Buy Kratom Online From Top Kratom Vendors Of 2022: Kratom Capsules For Health (2022)

Kratom might sound like a new term to some people, but for those who know, it is their savior. Kratom is a herbal medicine made from Mitragyna speciosa leaves. It is herbal medicine and it is completely organic. Kratom is a great escape from allopathic medicines' complexities and negative side effects.

Kratom is a great product to cure pains, illnesses, and other problems. A big majority of Kratom users across the globe are saying that it has boosted their entire health substantially.

It is also known to deal with exhaustion and poor fitness levels. Almost every human being on earth can reap benefits from these properties of kratom.

It has a lot of potential to be known as an organic and wholesome therapy for depression, stress, cardiovascular disease, and even some chronic diseases like diabetes. It's a nice escape from the addictive and dangerous regular painkillers.

This might be even more difficult if you are new to the world of kratom. On the other hand, If you've tried a lot of Kratom suppliers that claim to give the greatest quality but receive poor items, our list of the best Kratom online vendors will come in handy!

Many online Kratom vendors struggle to give the highest quality because they do not put their items to laboratory analysis or inspection to ensure quality and purity. Furthermore, they lack the resources to maintain quality controls throughout the lengthy collecting, manufacturing, and packing phases.

List Of Top Kratom Vendors For Best Kratom Products Of 2022:

  1. SuperSpeciosa - Overall Best Kratom Vendor To Buy Kratom In Bulk

  1. KratomSpot - Over The Top Kratom Capsules For Health Benefits

  1. GoldenMonk - Potent Kratom Powder & Strains For Anxiety Relief

Here are the detailed reviews of our top choices:

1. SuperSpeciosa - Overall Best Kratom Vendor To Buy Kratom In Bulk

Buy Kratom Online From Top Kratom Vendors Of 2022: Kratom Capsules For Health (1)

Super Speciosa sells and offers third-party lab-tested kratom products. This kratom manufacturer offers different forms of kratom as a herbal remedy. Super Speciosa turns pure kratom plants into granules, capsules, pills, and drinks from its plant in Orlando, Florida.

Super Speciosa uses rigorous clinical tests and limited human interaction throughout processing to guarantee that it offers premium quality kratom goods to consumers. The kratom that Super Speciosa imports into the United States comes directly from the finest plants of Indonesia.

Super Speciosa also conducts thorough quality checks and inspections to ensure that each sample contains only the highest-grade kratom free of toxins and pollutants. The reports of the quality checks are widely accessible via QR codes on the product packages.

Super Speciosa products that fail these tests are discarded and never brought to the market, and this rarely happens due to the use of premium quality plants. The kratom of super speciosa can work as a painkiller and make your pain disappear. It is great for improving your mood and getting rid of depression.

Super Speciosa focuses on honesty in all aspects of its business, from its components to its production process. The company's key focuses are high-quality products and client contentment.

The company wants to hear whether customers have any concerns about the effectiveness of their kratom products. Super Speciosa's kratom lineup offers a money-back guarantee. It tries to provide the finest kratom products possible.


Best Quality: While ordering Super Speciosa kratom, you can rest assured that you will receive the best and finest quality kratom. Moreover, the quality control system of Super Speciosa is next to none. The Super Speciosa kratom is federal farm bill compliant which means that their manufacturing procedures are strictly according to the US standards. It is also approved by the US's food and drug administration (FDA).

Pocket-Friendly: After looking at the Super Speciosa kratom lineup and its quality, you might assume it will make a huge dent in your pocket. However, the budget-friendly prices of this vendor will blow your mind. They provide the best kratom at the price point. Considering the price, it seems to be a value to money deal. The company cuts off its profits to provide the least possible expense to their customers and win their loyalty.

Highly Potent: The kratom of Super Speciosa is highly potent and starts showing results in no time. The kratom plant they use is farmed in highly fertile soil in Indonesia, which reaps the best crops. The great quality of crops enables the company to provide such potent products. Moreover, the workers at the factory only choose the finest leaves and discard the rotten or under-grown ones, which also helps keep the potency high.

