. Machine washable dog beds are ideal as they are easy and quick to clean, while the style of your new dog bed should match your home.

How often should I wash my dog bed? ›

Keeping Your Pet's Bed Clean

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your dog's bed stays clean is by washing it regularly. According to PetMD, dog beds should be washed once a week or at a minimum of once every two weeks to maintain the optimum health and safety of your pet.

Is memory foam good for dog beds? ›

Benefits of a Memory Foam Dog Bed

This is especially important for dogs because they can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping, depending on the breed. A memory foam mattress helps to protect your dog from hard surfaces and provide them with support for common health problems that occur in aging: Arthritis. Hip dysplasia.

How can I keep my dogs paws warm in the winter? ›

Booties: Love them or hate them, booties are a good way to keep your pup's paws covered during the winter months. Not every breed is intended to withstand cold weather, therefore booties are an effective way to protect your canine's paws because they offer warmth, full coverage, and are durable.

Do dogs get cold at night when sleeping? ›

Do Dogs Get Cold at Night? It is possible for dogs to get cold at night, even if they're kept indoors. "If you think your dog is getting cold at night, consider giving him a cozy blanket to snuggle up to in bed. Most dogs will not feel cold at night or will seek out a warmer place if they do," says Satchu.

Why does a dog circle before lying down? ›

in circles before lying down is inherited." Turning in circles before lying down is an act of self-preservation in that the dog may innately know that he needs to position himself in a certain way to ward off an attack in the wild.

Is it OK to wash dog bed in washing machine? ›

Washing your pet bed in the washer is much easier than hand washing. If it's time to purchase a new bed for your furbaby, choosing one that is machine washable will save you a lot of time and hassle. Veterinarians recommend washing your dog's blankets and outer bed cover weekly to help eliminate dirt and odors.

Should dogs sleep on hard floors? ›

As long as your dog knows that they are safe and taken care of, they can sleep just fine on hard flooring and pretty much anywhere and everywhere. This reason may seem an odd one but many dogs are actually soothed by the vibrations they feel while laying on hard flooring.

Why do dogs lick you? ›

Licking is a natural and instinctive behaviour to dogs. For them it's a way of grooming, bonding, and expressing themselves. Your dog may lick you to say they love you, to get your attention, to help soothe themselves if they're stressed, to show empathy or because you taste good to them!

Should you put dog bed in crate? ›

Yes, you should put some form of a dog bed or mat into your dog's crate otherwise your dog will be sleeping on the hard, cold and uncomfortable floor of the crate. For young puppies, you should put a chew proof and waterproof dog bed inside the crate.

Why does my dog like his bed so much? ›

It might seem like a strange habit, but there are a few reasons behind it. For instance, dogs lick their beds because they're trying to groom themselves. By licking their bed, they're able to cleanse their body of dirt and bacteria. Licking also releases calming hormones, which can help your dog relax and fall asleep.

Why does my dog sleep in my spot when I'm gone? ›

Your dog may just feel that you have a better spot. He enjoys your scent and the warmth you left behind, so taking your place makes a lot of sense. When you return, as the alpha of the house, you have the right to turn your dog off the spot or chair you sat in and return to your place.

Why does my dog follow me everywhere? ›

If your dog follows you everywhere then it's a sign that they trust and love you and that you make them feel safe. Following you very closely can be a sign that they're bored, they want something, they're feeling scared or are just being nosy.

Do dogs protect you when you sleep? ›

Think about it — your dog's instinct is to protect. They will let you know immediately if anything is amiss while you are asleep. While this can be problematic for overly-protective or sensitive dogs, many people find that knowing their dog is protecting them helps them sleep more soundly.

How do you apologize to a dog? ›

If you want to apologize to your dog, talk to them calmly and soothingly with a slightly high-pitched voice, the one we tend to use when talking to babies or puppies. You don't have to say "sorry", but the words that you usually use to reward your dog when they behave correctly, such as "well done" or "good boy".

How do dogs say sorry licking? ›

Licking. Some dogs say sorry by nuzzling into your neck and licking you. Generally, they are trying to give you as much attention as possible until you give in and forgive them.

Do dogs know when you apologize to them? ›

They may not understand exactly what you're saying to them but dogs are incredibly intelligent animals that can tell when someone's being sincere – a look of guilt on your face or an apology said in such a way that shows you're sorry for what happened will be enough.

How do dogs choose their favorite person? ›

Dogs choose their favorite people based on positive interactions and socialization they have shared in the past. Like humans, dogs are especially impressionable as their brains develop, so puppies up to 6 months old are in their key socialization period.

Why does my dog sleep between me and my wife? ›

Your Dog is Being Protective

Your dog respects and loves both you and your significant other. The space in-between may be the only area where your dog can remain protective of both owners. Some dogs may like to sleep in the path of danger so they can respond quickly to potential threats.

Why do dogs sleep between your legs? ›

Many dogs enjoy sleeping between your legs simply because it's warm, comfortable, cozy and they consider you an important member of the pack! Other dogs may do it because they're fearful, anxious or may feel more relaxed when they can feel your legs against them.

Can I leave my dog alone for 12 hours? ›

Most experts agree you shouldn't leave your adult dog alone for more than eight to 10 hours, but some dogs (especially ones with small bladders) can't last that long. DO prepare your dog before you go.

What can I do with my old dog bed? ›

If you have an old dog bed that your pup no longer needs or a lightly worn cat carrier, states that shelters are usually ready to take them. To find out if your items are suitable for re-use, contact your local shelter directly to learn more information.

Do dogs like Circle beds? ›

Dr Maureen K.

