Best Mouse For Arthritis In Index Finger | Top 3 Picks (2022)

1.Best Mouse for Arthritis in Index Finger

2.Best Mouse for Arthritis in Index Finger – Recommended by Experts

3.Benefits of Ergonomic Mouse

4.Lekvey Rechargeable Ergonomic Vertical Mice 2020

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5.J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Mouse

6.Epinki Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Best Mouse for Arthritis in Index Finger

A lot of people are using a traditional computer mouse for office work and daily computing. Using a computer with a traditional mouse for a long period of time is not good for you. These computer mice are not designed according to hand and wrist health.

The traditional computer mouse can be fairly painful to use for sufferers of Arthritis in theindex finger. A trulybest mouse for arthritis in index fingercan solve this problem by keeping your forearm in a neutral position and removing or reducing your grip on the mouse.

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Fortunately, there are different types of ergonomic mouse currently available online which are perfect for arthritis sufferers. Our experts have compiled a list of some arthritis-friendly computer mouse that you can buy online at a decent price.

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Best Mouse for Arthritis in Index Finger – Recommended by Experts

Best Mouse For Arthritis In Index Finger | Top 3 Picks (1)TopErgonomic Mouse, Vertical Wireless Mouse - LEKVEY Rechargeable 2.4GHz Optical Vertical Mice : 3 Adjustable DPI 800/1200/1600 Levels 6 Buttons, for Laptop, PC, Computer, Desktop, Notebook etc, BlackSee Price
Best Mouse For Arthritis In Index Finger | Top 3 Picks (2)TopJ-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse with Adjustable Sensitivity (600/1000/1600 DPI), Scroll Endurance, Removable Palm Rest & Thumb Buttons [V628]See Price
Best Mouse For Arthritis In Index Finger | Top 3 Picks (3)TopNulaxy 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI, 6 Buttons for Computer, Laptop, PC, Desktop, Macbook - BlackSee Price

Benefits of Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomically designed items for WEEE recycling are employed in offices to avoid employees from being troubled by back pains, muscle strains along other bone and joint disorders. These are also called MSD. Usually hands, arms, elbows, arms, shoulders, and spinal begin to show signs of MSD first.

To avoid the workers from developing MSD from computer recycling, computer companies have begun creating computer peripheral devices which are ergonomically designed, just like an ergonomic mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Thebest mouse for Arthritis in the index finger will lessen the strain to the fingers and palm, stop laptop recycling and stop the hand muscles from the strain. This mouse is available in different shapes and might not be exactly similar searching towards the slightly round formed traditional mouse button.

The shapes of an ergonomic mouse might have features with increased pronounced grooves to correctly fit the mold from the hands. Oftentimes an ergonomic mouse resembles a “joystick” employed for gaming or perhaps a pen.

Further still, a lot of companies result in the ergonomic rodent’s cord-less to help keep the hands from the strain that happens because of restrictions resulting from the cords.

Lots of people nowadays spend hours prior to the computer for work or personal issues like IT disposal. While being careful from the eyes is definitely a recognized measure than individuals investing time on the pc, very couple of really take proper care of their hands.

Whether it is a laptop or desktop, both hands are under continuous pressure because of focusing on keyboards along with the mouse. In such instances, it’s very necessary that you will get an ergonomically designed mouse to prevent muscle strain inside your arms.

LekveyRechargeable Ergonomic Vertical Mice 2020

Best Mouse For Arthritis In Index Finger | Top 3 Picks (4)

LEKVEY ergonomic mouse is an ultimate design wireless mouse for you that gives you a comfortable performance and with a rechargeable design feature. However, this ergonomic and sleek design wireless mouse, has been made in a scientific way to motivate strong neutral “handshake” positions of the wrist and arm so that you can experience smoother movement and no pressure at all.

However, don’t forget to check its rechargeable and high-capacity battery power that offers you to use the mouse for long hours without any issues with low battery. This is a very convenient option for you to enjoy your browsing time without having any wires or plugging issues, charge the mouse and use it ahead.