Discount And Promos: Despite its low prices, Super Speciosa still provides discount offers and promotions for first-time and loyal customers. These discounts and promotions bring the cost to a much sweeter spot.

Available In Bulk: Super Speciosa offers a bulk-sale program. You can register in this program and buy the kratom in bulk. It will further bring down the prices. Moreover, to get the wholesale price quote, you can use their website's live chat feature to provide the best price in no time.


  • Approved from American kratom association

  • Available in wholesale

  • You can buy kratom tablets, capsules, powder, and tea bags

  • Best quality kratom products

  • Strict labs and quality tested

  • Made with only organic and natural plants with no additives


  • Shipping only available in the US

=> Click here to visit the official website “Super Speciosa”

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2. Kratom Spot - Over The Top Kratom Supplier For Health Benefits

Buy Kratom Online From Top Kratom Vendors Of 2022: Kratom Capsules For Health (2)

Kratom Spot began operations in 2014 in the Orange County area of California and has given tough competition to the rivals since then. The staff of Kratom Spot are committed to providing a range of products that are 100 percent organic and free of any additives and chemicals.

Kratom Spot strictly uses its certified community of suppliers that pick good kratom by the most sustainable agriculture techniques. Furthermore, all of their items are verified by reputable and authorized third-party labs, and their legitimacy documents are easily accessible on their website.

Kratom Spot offers highly potent products that can drastically boost your energy and endurance levels. Moreover, it can also help you fight illnesses like diarrhea, cough, hypertension, and diabetes.

Other than that, the transparency of Kratom Spot is next to none. They have mentioned every detail regarding their product on their website and the product packaging. Moreover, Kratom Spot also provides same-day and free delivery.

The cherry on top is that they take the majority of debit and credit cards, including Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. They're also glad to provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and discounts for big orders.

If some problem occurs, their customer service seems to be more than skilled to help you out of the problem in no time. All of this combined makes Kratom Spot one of the best kratom vendors.

Kratom Spot provides 24/7 phone support, and the phone number is available on their website. Moreover, they offer kratom in different forms. So, if you get bored of continuously using kratom, you can change the state of kratom to spice things up a bit.


Fully Organic: Kratom Spot does not add any preservatives or additives to its products to prolong its shelf life. Instead, they keep everything simple and organic for you to reap the best of the product's benefits. Even if the vendor has to compromise on the shelf life by keeping it organic, they do not think twice. Moreover, due to being fully organic, their kratom does not pose any threat or negative side effects to your health.

Brand Reputation: Kratom Spot is a pretty reputable brand in the industry. Somebody who has used kratom even just once will be familiar with the name of this vendor. Moreover, Kratom Spot has maintained its quality over the years. Kratom Spot is known to produce the best results to improve and maintain its reputation as a reliable kratom vendor.

Customer Service And Policies: We bet you to find a single negative review of Kratom Spot on the internet. Our surety is that we spent a lot of time researching and failed to find a single complaint against this vendor. Customer service has remained a top priority of Kratom Spot ever, and they have implemented it well. On the other hand, they are 24/7 available through phone and email with an instant response. Moreover, the best part about Kratom Spot is that you can return it and get a full refund if the kratom product does not match the promise of the vendor.

Quick And Free Shipping: Kratom Spot offers same-day delivery on orders above $50 without charges. Other than that, they also accept all the major credit cards of the US. Moreover, if you are purchasing kratom online for the first time, Kratom Spots have a special 15% discount for you.

Customer Feedback: As a matter of fact, one happy customer brings in two customers, which is Kratom Spot's marketing strategy. Their customer-friendly policies are highly appreciated, and you will see a ton of positive and uplifting customer reviews about them on the internet.


  • Quick and free of cost shipping

  • Available in capsule, tablets, tea bags, and powder form

  • Discounts and promos on first purchase

  • Approved and registered with American kratom association

  • Shows quick results

  • Highly potent


  • The website seems to be a bit outdated

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kratom Spot”

3. Golden Monk - Potent Kratom Powder & Strains For Anxiety Relief

Buy Kratom Online From Top Kratom Vendors Of 2022: Kratom Capsules For Health (3)

Last but not least, Golden Monk is another popular name in the world of kratom. Golden Monk is capable of making your selection easy with all this positive feedback and an even longer line of satisfied clients.

