General Discussion - Is it easier to climb with some roles compared to others? (2023)

Is it easier to climb with some roles compared to others? in General Discussion


    What the topic says. Curious as to your opinions.

    Going by these forums, most people seem to claim that the way to climb mmr is to play core, preferably mid or carry as you have the most impact.

    Going by my own experience I find it harder to win as a core and winning with supports easier. I can have hundreds of games with a core, knowing the hero inside out (as much as my noob rank allows) but still struggle to carry a game. But I can just play a support hero on which I have less than 100 games and win with not much effort, eventhough I may not be that good with the hero.


      Because you farm too slow thats why. Its true about core being easier to grind with. But with supports its also managable but harder to learn. There are Speed guides on youtube how to carry as support.

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        Yes I farm slow, trying to work on that. Very slow progress though cos I always find it hard to resist joining a fight.

        You have a super nice balance of support and core games...exactly 50%. I'm trying to play more support now too. 1 game core 1 game support is how I roll now. MMR creeping up but now I reach a level where playing as a support seems so much easier compared to playing as a core.

        P.S. I don't like to play support but am now beginning to see the fun side of it.

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        ( ´・ω・)y

          People who play support properly don't exist up to divine 1 (maybe some would argue immortal), no matter what you think, the role is really that complex and being useful to 4 people ultimately has more impact than being a beefy kunt.

          That being said nobody knows how to play dota up to higher brackets so just pick what you got more than 51% winrate and you'll climb.

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            Actually I didn't start this thread to learn about playing support. I just wanted to know about the difficulties for the different roles. Doesn't really apply to you Lex (but i think a 50-50 core/ support player is really rare). Most people are usually 70-80% one or the other.

            For example, let's say u got to divine playing 80% of your games as a support/ hard support player. I'm curious to know if you then changed roles and started playing mid/ safe (at divine mmr) what type of game experience would it be?

            Or you then plateau at divine 1 as a support...but when you play core suddenly u start winning and go up to divine 5. But as soon as you go back to playing support, you start losing again. Does this happen?

            P.S. maybe this is one of the reasons why people make alt practice other roles.

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              there is no difference between any roles, neither one of them are harder or one of them are ezier. it depends on you.
              but the game favors midlaners and cores cause they pick their heroes traditionally in last phases. drafting is the biggest reason why playing core is giving you better chance of winning.

              like if i first pick lycan on smurf i dont think my winrate be different from first pick chen or any other support.

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                By logic, playing core has an edge over playing support. Supports, no matter how good they are, can't win games on their own, in the sense of physically destroying the ancient. They of course have great impact on a lot of things. But they have to rely on their cores to win, which puts them in a dependent, weak and to some extent not controllable spot. No matter how good you are, you will lose to any AM, Spectre, Slark and whatnot since agi>everything as the game progresses. You have an advantage early game but if you wanna take towers and end you will still need to rely on your cores. Long story short: cores always have the last word by nature.
                That said, your predisposition and what you find fun or are naturally good at will influence the chances for you to personally grind with one role or the other.


                  I was switching between roles, trying different stuff and then I sticked to my guns which is pos 1. There’s nothing really complicated about it.

                  I did change roles after hitting Div 1 y, but only because I felt I might be better at other position.

                  I got Archon 5 acc to practise carry and now im 1 game from Divine 4. Im much worse at pos 5 but I just pick Undying and harass the shit out of enemy offlaners to give my pos 1 free farm and prey so they carry me :D (while im out of tokens).

                  So you want to know differences between positions? It all depends on player what is easier for him. I have a friend who insist on playing midlane when he has tragic mechanical skills and he has been Legend for years. And he absolutely takes no advices.


                    Dont listen to the guy above me. You dont need your cores to win games as support. Ive done that many times but you need a proper pick for that. (Chen, earth spirit, Oracle etc) - high skill cap supports and you need houndreds of games on them to do that. Playing core takes less effort.


                      just stick to the role ure good at and play it. The problem with ranked roles is that when your games expire youll need to chose 5 positions in order to get 4 games and that'll decrease your mmr since ure not support player. 80% of the time youll play pos 5. This matter if ure core player and youre bad as support or the oppossite. Because u can be divine 5 core player, but once u start getting pos 5 u will be weaker. Just have the basic knowledge needed to play support and core and try to improve it. And the other way is to lear a couple of support heroes and whenever u need to play support just pick them and that'll increase ur chance of winning


                        i got to immortal rank 3000 ish by just playing sup, its for sure doable!
                        To gain mmr or rank tho how ever dont think about roles.
                        there are many things to think about and do.

                        Best tip i can give you is to learn how to lasthit,
                        practice the first 10 mins 100 times
                        on 1-3 cores, this will certainly give you more than 100 full games that takes 100 hours ish,
                        in 16 ish hours you will gain Alot more mmr. perhaps 1000+ mmr or even more if ytou are low mmr.
                        While 100 games gives you perhaps 50 mmr. if that.

                        '96 Neve Campbell

                          You will always have an easier time climbing as a core pos 1 or pos 2, especially one that is less reliant on the 4 inbreds you are burdened with. Its even better now that wards are free, you can farm as much as you would like, plant your own wards where you need them and beat the enemy!


                            Depends what ur good at, there is one naturally selective role for you in the end which would be most suited to you. You got to find it and then increase your knowledge about meta , heroes, hero to hero matchups and finally how to win games when you/your entire draft is being countered and how to make huge comebacks.


                              Thanks for the input guys. Different opinions are always useful.

                              And I think everyone's experience is different especially at different brackets. My personal experience at my noob bracket (in SEA) is that it's easier to climb with support cos every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be a carry (myself included) and get a gazillion kills. So let's say if skills are on a level of 1-10 with 10 being really good at that bracket...well you can be a 7-8 carry (but so is everyone else...and chances of meeting someone better is higher) but still lose the game because most supports are 2-4 (cos almost everyone at that bracket plays support with a carrry mindset). So if you are a 5-6 support chances are you'll give your team that extra edge most games. Eventhough u might be a 7-8 carry.

                              Ummm...if u know what I mean. The sad thing is that it's not so exciting being the ward bitch..but well I'm discovering other fun aspects of being a support. It's kinda hilarious pulling off chain stuns (if) and stuff.

                              @Lex, do you enjoy one role over the other? Or do you enjoy all roles equally and just play what you think will get you the win?

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                                To answer the fucking question , yes its easier to climb as core . But doable with every role


                                  i find offlane to be extremely useful, you get to fight whole game and still make a tremendous impact late game.

                                  ME MID

                                    Spam huskar role: archon 3 to legend 3 :D but lose streak now :(
                                    Im bored spamming sometimes so i try hero i dont know well :)

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                                    ME MID

                                      Fuck, u can spam morph. That hero is fucking op in archon - legend, or even ancient? Idk i want to master that hero too, but its hard for me to control the agi and strenght levels. I hate morph :)

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                                        Y I just like hitting creeps, maybe thats why I prefer playing pos 1.

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