This wireless mouse is straightforward to use and offers you its compatible options. Though, the mouse is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux. So, experience the quality of design and utilize your working hours with the most comfortable option with this ergonomic wireless mouse.

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No wiring and no attachments, just a simple plug and play option with the help of this ergonomic mouse design which is made to enhance your working experience and secure your wrist and arm from further pains or other kinds of cramps.Check current price on Amazon

This mouse could be thebest mouse for arthritis in the index finger,as it is multifunctional and convenient for everyone. It is built with the advanced features of “Page Back” and “Page Forward” smooth buttons that will provide convenience during the time of browsing web pages. Constructed with 800 /1200/1600 DPI Levels by which you can easily adjust the overall mouse sensitivity.

J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Mouse

Best Mouse For Arthritis In Index Finger | Top 3 Picks (5)

J-Tech is another best and the most convenient option for you to make your working time enjoyable and comfortable at the same time. With this J-tech wired ergonomic design USB mouse, that is specially designed to be used in the form of a “handshake” wrist and arm, you can experience smoother movement and less pressure on your wrist while it will help you to alleviate wrist pain further.

However, it comes with the features like removable palm rest along with its blue LED. Moreover, with the help of the removable palm rest, you can easily attach or detach it according to your needs and convenience. It also offers you a unique feature of BLUE LED which instantly lights up the mouse outlining to attract every eye around it.

You will surely love thisJ-tech wired ergonomic vertical USB mouse which comes with its adjustable sensitivity option. Now, that means you can easily adjust the switches between the levels of DPI 800, 1200, and as well as 1600 to further adjust mouse responsiveness just according to your needs and requirements.

Though, with its optical tracking advanced technology this is here to ensure you a greater sensitivity for specific tracking on a large-scale range of areas. Also, take advantage of its thumb buttons, which means you can simply use the buttons back and forward which are located near the area of the thumb to provide you with extra convenience.

Enjoy the wide compatible feature with this J-tech wired ergonomic vertical USB mouse that is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, XP, Vista 7/8 and Linux, etc. And the best part is that you will get a one-year warranty on the mouse. Check current price on Amazon


  • Portable mouse
  • Durable quality
  • Convenient thumb buttons


  • It doesn’t deliver a fast response



  • J-tech wiredergonomic design USB mouse
  • specially designed to be used in the form of a “handshake” wrist and arm
  • removable palm rest along with its blue LED
  • adjustable sensitivity
  • Ultrafast
  • specific tracking on a large-scale range of areas

Epinki Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Best Mouse For Arthritis In Index Finger | Top 3 Picks (6)

Epinki is one of thebest mouse for arthritis in the index finger. It provides you a comfortable feeling of utilization and protects your wrist and arm from sudden pain and cramps. This wireless mouse is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/7/8/98/10/Me/Vista 32bit IOS/Vista Mac OS and as well as provides you a precise fit for laptops, desktops, MacBooks, PC, and other devices.

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Ergonomically made design is highly adaptable to be used by both the right and even left hand with much comfort and support. Though, with its compact size feature, you will get amazed while using the mouse anywhere, anyplace.

This wireless mouse can easily be used at home or as well as at work to offer you the most convenient option.

Now, just extra durability, exceptional technology, and of course, a professional chip that will give you the security plus guarantee to use the mouse with a much longer working distance without any issue or hassle.

The best and easy-to-use wireless mouse has been made with an attractive and improved contoured shape design and also offers you many other features.

Thus, the mouse is sweat-resistant and comes with the ability of a skin-friendly finish to provide you with maximum support and overall comfort.

Furthermore, the wireless mouse is also made with a sturdy scroll wheel along with rubber to give you the best feeling of easy use and makes you able to experience the non-slip capability when scrolling.

It comes with six buttons feature so that you can use the mouse comfortably. No wires at all, just a simple-to-use wireless mouse to give you superior quality performance. Check current price on Amazon


  • Extra durable in quality
  • Comfortable in use
  • Sturdy scroll wheel with rubber.