According to Golden Monk, they didn't join the industry to make quick money. Instead, they started building long-term relationships with their consumers. Golden Monk provides this assurance to its consumers by giving a no-inquiry return policy.

Golden Monk provides one of the best and finest kratom in the industry at a pretty reasonable price.

As a matter of fact, Golden Monk is affordable, not cheap. The golden monk kratom products are highly potent and come with multiple health advantages without any negative side effects.

Their whole lineup of kratom products comes with attractive pricing. Moreover, each product of Golden Monk is laboratory tested, and they didn't keep the results in a treasure box. Anybody can check the findings of these reports on their website.

Golden Monk comes under the membership of the American Kratom Association (AKA). Therefore they have to follow strict good manufacturing practices (GMP) to satisfy the standards set by AKA.

The Golden Monk offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the golden monk products are not up to the mark. Aside from keeping their items economical, they have placed a high value on customer care for any purchase or delivery.

If there is any confusion or questions, you may reach out to them through email or phone, listed on their official site.

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Customer Friendly Policies: Unlike many other kratom vendors, golden monk puts customers first and profits last. This approach is proven by their customer-friendly policies, which might bring in some loss for the vendor. But they will happily take it. Their shipment, money-back, and return policies are among the best.

Free And Quick Shipments: If you are in Las Vegas or Nevada and placed your order before 2 PM, you will receive a lightning-fast shipment on the same day. If you are ordering kratom worth $50 or more, you are eligible for free delivery.

Quality Control: A Golden monk follows good manufacturing policies due to being a part of the American kratom association. Moreover, all their products are backed by a strict laboratory test. The reports of these tests are available for everyone on their website. Furthermore, the experts at the golden monk have immense knowledge of kratom products. Therefore, they watch the whole production, refining, and manufacturing process.

Huge Inventory: Golden monk has a huge inventory of kratom products. They have so many products that it will take a massive space if we try to discuss them here. Therefore, visit their official website to know everything about all the golden monk's products. The best part about golden monk is that they have published all the customer reviews about their products on their official website. You can have a look at them to know about the experience of its users.

Potency And Healing Properties: The kratom products of the golden monk are highly potent due to the usage of the best quality kratom plants. The kratom products can help you with anxiety, depression, and other ailments. Moreover, kratom products come in handy to reduce muscle cramps and pain.


  • Easy order placement

  • Safe and secure payments

  • Highly potent

  • Great brand reputation

  • Excellent customer care


  • Not recommended for vegetarians due to the use of Gelatin

  • Not suitable for breastfeeding mothers

=> Click here to visit the official website “Golden Monk”

How We Made the List Of Best Kratom Brands For Quality Kratom Pills:

As kratom is a natural product, it is easy to manipulate the customers and sell them substandard goods. But, we did in-depth background research of every Kratom brand. Our experts went through every detail of the brands and only chose the ones proven to be the best quality and customer reviews.

Finding an honest and transparent Kratom vendor from which you can buy this excellent product for yourself is extremely important. If you fall into the hands of the wrong vendor, you will end up with low-quality Kratom. That will negatively affect your health and bring little to no positive effects whatsoever. If you’re lucky not to get hurt by counterfeit goods, you could end up getting ripped.

With tons of Kratom sellers promising to be the finest in the industry, choosing the best Kratom sellers may be difficult.

Moreover, we evaluated every Kratom brand against some benchmarks to check how they stand up against the competition. Here is everything we took into consideration while compiling this list for you:

What We Looked For

  • Safety Standards: The Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom Plant) is obtained in raw form and further refined and processed to yield the finest kratom. Natural kratom can contain little pieces of heavy metals or microbes that can threaten your health. Therefore, it is extremely important to manufacture kratom safely to eliminate these dangerous elements. We checked the safety standards of multiple kratom manufacturers and chose the ones that are transparent about their processing methods. Plus, we only included those vendors on our list with strict safety standards.

