Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (2022)

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (1)

Brad Correll

Brad is a Gastonia native playing high school ball at Ashbrook H.S. before committing to Limestone College in 1999. After 2yrs at Limestone Brad was drafted by the Reds organization in 2002. Brad had a successful professional career in AA & AAA baseball before retiring in 2009. In 2010 Brad returned to Limestone. He was an assistant baseball coach from 2010 to 2012. After leaving Limestone Brad coached youth travel baseball. In 2014 Brad started his own baseball program, Mission Baseball that focused on player development while centered around Christ. Mission Baseball has grown over the years and is now considered one of the premier youth developmental program in the area.

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Nick Baughn

Nick played high school baseball at West Mecklenburg HS before signing with Appalachian State. He caught for the Mountaineers from 1997 to 2001. Nick joined Mission Baseball in 2015. Coach Nick is a Charlotte Firefighter.

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Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (3)

Christian Schwartz

Christian Played high school ball locally at Charlotte Catholic where he was an All-Conference Center Fielder. He also played for Brad Correll in showcase ball for 2 years in high school. He played his college ball as an outfielder at Limestone College and Louisburg College then later graduated from University of North Carolina Wilmington. Christian joined Mission in 2017

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (4)

Jason Smith

Jason went to high school in Goldsboro, NC and initially walked on at NC State. During his first two years at NC State, he was a part-time starter playing second base. In his junior campaign, he settled in as the starter at third base. Selected as a captain for his senior year, he moved over to be the starting shortstop Both his junior and senior season he led the team in stolen bases. Jason was 1st Team Academic All- District and 3rd Team Academic All-American selections following his senior year.

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (5)

Rafael Mendez

Rafael Méndez is a Puerto Rico native drafted by the Detroit Tigers Organization in the 17thround, where he played 7 years in the MLB. In 2003 and 2004 he earned the Gold Glove for 3B (2003) and 1B (2004). Later in his career he played with the Joliet Jackhammers (2010) where he met Brad Correll. The fall of 2010, Rafael retired and decided to start his new path that the Lord had for him and became a full-time baseball/softball instructor and baseball coach. Coach Mendez has coached many top 100 ranked baseball teams and players. "I want to thank Mission Baseball and Brad Correll for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization. I’m pleased and very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to keep teaching, guiding and mentoring student athletes. With the Lord always first, the Mendez Family wants to say,Thank you and "Let’s go Mission"! ~ Coach Mendez

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Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (6)

Jacob Thompson

Jacob is a Charlotte native. Jacob played for Brad in Showcase Baseball. Jacob has been with Mission since the beginning. Jacob started as a junior coach in 2010 with Brad coaching his 10u team. Jacob was the assistant coach for the "original' Mission Team for their final season in 2017. Jacob played high school baseball with the Carolina Royals. In his senior year, he was team captain before committing to FDTC. Jacob transferred to CVCC in the spring of 2019. Jacob played two seasons with CVCC. In 2020 Jacob was named to the Region 10 NJCAA All-Academic Team. Jacob graduated in December 2020. Even during his college playing days, Jacob was an active coach with Mission Baseball. If he wasn't playing baseball he was coaching for Mission.

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (7)

Dan Gibbons

Dan graduated from high school in Chicago, IL where he played football, basketball and baseball.. Dan learned the game ofsoftball just after high school, participating in the 12" & 16" fastpitch & slowpitch circuits in Chicago &Phoenix. Dan has been coaching softball for over 10 seasons, including recreational, challenge, and travel formats.Dan co-founded the Lady Red Devils in 2019 & then Mission Softball in 2021 with Brad Correll.He enjoys bringing out the love of softball in his players,coaches, and families. He is a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), a research-based trainingand resource for coaches, parents, athletes and leaders to improve culture and ensure a positive youthdevelopment.

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (8)

Mark Miller

Mark played high school baseball at Mooresville High School, where he was an all-state centerfielder. He also played for Brad Correll in showcase baseball for two years. Mark went on to play 4 years of baseball at Millersville University playing left and right field. He also served as the President of Millersville’s FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) club during his time in college.

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (9)

Dalton James

Dalton played high school baseball locally at Metrolina Christian Academy, where he was a 4 year starter and named to the 1st team all Union County,. Dalton won the golden glove award at catcher. Dalton played two years at Kiser University. He was the starting catcher in his two seasons at Kiser. Dalton joined Mission Baseball in 2021

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Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (10)

Nick Reyer

Nick Reyer is originally from Silver Spring, Maryland. Nick pitched for Anderson University for 2 years before becoming an assistant coach for Anderson College. Nick started coaching with Mission in 2018

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (11)

Brian Rubenstein

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (12)

MacKenzie Wilson

MacKenzie Wilson played at West Virginia Tech and is the newest instructor for Mission Softball.

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Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (13)

Kylie Hamilton

Kylie graduated from Alma College in Michigan where she played Catcher on the Softball team. She was also a member of the Alma women's Golf team. She brings high energy & endless passion to the Mission Softball program! She has the innate ability to develop close relationships with her players & gets the absolute most out of every kid!

Coaches - Mission Baseball Athletics Association (14)

Chase Bishop

Chase went to Lake Norman High School and played collegiate baseball at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Chase spent the majority of his time as a catcher but played middle infield as well. Chase played travel baseball alongside fellow Mission coaches Jacob Thompson and Mark Miller. They were coached by both Brad Correll and Rafael Mendez. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back & teach not only a great game but also God’s purpose for us in life.”

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Tyler Brunnemann

Tyler Brunnemann joined Mission Baseball as a coach in 2020. He played professional baseball from 2013-2016 in the minor leagues with the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Angels as a pitcher working his way up to AAA. He was the 2014 California League Playoff MVP and an All Star in the MWL and ABL. “Mission Baseball is a great organization and I enjoy working with youth baseball players helping them improve their baseball skills and compete at a high level.”

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