Dupuytren’s Contracture Market Size, Share | Industry Forecast (2023)

Dupuytren’s Contracture Market

The Dupuytren’s Contracture Market will experience a CAGR of 4.9% and is expected to reach USD 5,900 Million during the forecast period of 2022-2030

$5,900 Million

Market Size




Dominating Region


Forecast Period


By Diagnosis Physical Examination X-Ray

By Surgery Needle AponeurotomyNA

Key Players

Companies Profiled Bristol-Meyers Squibb Co. Fresenius Kabi AG Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. Pfizer Inc. West-Ward Pharmaceuticals Spear Pharmaceuticals

(Video) Intraoperative and Laboratory Studies of Human Muscle Contractures by Dr. Rich Lieber, NW University


Market Driving Forces Increase in risk factors due to the rising income in several countries

(Video) 180 Life Sciences Corp describes recent milestones with lead indication in Dupuytren’s disease
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Dupuytren’s ContractureMarketOverview

The Dupuytren’s Contracture Market is anticipated to reach USD 5,900 Million by 2030 at 4.9% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. The Dupuytren’s Contracture is a condition in which it is difficult to move the fingers of the hand due to the formation of the tissue knots beneath the skin. If the condition worsens, the fingers can get permanently bent in a flex position. Mostly the fingers get bent downward towards the palm. It is not painful, but the position how it bents it uncomfortable. It commonly affects the middle finger and little finger. The male population mostly experiences this condition when they have passed the age of fifty. Although the real cause of this is still unknown due to this condition, there are many risk factors such as alcoholism, thyroid, liver disease, diabetes, smoking, etc. at the beginning of the condition, the risk is not that much, but if the situation gets worsen surgery would be required. Surgery is carried out when the proximal interphalangeal joint contracture crosses twenty degrees. The disease is treated by steroid treatment or physiotherapy in the most serious case.


Covid 19 affected several markets due to the virus infection. Many pharmaceutical companies and biotech and research industries are working towards finding a better solution for the market. Industries are coming together to dismiss the virus from the world. The government is forming new organizations around the globe for the development of vaccines to plan for medicine supply. Due to the high demand for medicine for the covid 19, many manufacturers and developing countries are facing shortage of drugs. The pharmaceutical industries and the healthcare sector is growing and will absorb more growth owing to the pandemic effect. TheDupuytren’s Contracture Market Growthdidn't get affected that much in the pandemic as the healthcare sector grew. It will have a flourishing impact on the market.


  • KeyDrivers

The key drivers of the market have a positive impact on the market. The driving factors of the market are the increase in risk factors due to the rising income in several countries. The growing screening by many health sectors in developing the market will improve the market shortly. Recently the rising geriatric population has led the market towards growth. Technological advancement increasing public and private organizations to spread awareness among people are the key drivers for the market. Rising diabetes patients will have a positive impact on the market. Additionally, the high consumption of alcohol and smoking boosts the market of Dupuytren’s Contracture patient number.

  • MarketChallenges

Less awareness among consumers and several complications and risk factors involved with the surgery and medication will challenge the market in the forecast period, which could limit the market growth in the forecast period. The key players need to have a strong eye on the current scenario of the market and form strategies to overcome the challenges.

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  • MarketOpportunities

A high growth rate in the research and development industry and merging different industries will foster market growth. Urgent requirement for treatment development in the healthcare sector forms an adequate growth opportunity for the market.Dupuytren’s Contracture MarketTrendsare getting popular due to which it will be known all over the world shortly.

  • MarketRestraints

Apart from the developing factors, the market is also facing several restrains. Dupuytren's contracture surgery cost is very high, which becomes an issue for normal people to acquire. The market will limit growth if this continues in the future. There are several complications and risks in the surgery due to which people will not acquire this surgery is a huge number, and that can affect the market value severely. According toDupuytren’s Contracture MarketAnalysis,the invasive nature of the treatment and the reverse cation of the disease even after the treatment is hindering the market's growth.


the cumulative evaluation of the market provides various market development. It shows the position of the market. It depicts the growing market segments such as drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges that the market has to overlook in the forecast period. It shows the market situation before and after the effect of the pandemic.