  • Source: The kratom plant can be found in Southeast Asian countries. The most common producers of the kratom plants are Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. If the manufacturer obtains the plant from any other country or source, there is a huge chance it might not be pure. Therefore, we checked the source of every kratom vendor and only included those in our list who obtained the kratom plant from one of the countries mentioned above.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the deciding factor for the success of almost every business on earth. Many kratom vendors seemed to be great at first sight. However, when we did thorough research, we came across many unsatisfied customers who had complaints with the vendor. Therefore, we read multiple customer reviews and feedback, talked to some real-time kratom users, and only chose the kratom brands with the least unsatisfied customers.

  • Transparency: One of our top priorities was the transparency of ingredients and the manufacturing process while selecting the best kratom vendors. Some kratom brands added different ingredients and herbs with the kratom plant to improve its effectiveness. This addition can bring quick results, but it can pose a serious threat to your health in the long run. Therefore, we only got the vendors who were loud and clear about their manufacturing processes.

  • Experience: Kratom is a healthcare product, and this industry is pretty sensitive. A single bad product can cause disasters for its users that might last a long time. In order to tackle such a situation and provide the best quality, experience is needed. Therefore, we only ranked the vendors who had enough expertise making the kratom and maintaining the best standards.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Kratom Capsules Online:

Kratom is among the organic products that have won people's hearts worldwide. Pain reduction, higher energy capacity, lower stress, and excitement are just a few of the health advantages that this herb has provided for generations. However, not all the kratom vendors are worth trusting.

So, before buying kratom, you should consider the following factors:

  • Quality of the Product

Kratom is an over-the-counter product. It is not a medical-related drug, so it does not come under the authority of the food and drug administration (FDA). This brings in some concerns about the quality and safety of kratom products.

So, you will have to be extra careful if you buy kratom from a vendor for the first time. The best way to ensure the quality of a product is to google all its ingredients and check their useability and side effects.

Check if those ingredients work well with kratom or are just used as fillers. On the other hand, you can see the customer reviews to check if they have any complaints against the product or the vendor. It might take more time, but your time isn't more valuable than your health.

  • Reliability of the Seller

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In recent days, the chart of cybercrimes is over the top, and everybody is afraid of it. Therefore, if you purchase kratom online, you might become a victim of scammers who will rip you off if you're not alert.

A possible scam can be that you will pay for the product in advance, but the seller will vanish and won't respond nor send you the product. It's also possible that the seller will send something you didn't order. In some scenarios, the seller will send you empty capsules.

To prevent being cheated, make sure you complete your homework on the seller. For example, you may examine their site for red flags that indicate they are a fraudster. You may also use customer reviews to determine whether you should buy from a specific seller or not.

It is sure that what other customers face with the vendor, you will also meet the same. Therefore, it will be wise to check customer reviews or talk to a customer of the kratom product personally.

  • Kratom Strains

In the online kratom market, you will come across different kratom strains. Every product has its own set of gains and losses. Green, white, red, and gold kratom are the four major strains. One strain reduces emotional distress, while the other is better for pain treatment.

It might be possible that some sellers might not have all the strains of kratom. So, try to find a vendor who has your required strains available.

  • Pricing

Pricing is another big factor to consider while buying kratom online. A product might have the best properties of kratom, but if it isn't available at a reasonable price, it is not worth buying.

On the other hand, don't try to go for the cheapest kratom product available from the vendor. Instead, try to evaluate every ingredient and quality of the product against its price. If the price seems suitable for all the product's benefits, it is a good buy.

You should also evaluate the prices of different vendors and compare them to check where each product stands. If you have enough knowledge about the pricing of other vendors, you will be able to crack a good deal. Many kratom vendors offer negotiation on bulk purchases.

So, you can negotiate well there if you are aware of the pricing across the market. Moreover, you can save a big amount of money this way and also won't let anybody rip you off.

  • Quick Delivery

When browsing for kratom items online, you're seeking ease. Sometimes, you might need these products urgently. So, you should consider a seller who provides fast and same-day delivery in some cases.