  • It is yet costly as compared to others



  • the comfortable feeling of utilization and protects your wrist and arm from sudden pain and cramps
  • compatible with Windows 2000/XP/7/8/98/10/Me/Vista 32bit IOS/Vista Mac OS and as well as provides you a precise fit for laptops, desktops, MacBooks, PC, and other devices.
  • extra durability
  • exceptional technology
  • attractive and improves contoured shape design and also offer you many other features

We hope you find this guide helpful.

If you do have any specific questions on the models above or on business laptops in general, the best thing to do is tocontact us directly. Our team of laptop and accessories wizards will always be on hand to help point you in the right direction!


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Best Mouse For Arthritis In Index Finger | Top 3 Picks? ›

Best Computer Mice for Arthritis Fingers
  • Anker Ergonomic Our Choice.
  • Kensington Orbit Trackball Universal model.
  • Flexispot An ergonomic mouse for arthritis.
  • EIGIIS Ergonomic Trackball Inexpensive.
  • Acedada The best mouse for finger pain.
  • Logitech Trackman Trackball.
  • J-Tech Digital The best choice for thumb pain.

What kind of mouse is best for arthritis? ›

Ergonomic mice such as the Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse or Ease Ergonomic Mouse are also designed for user comfort. They help individuals with arthritis to reduce they symptoms by placing their wrist in a vertical hand shake posture.

Can using a mouse cause index finger pain? ›

While it is not currently an official repetitive strain injury (RPI), it has become a term to describe finger pain from mouse wok through extensive computer use. Typically, the index finger is in jeopardy, as the most frequent click is the left-click.

Does ergonomic mouse help finger pain? ›

Ergonomic mice, are a great option for those recovering from Trigger Finger. They place your wrist and forearms in a more natural posture that helps to reduce the amount of muscle activity required to use your mouse.

Can you get arthritis from using a mouse? ›

The most common problems occur from restricted mobility in hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck. A typical example is pain and swelling in the wrist caused by long periods of keyboard and mouse use.

What type of mouse is most ergonomic? ›

Best Ergonomic Mouse Overall: Logitech MX Master 3S

The Logitech MX Master 3S, an upgraded version of the popular MX Master 3, is the best ergonomic mouse you can buy today.

What is the best mouse to use for trigger finger? ›

Contour Mouse – With custom sizing to fit all hand sizes that reduces gripping and oversized buttons to eliminate curled-fingered clicking, the Contour Mouse is the perfect solution to combat the development of trigger finger.

How do you relieve finger pain from a mouse? ›

  1. See your doctor. ...
  2. Take frequent breaks. ...
  3. Keep your fingernails short. ...
  4. Make sure you're sitting properly. ...
  5. Try using forearm supports. ...
  6. Explore alternative mice. ...
  7. Explore alternatives to mouse clicking. ...
  8. Try using adjustable keyboards.

What should you do to avoid discomfort while using a mouse? ›

Hold it loosely in your hand with a relaxed grip. Keep your wrist straight. Your forearm, wrist, and fingers should all be in a straight line (Figure 6). Move the mouse from the elbow joint, rather than just moving your wrist.
  1. Protect your wrist. ...
  2. Keep the mouse clean. ...
  3. Alternate the hand using the mouse, if possible.

Why do my fingers go numb when I use a mouse? ›

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which there is excessive pressure on the median nerve. This is the nerve in the wrist that allows feeling and movement to parts of the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle damage in the hand and fingers.

Why does my hand hurt using my mouse? ›

By positioning, travelling, scrolling, and clicking the mouse again and again, the same small muscles can become tired and overworked. This overuse can cause: Pain (ache, soreness) on the top of the hand (Figure 1) Pain (ache, soreness) around the wrist (Figure 1)

Are vertical mice more ergonomic? ›

A vertical (ergonomic) mouse is better because it allows you to keep your hand in a more natural position. Ordinary mice force an unnatural position in the hand, forearm, and even cause unhealthy shoulder rotation. This can cause discomfort, pain, and in the long run, degeneration such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Are vertical mice better for wrists? ›

Vertical Mice Can Help Prevent or Treat Carpal Tunnel

That said, experts generally agree that vertical mice are more ergonomic than traditional mice. They aren't a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for wrist injuries, but they can contribute to a prevention or treatment strategy.

