Divorces: Jan. 12-May 25 (2022)

Emily and Chad Lock, Karen and Darrell Crone, Elinore and Joseph Sedivy, Josephine and Dale Swart, Stephnie and Justin LaFountain, Gina Zanotti and Christopher Bytnar, Andrea and Andrew Jeske, Kathleen and William Allen Jr., Liliani Cruz and Marco Delgado, Cristie and Guy Hall, Roslyn and James Kinchen, Christine Gall and Morten Zimmermann, Sherry and James Rogers, Brianna and David Carroll, Angie and George Lorenzo, Raechel and Daniel Demicco, Phoebe and Cristian Saldivar, Candace and David Bielefeldt, Maria Zetina and Soledad Beltran Herrera, Kathleen and Robert Mueller Jr., Debra and Mark Strothenke, Leslie and Garry Townsend, Amanda and Juan Mora, Melody Price and Maurice Freeland, Stacy and Joshua Johnson, Tiffany and Roberto Garza, Katherine and Glenn Fluegge Jr., Donna and Richard Dunk, Jami and Deveron Davis, Barbara and Daniel Karagianis, DeEtta and Jeremy Smith, Cathy and Jason Conley, Pamela and Michael Wahlen, Angela and Dylan Cordero, Heather and Ricky Brose Jr., Julie Mayer and Nehat Gubetini, Cheynile Johnson and Wayne Morris III, Rosamaria and Francisco Garcia Delgado, Charlotte and Damian Strak, Mary and John Kletecka, Jennifer and Charles Jones, Latoni and Eric Morgan, Kimberly and Melvin Lewis, Jamie and Jason Witte, Micaela and David Rogers, Margarita and Thomas Fons, Ladji and Muriel Keita, Dana and Kimberly Holland, Tracy and Michael Essman, Pamela Roncone and John Wright, Alisha and Oliver Che, Terri and Allen Miles, Marina Wells and Gregory Williams, Johanna and Pierre Desgazon, Candace and Fouad Ali, Hilaria Montemayor and Terrance Quezaire, Stephanie and Ryan Heft, Katrina and Matthew Maurer, Latisha Burns and Michael Matthews, Jacquelyn and Joseph Costabile, Kendra and Donald Wilson, Stephanie and Jessie DeMars, Gina Hedstrom and Jayme Zidar, Carla and James Davis, Miranda and Justin Watkins, Tammy and Cashius Myers, Joy and Wade Alderman, Debra and Michael Wunder, Lisa and Danny Boner, Jessica Bryant and Daniel Slagell, Amy and Aaron Erdmann, Edwina and Ahmad Hattix, Isabella and Brian Gonzalez, Bijana and Miroslav Kirilov, Samantha and Dawn Hanizeski, Jennifer and Jacob Imhoff, Reyna Mateo and Jose Vela Garcia, Distarcha Davison and D’Angelo Dixon, Kristel Garza and Dustin Behling, Jennifer and Dustin Foust, Maria and Phonza Hargrove, Julie and Michael Macaluso, Julie and Randy Borzych, Kayla and George Hendricks Jr., Cynthia and Donald Wilson Jr., Yoanna Lugo-Sanchez and Juan Lugo-Becerra, Alyssa and Michael Wells Jr., Rachael and Steven Barnes, Jennifer and Michael Frank, Gina and Robert Maldonado, Jessica and Mark Meyers, Daun and Darrel Boll, Sara Chopp and Ryan Shilling, Tiffany and Kelly Daniel, Ada Hamilton and Kenneth Harlan, Brittney Parrett and Johnathon Gums, Jennifer and Abel Rodriguez, Alyssa Padilla and Azucena Benhumea, DeAnna and Matthew Wilson Sr., Susan Taylor and Kenneth Rymenams, Samantha and Nicholas Terry, Allison and Robbylee Phegley, Liliana Carranza and Francisco Aceves, Kathy and Jerry Stegman, Jennifer and Kristofer Olsen, Marina Alcaide Saldivar and Guillermo Alcaide Mozo, Sandra Ramsey and Tommy Plank, Bethany and Joshua Fiegel, Jackie and Sherman Clerk, Hortencia Pacheco and Michael Obuchowski, Dedra and Dennis Fisher, Cindi and Bradley Wasielewski, Lindsey and Vincent Zamborini, Carrie and Edward Wolosyn, Christine Casper and Scott Sobczak, Debra and Raymond Rybicki, Lindsay and William Simonsen, Allison Zeman and Gregory Miller, Deboran and Kelly Tippett, Nicole and Shane Shoemaker, Angela and Michael Perez, Karina Medina Garfias and Nicholas Hazlett Medina, Marissa and Shane Lozano, Chelsea and Aaron Leahy, Kazjah and Elvin Golden Jr., Karen and David Karas, Joselyn Mendez and Jesus Ortiz, Britani Travis and Jamar Williams, Stephanie and Steven Adams.

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Filed: Jan. 12-May 25, 2022



  • Jennifer
  • Angela
  • Debra
  • Kathleen
  • Stephanie
  • Candace
  • Cynthia

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