For many reasons, the time of delivery is a big concern. Late deliveries are somewhat frustrating sometimes and might end the aim of buying a kratom product.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Although a money-back guarantee should not be your top consideration, it shows the vendor's confidence in their product. You’re not likely to return the kratom products on this list given their quality. However, a money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind.

Also, evaluate the return and money-back policy of the kratom vendor before buying. There have been cases where the vendor offered a money-back guarantee, but their approach had complex terms and conditions upon returning. Most preferably, try to find a customer who bought from the same vendor and went for a refund and ask him for all the details.

  • Transparency

Transparency becomes extremely important when you buy something like kratom, directly affecting your health. It would be best to ensure that the product you purchase is safe to consume and does not contain any ingredient allergic to you. Therefore, always go with those kratom vendors who are open and clear about their ingredients and the results of neutral lab testing.

One big issue that kratom sellers must be honest with is the product doses. Vendor honesty will provide you peace of mind regarding what you're consuming. Moreover, vendor transparency will also help you evaluate the quality of a product and make the best possible decision.

Non-transparent sellers can use tricks, which means their products will fall short of their promises.

  • Customer Care

You never enjoy dealing with bad customer service. It doesn't matter what you purchase. Choose kratom providers who not only do proper quality checks on their items but also make themselves ready to answer your questions.

When purchasing kratom, you must be able to contact a seller with any queries you may have, and they should respond right away. It's a red signal if you contact the sellers and they aren't very attentive.

FAQs Regarding Kratom

Q1. What are the major health benefits of kratom?

Kratom is a natural remedy with multiple benefits. Kratom has been used for many generations as a possible solution for sexual stimulation. Experts looked at several clinical trials and published their results on kratom's innate properties.

They concluded that kratom is a potent and natural libido booster. Moreover, kratom is generally available in three unique variants, which are efficient painkillers.

On the other hand, kratom contains a variety of mood-boosting properties. Kratom is also a successful therapy for opioid abuse. Moreover, some customers claimed that using kratom regularly helped them get rid of addictions. The use of kratom suppressed their urge to go for drugs, eventually making them quit.

Some bodybuilders also use kratom to speed up muscle healing and cramps. Furthermore, some studies suggest that kratom has sedative properties and is used in larger amounts to help you get a better night's sleep and make you fall asleep fast.

If you take kratom in small doses, it will help you stay attentive and put your focus on the work.

Q2. Why is the usage of kratom still controversial?

Due to the lack of credible scientific research, kratom is still a controversial topic and not federally available for medicinal purposes. Although, kratom has been around for centuries in the herbal medicine world.

But in this era, people prefer to go with scientifically proven products, which stops kratom from taking over the market. Otherwise, it has the full potential to become a master in its class.

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Clinical trials are necessary for the betterment and regularization of new medications. Research and studies help to expose the harmful side effects and medication combos. Such research also plays an important role in finding out the perfect doses for different types of customers.

With that said, kratom can make a big impact on human health. Kratom has about the same number of compounds as opium and psychedelic mushrooms.

Alkaloids play a huge role in boosting the physical health of humans. Although some of those outcomes might be beneficial, others can be harmful. These all reasons are enough to let authorities know the significance of kratom and the wonders it can do for the users.

Kratom products are not approved by the food and development authority either because the FDA does not regulate herbs. This is the reason why some customers are reluctant while buying this product.

Q3. What are the different types of kratom strains?

The Maeng Da strain is notable for its potency and long-lasting effects. Its origins may be traced back to Indonesia and Malaysia, where it was once regarded as a ceremonial herb. The strain is primarily used as a booster. As a result, it will be beneficial for raising your stamina while also assisting in the reduction of soreness and improving your overall well-being.

Another strain of kratom is Indo. Indonesia is home to the Indo strain. Green, white, or red are some of the most common colors of Indo strain. The Indo strain is a bit less powerful than some others. As a result, it's likely to have minor impacts on power increases. It's often used as pain medication, relaxing and producing a clear sense of well-being.

Red Vein/Bali is another strain, distinguished by its reddish appearance and powerful pain-relieving abilities. This is due to the fact that it gives you an opioid-like sensation when you're using it. This is why it is common to manage anxiety.