Is a vertical mouse better for carpal tunnel? ›

A vertical mouse and ergonomic mouse pads alter wrist position but do not reduce carpal tunnel pressure in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is the best mouse to use for tendonitis? ›

The Best Ergonomic Mouse for 2021
Logitech MX Master 37Top Productivity Ergonomic Mouse
J-Tech Digital V628 Vertical Mouse4Best Overall Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
Anker Wireless Mouse5Best Ergonomic Mouse for Laptops
Evoluent Vertical Mouse6Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel and Tendinitis
5 more rows

What is the best keyboard for arthritis? ›

Best ergonomic keyboards
  • Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9” Standard Separation) ...
  • Dell ML-Ergosecure 2.0 Keyboard. ...
  • Logitech ERGO K860 Ergonomic Split Bluetooth or USB Keyboard. ...
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001) ...
  • Microsoft LXM-00001 Ergonomic Keyboard.
Jul 29, 2021

What type of mouse is best for carpal tunnel? ›

A trackball mouse is a popular solution for sufferers of carpal tunnel. The device looks like an upside-down mouse, featuring an exposed ball on top of the mouse, minimizing the risk of thumb tendonitis. This type of mouse differs from standard a standard mouse where the optical sensor is on the bottom.

What is vertical mouse? ›

A vertical mouse is a type of computer mouse that sits upright and has its buttons and scroll wheel rotated 90 degrees. While it functions no differently than a standard computer mouse, it greatly improves how your body reacts to long periods of scrolling.

Looking for the Best Mouse for Arthritis?  Great.  Let’s Get After It… Technology advances quickly. And it doesn’t always take the unique needs of people into consideration as it does. Now that almost everyone uses a phone, tablet, or computer in their work and play, though, accommodation is more and more important. Everybody faces setbacks,…Read More

Luckily, there are now a lot of options when it comes to the mouse you use, and many of them provide comfort and relief for those living with arthritis – especially if it affects your index finger, which is crucial to tech use.. Let your hand feel the comfort of trackball while using the mouse.. abcGoodefg Handheld Finger Trackball Mouse .. ller76 Y-10W Portable Finger Handheld Wireless Trackball Mouse .. Highly compatible trackball mouse containing an ergonomic design!. Your hand can freely move and naturally make use of this ergonomic mouse design.. Use this handheld trackball mouse, which has a perfect design to comfort your fingers.. All these exciting features make it the best mouse for arthritis in index finger.. The comfort of moving an easy to roll ball to control your cursor is invaluable when it comes to finding a mouse that can be used with an arthritic finger.. If you’re living with arthritis in your index finger, a mouse from this list is a step in that direction.. Most manufacturers that develop trackball mouse claim that their designs are very sparing for people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.. Most people would prefer going for vertical mouse designs because they keep the hand in a natural position to offer as much comfort as possible.

What are the best mice for arthritis you can purchase in 2022?

Anker Ergonomic Our Choice Kensington Orbit Trackball Universal model Flexispot An ergonomic mouse for arthritis EIGIIS Ergonomic Trackball Inexpensive Acedada The best mouse for finger pain Logitech Trackman Trackball J-Tech Digital The best choice for thumb pain Verbatim For seniors Microsoft Sculpt For arthritis in the index finger 3M EM550GPS Good computer mouse for arthritis sufferers. ⊕ Specific ergonomic design. ⊕ Optical tracking technology. ⊕ The speedy switching of DPI. ⊕ Fitting for any hand size. ⊖ No Bluetooth compatibility. The removable wrist set of this arthritis mouse offers utmost ergonomics for the wrist and the hand, minimizing any pain that can be inflicted during long computer work.. Best ergonomic mouse for arthritis. Its ergonomic design makes it a remarkable computer mouse for arthritis fingers and CTS.. Best mouse for thumb pain. This interesting ergonomic mouse for arthritis can only be manipulated by right-handed users.. This model is often named as the best mouse for arthritis and other injuries of the hand and arm that make using a regular mouse painful if not impossible.. The regular use of a mouse causes certain stress on the wrist and finger joints, so more and more people are looking for the best wrist rest and specifically designed mouses.. The computer mouse for arthritis fingers will minimize the need for small joint movements with the help of proper positioning.. The 3M Ergonomic Mouse (EM550GPS).

