COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (2022)

Published: 2020-04-08 - Updated: 2021-08-23
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Synopsis: Submit an awareness ribbon design for Coronavirus COVID-19 or design and color outline that could represent gratitude to front-line workers, remembrance, or other meaning. In these times of social isolation/distancing you can suggest a design, submit image of your design, or ask your child(ren) if they wish to design an awareness ribbon for COVID-19. Should a particular design become popular it may be taken up as the "official" awareness ribbon for COVID-19.


Main Digest

Disabled World has received a number of emails suggesting designs for an awareness ribbon for COVID-19 Coronavirus awareness - and all those affected by it. In these times of social isolation/distancing you may like to suggest a design, send us an image of your design, or ask your child(ren) if they wish to design an awareness ribbon that we can add to this page. To suggest a COVID-19 Coronavirus ribbon design, or to send us an image of your original design, please contact us at Disabled World, and include:

This article is part our digest of 124 publications relating to Disability Awareness that include:

  • Disabled Veteran Making Strides by Greshun De Bouse
  • Awareness Ribbons Chart: Color, Meaning, Causes
  • Teaching Children Disability Etiquette and Manners
  • Your description for a ribbon - color(s), shape, image inclusion in the overall design etc.
  • Or, an ORIGINAL image of your COVID-19 Coronavirus awareness ribbon design - Do not use images, or parts of images and photo's that are, or maybe, © copyrighted.
  • Or you may like to submit both a design and a description suggestion.
  • If you wish to write a short piece regarding the reasons you chose your design we will also include that with your submission.
  • Finally, if you wish your name to be included please state so in the email, along with the name you wish to use. If you want to read our privacy policy before you send us information, you can find that here.

Examples of creating a Coronavirus COVID-19 awareness ribbon could include a design, or description, that conveys;

  • Sentiments of those effected by COVID-19 Coronavirus
  • Remembrance of those who passed due to the Coronavirus
  • Gratitude for the doctors, nurses, delivery personal, and many many other workers who have, and are, placing their lives on the line every second of the day to save lives and help others stay safe.

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COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbon Discriptions

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbon Designs

The following designs were created and submitted by Terry French, Founder of WXYZr Inc. (, the world's first Social Technology company. WXYZr Inc is seeking market adoption of its break-through flagship social technology TAP-iN (Technical-Access-Point-Information-Network), developed to revolutionize a new normal to social processes in a post covid-19 economy. The two images below show the Pandemic Ribbon as a polka-dot design comprised of the colors of all known awareness ribbons as a meaningful representation of the equilateral impact of the covid-19 pandemic on all health conditions around the world - PDF of TAP-iN and their ribbon designs.