Its round circular shape also provides an enclosed cozy space which most dogs find comforting and calming. Donut beds are a good investment. They are a good addition to your home especially for dogs that like to burrow. Their enclosed space provides a good outlet for their animal instincts.

Can I spray Febreze on my dog's bed? ›

It is only intended for use on fabrics; it should not be sprayed directly on any pet, and pets should be kept away from sprayed fabrics until the product dries.

Can I spray Lysol on dog bed? ›


Lysol (/ˈlaɪsɒl/; spelled Lizol in India) is a brand of American cleaning and disinfecting products distributed by Reckitt, which markets the similar Dettol or Sagrotan in other markets. The line includes liquid solutions for hard and soft surfaces, air treatment, and hand washing. › wiki › Lysol
is a phenol-based cleaning product generally not recommended for use in homes with dogs. Phenol can cause liver damage to pets, and Lysol gives off potentially harmful volatile organic compounds in its vapors.

How often should you wash your hair? ›

How Much Should You Wash? For the average person, every other day, or every 2 to 3 days, without washing is generally fine. “There is no blanket recommendation. If hair is visibly oily, scalp is itching, or there's flaking due to dirt,” those are signs it's time to shampoo, Goh says.

How thick should a memory foam dog bed be? ›

Kennel Bed (10)

Both have 2.5 cm memory foam as the comfort layer and either 7.5 or 5 cm high density foam as the support layer.

What is the difference between memory foam and orthopedic foam? ›

Main Differences Between Memory Foam and Orthopedic Foam

Memory foam is a soft mattress, whereas orthopedic foam is a compact and firm mattress. Memory foam provides comfort to the body. On the other hand, orthopedic foam supports the body. Memory foam may not come in the category of orthopedic foam.

What is the best type of foam for a dog bed? ›

Memory foam is excellent for supporting a dog's joints. It provides a supportive, cozy place to rest, especially for dogs who sleep for extended periods. Memory foam can relieve aching joints and help improve your dog's mobility.

How do I choose a dog bed? ›

Before ordering a dog bed, make sure to measure your dog from nose to base of tail while he's in his sleeping position, then add 8" to 12" to determine the bed length or diameter. If in doubt, always round up in size to ensure maximum comfort.

How big should your dog bed be? ›

To measure your dog, measure from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail while they are standing up on all four feet. Add roughly 6" – 12" to make sure they have plenty of space. This should be the length of your dog bed.

Is Mr fluffy friend any good? ›

Overview. MrFluffyFriend has a consumer rating of 2.34 stars from 94 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about MrFluffyFriend most frequently mention customer service, credit card and dog bed problems. MrFluffyFriend ranks 324th among Pets sites.

Can I leave my dog alone for 12 hours? ›

Most experts agree you shouldn't leave your adult dog alone for more than eight to 10 hours, but some dogs (especially ones with small bladders) can't last that long. DO prepare your dog before you go.

Should dogs have their own bed? ›

This is true not just for people, but for dogs, too. Dogs sleep between 12 to 18 hours a day, depending on age. So, they need a comfy bed to snooze on just like you do. Although you might find your pup occasionally, or often, snuggled at your side during the night, dogs need to have a bed of their own.

Do dogs need thick beds? ›

Your pup deserves a thick dog mattress that helps him get better sleep and live a more comfortable life. First, it's well know that big dogs are more prone to joint and hip problems than other smaller breeds. Therefore, they require a more supportive bed.

What size is an XL dog bed? ›

DIMENSIONS*28 x 20 x 448 x 36 x 6
DOG'S WEIGHTup to 30 lbs.up to 100 lbs.

What size bed does a large dog need? ›

Dog Bed Sizing Guide
Size / WeightRecommended Sizes
26-40 lbsMedium 30"Lx20"W
41-70 lbsLarge 36"Lx23"W
71-90 lbsX-Large 42"Lx28"W
91-110 lbsXX-Large 48"Lx30"W
2 more rows

Why do big dogs like small beds? ›

We can surmise that the smaller bed belongs to the smaller dog and so it is a prized resource. Because the small dog likely has a very plucky nature, the large dog may look to the smaller dog for guidance. So he might feel protected in the bed that has been pre-approved by the smaller dog.

What colors can dogs see? ›

Human eyes have three types of cones that can identify combinations of red, blue, and green. Dogs possess only two types of cones and can only discern blue and yellow - this limited color perception is called dichromatic vision.

What can I do with my old dog bed? ›

If you have an old dog bed that your pup no longer needs or a lightly worn cat carrier, states that shelters are usually ready to take them. To find out if your items are suitable for re-use, contact your local shelter directly to learn more information.

Is memory foam good for dogs? ›

Memory foam beds are a great choice for dogs of any age or physical condition as they will provide a fantastic night's sleep! The ability to alleviate aches and pains for elderly dogs is especially important as they may be more prone to suffering from conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint issues.

Why do trainers use elevated dog beds? ›

They get your pooch off a cold floor in winter — or in summer if you're running the air conditioning. They also help keep joint pain down, which can be exacerbated by the cold. In warm weather, an elevated bed keeps the air circulating underneath, which helps dogs stay cool.

Why do dogs love donut beds? ›

Dr Maureen K.

Its round circular shape also provides an enclosed cozy space which most dogs find comforting and calming. Donut beds are a good investment. They are a good addition to your home especially for dogs that like to burrow. Their enclosed space provides a good outlet for their animal instincts.

How do you wash a shaggy dog bed? ›

Washing your dog bed is easy. Simply put the entire bed in the washing machine with cold water (never hot water) on the gentle rinse cycle setting (using pet-safe laundry detergent without harsh chemicals).


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