TheDupuytren’s Contracture Marketis classified by surgery, diagnosis, drugs, therapy, and end-user

  • By Type

The market is segregated into type I, type II, type III based on the segment type. All the types will push the market forward, due to which the market will experience high growth in the forecast period.

  • By Diagnosis

TheDupuytren’s Contracture Marketis bifurcated into physical examination, x-ray and others by the segment diagnosis. Each segment is already contributing to the market and will also improve the growth in the forecast period. However, X-rays will register high CAGR during the forecast period as people take the x-ray to know the condition of the particular part of the world.

  • By Drugs

TheDupuytren’s Contracture Marketis segregated into collagenase injection, immune-modulator, steroids, and others based on drugs. Every segment contributes to the market growth and will experience growth in the forecast period.

  • By Therapy

The therapy is classified into radiation therapy, physiotherapy and others. Each segment will have a growing effect on the market. Mostly physiotherapy will grow as people acquire physiotherapy to get better results without any severe pain.

  • By end-user

Based on the end-user, the variables of the segments are hospitals and clinics, academic and research and others. Hospitals and clinics will foster the market. People depend on the hospital and clinics due to the facilities and availability of doctors. The hospital and clinics also provide the correct diagnosis and medication, so people trust more in that segment.

Dupuytren’s ContractureMarket Regionalanalysis

(Video) James Woody, CEO of 180 Life Sciences: New Therapies to Treat Inflammatory Diseases

TheDupuytren’s Contracture Marketis studied in America, Asia Pacific, the middle east and Africa, Europe and other parts of the world. Europe is dominating the market, and will the region will experience exact growth in the forecast period due to the greater prevalence in the region of the Dupuytren's Contracture. Also, the presence of major research companies and the high development of the healthcare system in the region are pushing the market forward for growth. Europe consists of developed countries like Germany, France, and Norway, the fastest-growing in the forecast period. The US is in the second position in growth due to the high income of the population and healthcare penetration. The presence of prominent healthcare players and high expenditure for healthcare, which is 16% of the total GDP, is helping the market grow. The Asia Pacific is showcasing a slow growth rate. India and China will lead theDupuytren’s Contracture MarketSizeas the region is increasing in the healthcare sector. The Middle East will have a gaining effect due to the large hospital like King Fahd hospital in Riyadh in the forecast period. The African region is growing significantly and will not contribute much to the market due to the poor economic and political conditions and bad healthcare development.


TheMarketis considered one of the flourishing industries of recent times.Dupuytren’s Contracture Market Shareshows the competitive landscape details by competitors.Many details included are company overview, revenue, finance, potential, future and investment, new initiatives, present of the company in global medium, production facilities, trails, approval, dominance and others that improve theDupuytren’s Contracture MarketValue. There are many important market leaders present inMarketwho compete with many market giants to grow their company's presence in the global market. Those market leaders are:

  • Bristol-Meyers Squibb Co.

  • Fresenius Kabi AG

  • Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

  • Pfizer Inc.

  • West-Ward Pharmaceuticals

  • Spear Pharmaceuticals

  • Acta Pharmaceutical Private Limited

  • Nantong Jinghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Endo International plc.

  • others


  • Endo International plc announced the launch of the new television commercial and disease awareness campaign named watching education unfold. It is made to educate people about Dupuytren's contracture as 14 million people in America are going through this condition.

  • James woody discusses off-patient indications for anti-TNF to address unmet patients' needs in pain, inflammation and beyond.


The report presents the analytical depiction ofDupuytren’s Contracture Marketand the recent trends and future depiction to identify the approaching investment pockets. The report also shows the present information related to key drivers, opportunities, restraints, andDupuytren’s Contracture MarketOutlook.The current market is showcasing the growth and is quantitively analyzed from time to time to highlight the growth scenario of the market. The report also illustrates the potential investors, manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Overall, the report shows the detailed market analysis based on the competition and market presentation globally and how the market will be shaped in the forthcoming period.


By type segment

  • type I

  • type II

  • type III

By therapy

  • radiation therapy

  • physiotherapy

  • others

By diagnosis

  • physical examination

  • x-ray

  • others.

By drugs

  • Steroids

  • collagenase injection

  • immune-modulators

  • others

By end-user

(Video) How to Reclaim Full Scope Practice With DPC Vance Lassey Nick Tomsen DPC Summit 2018

  • hospitals & clinics

  • academic and research

  • others

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