(Video) COVID-19 Update | Project Protect

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (1)
Four images of a COVID-19 awareness ribbon design - Image Credit: Terry French of WXYZr Inc.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (2)
Two images of a man wearing a COVID-19 awareness ribbon design displayed on a clipart monitor - Image Credit: Terry French of WXYZr Inc.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (3)
Joyce sent us her ribbon design inspired by the feeling that the only thing that makes sense for COVID-related ribbons is tie-dye. She suggests orange and white (peace, clarity, vitamin c, sun, vibrancy) similar to her above image suggestion. Joyce feels that everyone will recognize the tie-dye and immediately differentiate it with 2020 and the enormous popularity of the DIY and fashion trends. A simple two color tie-dye is more pleasing to the eye, is gender-neutral, is a peaceful tie-dye hue and would capture so much feeling for all of us.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (4)
Allison Chevela submitted the above ribbon in loving honor of her dad, Eugene T Gagnon Sr. 01/27/1942 - 01/26/2021. Her COVID-19 awareness ribbon submission reads: Forever in my heart! Colors: Earth colors as people all across globe have affected by covid-19. 1. Deep sky blue for the bodies of water, and our sky. 2. Reddish orange for the sun and flowers. 3. Forest green for the valleys and forests. 4. The yellow on the dove for light to light our way. 5. The brown on the dove for all the other animals and critters on our earth. 6. The purple on the angel is for honor, respect, and compassion for each other as grief, sorrow, love, and happiness have a universal meaning. Designs and Symbols: 1. The waved pattern represents the perseverance and continuity of humankind to push forward with force and overcome obstacles like a powerful wave. 2. The dove is for hope for those suffering illness from the virus or treatment. 3. The angel is in honor of those who fought hard yet lost their life to the virus.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (5)
I drew this ribbon because when I think of COVID-19, I think of darkness surrounded by a muddled, confused grey area. Whether that darkness is because of death, depression or some other cause, that is up to you. I designed this completely by myself and I think it reflects COVID-19 perfectly - Submitted by Jennifer S.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (6)
Ashley D. contacted Disabled World in regards to the creation of a COVID-19 awareness ribbon: I had a design in mind and an example to attach that I wanted to share with you. Ashley is an RN and shaken by this pandemic that has affected our world. In her own words: I'm most upset over the fact that these victims are literally dying alone. The black represents loss/mourning and the yellow dots represent COVID-19 itself, as it appears to resemble yellow dots under a microscope.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (7)
Kirsten Lind contacted Disabled World and included his illustration of a COVID-19 Awareness Ribbon - This is my copy drawn by me. I have someone from Texas in New York on the Front-line. Kirsten's description of the design reads: Ribbon, white for our country. Red and Blue for all they do. Silver outline keeps it all together with their brave hearts and gifted talents, they risk it all to help.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (8)
Angela A. submitted these ribbon designs - I handmade these ribbons to represent Covid-19 in Maryland and the United States. They were given to Staff at Sinai hospital here in Maryland, sent to the Governor, and will be given out to those on the # list. I crocheted some and again the others were handmade in the picture. The colors are Maryland Flag and the United states flag. Every state should have one created using their flag colors along with United States flag (side-by-side) because we are all being affected by this pandemic and it represents everyone.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (9)
Red and yellow Coronavirus awareness ribbon pin. Nicole B. RN a Registered Nurse in San Diego, California was looking for an awareness ribbon for their hospital staff and was able to come across a great covid awareness ribbon that is gaining popularity. For her, as a nurse, it resembles the colors associated on the actual virus. Nurses work first hand with covid patients. Many of the staff have been infected with this virus and one of their co-workers passed away due to complications. Nicole feel like this would be a great thing to make official to boost morale and in support of survivors and front-line workers. Their staff are proud to wear the red and yellow covid ribbon in support of all the hard work that is being done.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (10)
Anonymous Submission - The mask and the gloves for obvious reasons, and the colors of our planet. We are in this together no matter what language(s) you speak, or how many bodies of water separate us.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (11)
Sharon N. submitted her Corona virus designs to Disabled World - I created an awareness ribbons to show my appreciation, in return, my kindness at this horrific time. First, the red circles represents the red nodules of the Corona virus. Second, the black color represents those who have passed away and identifies the strength, and the power of the doctors, nurses, and many other workers who have put their lives, in line, to help us all.

(Video) COVID-19 Briefing - Brand Protection for MSMEs

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (12)
Denise G. wrote in and told us: Attached is my idea for a COVID-19 ribbon design idea. It shows that the virus does not play favorites. You can catch it regardless of race, sex or age. And to help stop the spread wear a mask. It has a double meaning for all the medical help that work so hard wearing masks everyday and to the people who are helping to stop the spread. They are hanging on doors now and only paper would love to see made and worn.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (13)
COVID-19 appreciation lapel pin designed with beads. Jiji M. wrote to Disabled World: I am a Bead Artist in Zimbabwe, as a way to thank our healthcare workers worldwide, I have designed an appreciation lapel pin to be worn to show our gratitude to all healthcare workers during this COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (14)
Samantha S. sent us her recommendation for a COVID-19 ribbon. The red signifies the fight against the coronavirus, and the heart represents the essential workers.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (15)
8 year old Dahlia designed this COVID-19 Awareness bracelet featuring the colors green which represents regrowth and renewal, blue representing calmness, and white represents purity/and cleanliness.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (16)
Jennifer D. submitted this ribbon for the loss of loved ones. The color violet symbolize sorrow and sadness of those who have loss a loved one due to the Coronavirus. The dove symbolizes trying to find peace for the loved one that you've lost.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (17)
Allison A. submitted this ribbon design for COVID-19 awareness.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (18)
Pastor Connie Franks, CRE sent Disabled World her lovely creation for a Coronavirus COVID-19 Ribbon: The ribbon in the Pic is blue and light blue for young and adult male, pink and light pink for child and adult female as the COVID-19 viral illness effects both male and female, young and old. the color of white and white with sparkles is for hope and faith, the different greens are for the world/creation.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (19)
ThornMeadow Glassworks LLC submitted two images of a glass made COVID-19 Frontline Worker Solidarity Ribbon. The colors are Darkest Lagoon and Fuchsia separated by a Clear space between them. The arrangement of the Lagoon and Fuchsia represent the social distancing we are all experiencing now. The Clear that separates the colors represents all those Essential workers who hold us together.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (20)
The second image of a Glass Solidarity Ribbon made and designed by ThornMeadow Glassworks LLC.