The best mouse for arthritic hands is one that has a low profile and fits comfortably in your hand. There are many options to choose from, such as mice

This best mouse for arthritic hands is a great choice because it’s got a smooth, ergonomic design that will fit into the palm of your hand.. This best wireless mouse benefits the best ergonomic mouse because it has a sculpted design to fit with whatever hand position you need.. This best ergonomic mouse is a good choice if you have any of these issues, which can make using the standard computer mouse difficult.. A: The main difference between a regular mouse and a mouse for arthritis is the design.. A regular mouse may cause pain and fatigue in the hand and arm, but an arthritis mouse will be more comfortable to use.. The large trackball on an arthritis mouse makes it easy to control the cursor with less movement of your hand.. All ergonomic mouses should be designed so that the palm is supported at a 90-degree angle keeping your wrist straight and eliminating the pain caused by bending your wrist backward while typing or clicking on the mouse.. Preinstalled Software Makes it Easier for Users With Arthritis To Perform Various Functions In Games and Other Applications Allowing Quick Downloads from Websites Designed Specifically for People With Special Needs As Well As Offering Easy Installation of Drivers and Buttons That Are Customizable For Those Desiring an Ergonomic Mouse.. If you are looking for a mouse that is comfortable and easy to use, then a mouse specifically designed for people with arthritis may be the best option for you.

How to find the best computer mouse for arthritic hands to get you working with less pain! These mice and mouse alternatives help relieve the wrist pain, finger pain, and thumb pain from arthritis. Includes a buying guide with suggested features for computer mice.

What is the Best Computer Mouse for Arthritic Hands?. To reduce the arthritis pain you feel when using a computer mouse, look for the following:. Look for a mouse that eliminates having to grip or grasp the mouse tightly to move it Buttons should be easy to push and not require lifting the finger off of the mouse to operate If you want a mouse with a trackball for easy scrolling, choose one that doesn’t require hooking or curling the finger to operate it.. How this Mouse Helps People With Arthritis First, the whole hand rests on the mouse fully supporting the hand and all fingers especially the thumb, making this the best mouse for thumb pain.. How to Order a HandShoe Mouse Because this mouse is designed to fit your hand like a glove, it is important to get the right size to get the most benefit from this mouse.. The final choice is to decide if you want a wired mouse that plugs into your computer or a wireless mouse that works by Bluetooth.. If the measurement is betweenThen order this size HandShoe Mouse6.1″ to 6.9″Small6.9″ to 7.7″Medium7.7″ to 8.5″LargeHere’s a nice video that explains why a traditional mouse causes hand pain and walks you through how this mouse can help.. HandShoe Mouse Prevents Mouse Pain. It is sometimes impossible to position the hands in a way that keeps the joints from hurting, so there are some alternatives to computer mouse products.. How this Mouse Can Help Other handy features are that this trackball mouse works with either the right or left hand.

Arthritis in the fingers can cause stiffness, loss of mobility, and pain. Learn about at-home and medically supervised treatments.

Keep your thumb on the outside of your hand.. Then, one by one, use your other fingers to do the same.. If pain or discomfort after exercise lasts more than an hour or two, do fewer repetitions next time or take more breaks.. Heat therapy can aid in relaxing discomfort from muscle tension and reduce pain sensitivity whereas cold therapy can reduce inflammation and swelling.. For patients with RA, swelling of the finger joints was significantly reduced with the use of compression gloves.. Try these ideas to reduce arthritis pain in your fingers:. Finger joint fusion can help relieve the pain in the finger joints caused by arthritis.. Not all of the treatments here will be right for everyone with finger arthritis.

