Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (2022)

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (1)

Mission Concepcion Sports Park
$16.1 Million - Precinct 1

The Mission Concepcion Sports Park is a multi-sports complex that provides opportunities for physical fitness activities for youth and young adults through multiple sports programs while promoting the City of San Antonio as the premier destination for amateur sports in Texas.

The new complex includes a gymnasium with 6 basketball courts that can convert to 12 volleyball courts, new and improved softball and baseball fields, and a fully lit multi-purpose field. This spectacular facility is located near the historic Mission Concepcion and along the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration Project on the San Antonio River.

"There is a flurry of projects happening in this area that stand to improve and serve the community for many generations. I cannot stress enough that we are undertaking some of the most important public improvements to happen on this side of the County in decades."

- County Judge Nelson Wolff


"Increased economic development goes hand in hand with community investment. This project is one of many that serves as a clear illustration of the commitment I have made to this area, to improve this community and neighborhood."

- Commissioner Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez

Managing Organization:Mission Concepcion Sports Park

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (2)

Classics Elite Soccer Academy
$1.2 Million - Precinct 3

Before Bexar County’s Community Venues Program, San Antonio only had 57 soccer fields as compared to Dallas with 310, Houston with 356, and Austin with over 230 and growing.

With the addition of these fields at Classics Elite, and all the added locations for youth sports, the citizens of Bexar County have more opportunities to participate in amateur sports competition. The Classics Elite Soccer Academy is an organization dedicated to promoting sports and improving access to sports and recreational activities for our youth. We now have over 646 families that represent every district of San Antonio helping us build a better and stronger soccer program for San Antonio.

Managing Organization:Classics Elite Soccer Academy

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (3)Missions Baseball Academy$4 Million - Precinct 2

The Missions Baseball Academy provides Bexar County and the City of San Antonio with four full-sized baseball fields; with three being fully lit. These are the premier fields in the San Antonio area for all ages, but are especially designed to accommodate baseball for 14-year-olds and up. The facility also includes concessions, restrooms, bleachers and a press box all in one place.

Managing Organization: San Antonio Missions CARE Foundation

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (4)

S.T.A.R. Soccer Complex
$5 Million - Precinct 4

The interest in youth soccer is growing all over the U.S. Youth soccer in San Antonio attracts nearly 20,000 children aged 5 - 18 at various levels of play. With adequate facilities, youth soccer tournaments can attract significant tourism dollars.

Managing Organization:S.T.A.R. Soccer Complex

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (5)St. Mary's Sports Complex

$6 Million - Precinct 2

Bexar County partnered with St. Mary's University Sports Complex to develop an NCAA Division II complex hosting a 2,500-seat baseball stadium with training facilities, a softball stadium with amenities, and new soccer fields and tennis courts.

St. Mary's University is becoming a magnet for national and regional sporting events, including NCAA Division II championships and tournaments that both showcase and benefit Bexar County. St. Mary's is committed to hosting events that draw visitors, but also provide opportunities to enhance the quality of life for local residents living in San Antonio's Westside and throughout Bexar County.

Managing Organization:St. Mary's University

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Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (6)

McAllister Little League
$2.67 Million - Precinct 3

With this upgrade to their Little League (12 and under) and Big League (13 through 18) fields, McAllister Park Little League will enhance their ability to host tournaments at the Sectional, State, and Regional levels for Little League baseball and softball. A Regional Tournament will bring teams from around the state of Texas and 6 surrounding states. This tournament could bring the possibility of National TV coverage as part of Little League Baseball Incorporated's partnership with ESPN and their broadcasting of Regional and World Series Championships. It will also bring added revenue and positive exposure to San Antonio and Bexar County.

Managing Organization:McAllister Park Little League

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (7)

Mission City Youth Complex

$5 Million - Precinct 1

Southeast Skyline

$3.3 Million - Precinct 4

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (8)

Northside Swim Center
$7 Million - Precinct 3

The development of the Swim Center was the result of a unique partnership between Northside ISD and Bexar County. In May 2008, Bexar County voters approved a tax referendum to contribute $7 million in funding, that was combined with $13.8 million provided by NISD.

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Construction of a 50-meter, Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool and 25-meter diving and warm-up pool began at the Farris Athletic Complex by May 2011 and was completed by the summer of 2013. Both swimming pools were built adjacent to the existing Northside Natatorium at Loop 1604 and Hausman Road, creating a mega swim center that will be the only one of its kind in the central United States.

The Northside Swim Center now plays host to several large regional and national meets per year.