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbons : Coronavirus Ribbon Designs (21)
Description of the ribbon pictures: White ribbons with COVID-19, a medical heart symbol, and the words We Care!

The Ribbon for COVID-19 team have created a new white support ribbon for COVID-19 health care workers fighting the war on the Coronavirus.

(Video) Safety Measures For CORONAVIRUS | Coronavirus Outbreak | Pandemic | Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

Description of the ribbon: white ribbon with "COVID-19", a medical heart symbol, and "We Care!".
NOTE: The design in various forms is copyrighted ©

Reason for design: The white COVID-19 ribbon signifies the support we give to our health care workers as they risk their lives to help patients fight the coronavirus (COVID-19). The heart symbol shows the passionate hearts of our medical professionals and essential workers. The words "We Care!" let everyone know that we all care about our health care workers and that they care about their patients. Ribbons come together with a clutch backing pin to allow attaching to any article of clothing. More information can be found at:

COVID-19 Awareness Ribbon Discriptions

1 - My brother and I are trying to start a campaign in memory of our Aunt, and for those lost to covid. Its Red White and Yellow. RED for Covid, White for those taken so innocently, Yellow for distancing.

2 - Since there are so many ribbon colors and designs for many disabilities already in use, may I suggest, that as a nation we make better use of our American Flag and a red/white/blue ribbon. By putting out our flag, which many people do already, it may help to show we are "one nation together" fighting this Virus. Americans are fighters, we are strong and caring and we pull ourselves together when times get tough. An extra red/white/blue ribbon tied to a tree could help bring more awareness. Just a thought. Why come up with something new? Use what many might already have - Donna L. G.

3 - I think a COVID-19 ribbon should be red, white, blue, and black with a dove - Roseanne W.

4 - You were asking for ideas for a Corona virus ribbon to honor first responders - why not use the standard ribbon with a light blue to dark blue transition - or a ceil blue - the colors of our scrubs - ‎Susan G.S.

5 - Kyle B. and Rio A. sent us this suggestion for a ribbon design...

Covid 19 started out in one country, but then began rapidly spreading throughout the world. This is not a one country problem, this is a world problem. We need to come together as a world, not just a country. The world was affected, and as a world we need to unite! Strong as ever, united as one.

The image of the Covid 19 awareness ribbon would be all of the countries flags, or a random assortment of country flags (depending what can fit on the ribbon), taking up the entirety of the ribbon.

If the ribbon were to be displayed on a background, the ribbon should be on a gray background. The countries flags taking up the entirety of the ribbon would "pop" against the gray background. The color gray represents perspective, and symbolizes compromise - being neither black nor white. The flags on the ribbon unite the world as one, while the gray represents the need of everyone coming together and compromising on social distancing and the use of masks to help get the problem under control.

* * * * * * *

(Video) Covid-19 Preventative Measures

NOTE: These are "unofficial suggestions" and images for a Coronavirus COVID-19 Awareness Ribbon. However, should a particular design become popular it may be taken up as the "official" awareness ribbon for COVID-19 and/or Coronaviruses by other organizations. There are no prizes or awards etc. We are just interested in what designs people come up with.

Also see our list of awareness ribbon colors and associated causes regarding health and disability conditions.

Anger Spreads Against COVID-19 Anti-vaxxers As Cases Rise

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