Arthritis is commonly seen in the joints of the fingers. The knuckle joints of the fingers are frequently affected in patients with osteoarthritis.

This article provides more information about arthritis in the fingers, what causes it, and what you can do to help keep your fingers moving.. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that affects the whole body.. The most commonly affected joints in the hand are the knuckles at the base of the fingers (the MCP joints).. Symptoms of finger arthritis include:. However, rheumatoid arthritis can actually cause deformities in the hands.. The treatment focuses on managing the symptoms and maintaining and improving function.. Anti-Inflammatory medications : These medications are often recommended for treating the pain of finger arthritis, and they help decrease inflammation and swelling around the joints.. If non-surgical treatments don't relieve your symptoms, surgery may be necessary.. The most common surgery that's done for treatment of finger arthritis is a finger joint fusion .. During this procedure, your healthcare provider can also straighten deformities and remove bone spurs.. Finger joint replacement can be a very effective procedure for some people.. An artificial finger joint can maintain mobility of the joint without the pain of arthritis.. Finger arthritis can be painful and may limit your daily activities.

The struggle with arthritis is often an invisible one, but when arthritis bumps appear, that’s no longer the case.  Are you seeing these new bumps growing on your hands near your joints and wondering what you can do?   While there is no cure for arthritis, which is of course the culprit for the bumps, there are treatment options that can help manage them.   There are a couple of types of arthritis that are commonly known to cause these bumps – rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Let’s start by understanding the different make-ups of the bumps caused by each type. Rheumatoid Nodules vs Osteoarthritis Nodes Up to a quarter of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers will develop small nodules. The nodules range in size, often starting at the size of the pea. Though they can become larger, with treatment many of them stay small or disappear altogether. The nodules are generally not painful or harmful, but you may still wish to treat them.  Nodules caused by rheumatoid arthritis are made up of inflamed tissue. One type of treatment that has had a positive effect for some is disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, specifically rituximab. Steroids shots directly into the nodule and surgery are also treatment options. With surgery, it’s important to understand that there is a high chance that the nodule will reappear. You’ll only want to opt for surgical removal if the nodule becomes infected or prevents movement from the joint. The other disease responsible for arthritis bumps on the hands is osteoarthritis.  Unlike rheumatoid arthritis, the nodes from osteoarthritis are actually bony growths. As the cartilage that supports your joints disappears, the bones begin to rub and can result in new bone being created. This new bone growth can extend outside of the joint causing bumps on your hands, among other places.  When the bumps are connected to the top joint in your finger they are called Heberden’s nodes, and when they occur at the middle joint they are called Bouchard’s nodes.  The rest of this article will focus on nodes caused by osteoarthritis as the bumps are larger, more painful, and more difficult to treat. What Are the Symptoms? The symptoms will vary from person to person, but a few of the regularly reported symptoms associated with the nodes are: Pain Stiffness Swelling Loss of Motion Weakness  Ultimately, the symptoms caused by nodes are similar to the symptoms you’re likely already experiencing with osteoarthritis but can be exacerbated by the bony growths. Who Is Most Likely to Get Them? While anyone with osteoarthritis can experience the bony growths on their joints, there are some factors that can put you more at risk.  Risk will multiply with each factor that fits you, with most of them sadly being outside of your control. Age Just as the risk to develop arthritis becomes more prominent with age, so does developing the nodes caused by it.  The nodes from osteoarthritis are more likely to form as the disease has had more time to progress as well. Genetics Unfortunately, there is a genetic link to the nodes. Meaning if someone else in your family has developed them, you are more likely to. While osteoarthritis itself isn’t inherently hereditary, certain conditions that lead to increased risk for the disease may be. Gender Women are 10 times more likely to develop the nodes caused by osteoarthritis than men. Women’s bone density can be negatively impacted by menopause, as well as their weight which is another risk factor. Obesity Your weight doesn’t play as much of a factor in developing nodules on your hands, but it can cause you to develop modules on other weight-bearing joints like your knees.  These nodules are often not clearly visible, but they can cause the same pain and other symptoms as the bumps on your hands do. What Are the Treatment Options for Arthritis Bumps?  There is no real “cure” for nodes caused by osteoarthritis, but there are treatments that can help manage the symptoms. Medication Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, both over-the-counter and prescription, are popular treatment choices for helping with pain associated with arthritis bumps.  You don’t want to become reliant on medications due to additional risks that come with overuse, so you want to have an alternative form of relief to accompany any medication.  Ice and/or Heat When your osteoarthritis is causing your joints in your hand to swell, putting more pressure on the bony nodes, you may find that applying ice or heat will provide you relief.  Do not apply heat or ice longer than 15 to 20 minutes at a time, and never fall when using either.  You may also find that alternating heat and ice is beneficial. Start by applying heat and then applying ice several hours later. Rest Since the bony growths occur as a result of your bones rubbing together without the cartilage to cushion them, resting your joints can help prevent excessive impact.  You don’t want to let arthritis get you down, but it’s important to know your limits and understand when taking a rest will help you do more in the future. Splints or Braces Again, the more your joints rub, the more likely you are to develop nodes on your joints.  By using a splint or a brace on your hand, you are providing additional support to your fragile hand joints. During long periods of activity, or during any task that is more demanding on your joints, this could help manage your symptoms. Surgery Surgery is often the last course of action chosen for treating bumps caused by osteoarthritis.  If surgery is chosen, the bony growth will either be removed or the joint may be fused.  Be aware that removing the growth may only be a temporary fix, as over time it could regrow. The risks associated with surgical treatment are not worth it many times due to this. Conclusion Arthritis bumps may be caused by either rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, but the makeup of the bumps is very different.  The nodules that may form due to rheumatoid arthritis are smaller and come with treatment options that can shrink them without surgery.  The bony nodes caused by osteoarthritis are though more complex, and more difficult to treat.  More often than not, the treatment for the growths is focused on managing symptoms rather than removal.  If your nodes are significantly restricting your joint’s range of motion or causing severe pain, you’ll want to consult your physician for the best course of action.