There is another Thai strain that comes in various shades, including red, white, and green. The color mostly determines the strain's benefits. Pain reduction is the unique property of red Thai, while the green and white strains provide sexual arousal and pleasure.

Finally, the Borneo strain of kratom is usually found in Borneo. You may choose between red, white, or green vein kratom within this strain. Because of its calming properties, the strain is frequently used to relieve stress and depression.

Q4. Is kratom legal in the US?

Well, it is a subjective question, and its answer will vary state to state and from time to time. As of now, most US states do not have any laws or regulations regarding kratom. However, some states, including Vermont, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin, have banned kratom-related products and declared them illegal.

These states haven't disclosed any reason or research to ban kratom. Moreover, if you live outside of the US, every country has different rules and regulations regarding kratom, and you should check your local laws to have a better idea.

Q5. How does kratom react with our body?

Researchers are yet to find out the exact manner in which the kratom compounds reach our bodies. It directly targets the opiate receptors, even when it is not an opiate. Moreover, opiates do not impact our mental health, buy kratom does, so its exact reaction is still unknown.

Q6. Are there any side effects of kratom?

No matter how great a product is, it will still have some negative effects, so is kratom. Kratom's most usual negative effects are the same as the effects of opiates, such as nausea, diarrhea, itching, and slight sleepiness. Nevertheless, the hazards seem to be minor, especially compared to those related to opiates.

Q7. Is kratom addictive?

Yes, kratom is somewhat addictive if used in huge quantities. Some users have experienced withdrawal symptoms after quitting kratom. Some experts say that using heavy doses of kratom releases dopamine from your brain, which soothes your mind and gives you a feeling of relaxation. However, your brain gets used to releasing dopamine.

If you quit kratom for a few days, the release of dopamine will stop, and your brain will crave for the release. Therefore, it is always recommended to use kratom in fewer quantities to reap the most benefits without risking the addiction and side effects.

Q8. Can I smoke kratom powder?

For a short answer, yes, you can smoke the kratom powder. However, it is not recommended at all. Smoking kratom will have a lot of negative impacts on your health and no positive ones. Moreover, smoking kratom can make you addicted to it, just like tobacco.

Q9. How long do the effects of kratom last?

There are multiple effects of kratom like drowsiness, boosted energy levels, increased endurance, etc. These effects will last no more than 7-8 hours. However, this number can be affected by your metabolism and the amount of kratom you consume.

Q10. Which is the best form of kratom for consumption?

Kratom comes in variable forms, including capsules, pills, powder, tea bags, and leaves. All of them come in handy depending upon the consumer. However, powdered kratom is the best option among these.

Powdered kratom is usually more potent. Moreover, it is already in powder form, so it's easy for the stomach to digest, and easy digestion yields quick results; however, if you don't like the taste of kratom powder, then the capsules can be your next go-to option.

Kratom capsules are easy to swallow and contain powder inside them. So, they will take the same time as a powder to digest and show results. Moreover, if both capsules and powder don't suit you, you can try other forms.

Q11. How much kratom powder should I consume for the first time?

If it is your first experience with kratom products, it is suggested to keep the dosage low. At the start, intake two to four grams of kratom according to your age and weight. If this dose does not affect you in 20-30 minutes, take 1-2 more grams. For best results, don't take more than the dosage which is mentioned on the package.

Wrapping Up: Best Places To Buy Kratom For Sale In 2022

Kratom is a great organic product to treat multiple chronic illnesses. There are a ton of sellers in the industry who promise to be the best kratom maker. However, as no federal authority regulates kratom, it is extremely important to be careful.

All of the vendors mentioned above are pros at what they do. The Super Speciosa is our list topper due to its exceptional quality, customer-friendly policies, and aggressive pricing. Following the Super speciosa, we have Kratom Spot, another big name in the kratom world. The Golden Monk is also a good pick that offers quick shipping and great customer care.

All of these best kratom vendors have their distinctive pros and cons. You should know what you want and then pick the kratom brand that best fits your needs.

The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook editorial.

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