The outdoor swim center features shaded seating for 2,400 spectators as well as high-tech timing, lighting, sound, and video scoreboard systems. Locker room facilities accommodate as many as 1,200 athletes. The diving/warm-up pool is 25 meters in length and provides NISD and the community a fantastic facility to develop divers.

NISD is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the facilities. The facility meets both international and national standards set by USA Swimming.

Managing Organization: Northside ISD Aquatics

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (9)

Culebra Creek Soccer
$5.23 Million - Precinct 2

Culebra Creek Soccer park, managed by Alamo City Youth Soccer Organization (ACYSO) was developed through $5.23 million in Visitor Tax funds, along with the City of San Antonio's donation of land and contribution of more than $1 million. This investment in far west Bexar County provides the organization with an opportunity to host tournaments and grow the ranks of young children playing soccer in Northwest Bexar County.

The AYSCO's objectives are to provide quality coaching, officiating and playing fields; to stimulate competition through competitive league and to maintain a recreational and developmental program.

The Culebra Creek Soccer Complex, adjacent to the existing fields on FM 1560, added 7 new fields to the 5 fields located on the complex. This not only enables more practice space for the organization's growing membership, it also provides many opportunities for growth of tournaments attracting players from all of San Antonio, the entire state, and throughout the country. The addition of Culebra Creek Soccer Park provides more green space for youth soccer players in one of the most rapidly growing areas of San Antonio. This soccer venue also enables the potential to bring both select college showcase tournaments and U.S. Youth Regional Soccer games to San Antonio, a region not currently viewed as offering ideal soccer venues.

Managing Organization: Alamo City Soccer Club

Wheatley Heights Complex

$7.5 Million - Precinct 4

The Wheatley Heights Sports Complex (WHSC) is a project developed through $7.5 Million from the Bexar County Community Venues Program. The Eastside Christian Action Group manages this regional multi-use facility on approximately 66 acres of land in Central East Bexar County, an area that was devastated by the flood of 1998. WHSC offers sports facilities for youth and amateur athletes that include the following: a turf football field, bleacher seating, an 8 lane all-weather track and separate field event areas, soccer fields, concession stands, lavatory facilities, and parking.

WHSC strives to provide opportunities for young people to engage in sports in their local neighborhood, in facilities that, up until now, were not available in this area. They seek to attract local, state, and national competitions and bring life back to an area that once was a thriving community in San Antonio and Bexar County. WHSC can host local, regional and statewide sporting events and is located conveniently close to downtown San Antonio, the AT&T Center, and Interstate 10.

Managing Organization: Wheatley Heights Sports Complex

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UIW Fencing Center

$2 Million - Precinct 2

The University of Incarnate Word (UIW) operates a unique competitive fencing facility, through a partnership with Bexar County, that provides opportunities for local citizens to learn and compete in fencing. The Fencing Center is also home to a high-quality Fencing Club and also plays host to regional, national, and local US Fencing competitions annually.

Through the UIW Fencing Center, San Antonio is able to launch young people from every background into an Olympic sport that instills self-confidence and personal discipline, and provides access to, and scholarships from, many of the best universities in the U.S. This 18,000 square foot facility includes 8 competitive fencing strips, practice strips and training rooms, a spectator area, and men's and women's lockers. The University utilizes the Fencing Center to teach a variety of year-round classes to the University's students as well as house its NCAA fencing team.

Managing Organization: UIW Sports and Wellness

Bexar County Community Venues | Bexar County, TX (10)UTSA Athletic Complex

$15 Million - Precinct 4

The University of Texas at San Antonio is developing an $84 million competitive athletic complex on the 125-acre Park West Campus near the intersection of Highway 1604 and Kyle Seale Parkway. The first phase of the complex was funded by $15 million from the 2008 Bexar County venue tax election and includes soccer and track stadiums. When all phases of the complex are completed, the 60-acre venue will be the most versatile and visited athletic complex in San Antonio.

Video: Bexar County Family Justice Center

The complex is also slated to include practice facilities for UTSA's new football program and eventually a new 12,000 seat, $120 million Convocation Center. In addition to serving as the home of the Roadrunners, the University works with the community to host tourist destination athletic events. UTSA has a well-established history of co-hosting premier athletic events, both on campus and throughout San Antonio, including 12 NCAA championship events during the past 12 years.


  • Track and Field Stadium w/ 1,000 bleacher seats
  • Soccer Stadium w/ 1,000 bleacher seats
  • Shared Press box
  • Paved parking lot with 500 spaces
  • Fan Amenities Building, Ticket Booth, and Restrooms


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