While anyone with osteoarthritis can experience the bony growths on their joints, there are some factors that can put you more at risk.. The nodes from osteoarthritis are more likely to form as the disease has had more time to progress as well.. Women are 10 times more likely to develop the nodes caused by osteoarthritis than men.Women’s bone density can be negatively impacted by menopause, as well as their weight which is another risk factor.. These nodules are often not clearly visible, but they can cause the same pain and other symptoms as the bumps on your hands do.. Again, the more your joints rub, the more likely you are to develop nodes on your joints.. Arthritis bumps may be caused by either rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, but the makeup of the bumps is very different.. The nodules that may form due to rheumatoid arthritis are smaller and come with treatment options that can shrink them without surgery.. More often than not, the treatment for the growths is focused on managing symptoms rather than removal.

I got a vertical mouse to reduce pain from working and gaming with arthritis, and I love it. I review the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse.

Over the summer, I worked as a camp counselor in Minecraft.. Still, I started getting horrible flares of hand pain and stiffness from keeping my hands in unnatural positions for so long.. Eventually, I knew something needed to change, and I tried out the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse.. Moving and then starting graduate school took a lot more out of me than I expected!. I have some plans for new posts, though—now that I’ve settled into the routine of grad school, I hope to keep up a few posts per month.. We’ve all been using the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse , although there are many other models out there.. If the Logitech model looks too narrow for you, Evoluent might be worth a try.. Vertical mice certainly look strange, and the Logitech MX is no exception.. However, I can actually play games without being in pain, so I don’t really care.. I can set two pointer speeds that switch using the button on top, although this button can be rebound for other purposes.. I’ve only had to charge it a few times since I got it over the summer.. I’ve previously written about gaming gloves for arthritis , and their compression can also help with hand pain that comes from mouse and keyboard use.


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