Hand Pressure Points and Their Amazing Benefits! (2022)

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  1. What Do You Mean By Hand Pressure Points?
  2. What Is The Mechanism Of Action?
  3. Pressure Points In Hand
    1. 1. Hand Valley Point
    2. 2. The Base of Thumb Point
    3. 3. Wrist Point 1
    4. 4. Inner Gate Point
    5. 5. Outer Gate Point
    6. 6. Finger Tip Points
  4. Other Reflexology Technique To Relieve Common Ailments
    1. 1. For Constipation –
    2. 2. Insomnia –
    3. 3. To Increase Libido –
    4. 4. For Shoulder Pain –
    5. 5.A Sore Throat –
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. 1. Are the pressure points for hand to be avoided for pregnant ladies?
    2. 2. Shall we do it on ourselves?
    3. 3. How long to give pressure on the pressure points?
    4. 4. Does pain occur over the hand pressure points when the pressure applied?
    5. Related to this topic
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Have you ever done with acupressure techniques in relieving any discomforts? Of course, these pressure techniques are efficacious and you can do it by yourself with proper knowledge about it. This article helps to guide you about the hand pressure points and its benefits too!

What Do You Mean By Hand Pressure Points?

Hand pressure points are a type of self-treatment. There are certain pressure points in hand which is considered to be the sensitive parts in your hand. By applying pressure over these hand pressure points, stimulates it which helps in relieving pain, illness and improves your body health.

Most people are going with these pressure techniques due to its restricted side effects along with its pain reduction ability, relieve stress by promoting relaxation and also boost immunity.

Hand Pressure Points and Their Amazing Benefits! (1)

What Is The Mechanism Of Action?

It is based on the principle of reflexology where appropriate pressure has been applied over these pressure points to stimulate the nerve, restores the health of the body. But this hasn’t been scientifically proven.

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Most of the people are choosing this noninvasive technique for its successful beneficial effects and faster recovery without any adverse effects. It is advisable to get this treatment with only certified and trained experts in order to avoid any discomforts.

Pressure Points In Hand

Hands are the right place for massaging and stimulating those pressure points as the nerve endings mainly concentrate on your hands. There are crucial hand pressure points which have its own beneficial effects. Here come the pressure points location and its uses.

1. Hand Valley Point

  • Hand valley point is also called as the intestine point.
  • Hand valley point is a healing point as it heals diverse problems in your body.
  • This point also helps in treating diabetes mellitus.
  • It is considered the most well-liked hand pressure points.
  • Most people suffer from a headache and migraine which happens in day to day life. The pressure point on hand for a migraine is more effectual one.
  • Location – This point is located in between the thumb and index finger where the nerve endings are loaded much beneath the webbed skin.
  • Hand valley point can be identified easily by locating the area which is the muscle portion of the hand, above the junction of thumb bone and an index finger bone.
  • Apply firm pressure on these pressure points in hand for a headache and also to reduce stress, migraine, toothache, shoulder pain, sinus headaches, neck pain, and even constipation problems.
  • This point also helps in treating backaches. Press these points for fifteen seconds alternatively on both hands for five to 6 times regularly helps in relieving backache.
  • The hand valley point raises the endomorphin levels which soothes your backache.

2. The Base of Thumb Point

  • This point is the most important and common point for treating yourself.
  • Location – As the name indicates, the base of thumb point is located at the thumb base above the wrist.
  • This point is situated at your wrist. Locate this point by running your finger on the thumb and pass it downwards to the base of your thumb at the crease of your wrist
  • This point helps in relieving respiratory and breathing problems in addition to sneezing, running nose and sore throat.
  • Apply firm pressure and massage it with your finger regularly to get relief from the above-mentioned problems.

3. Wrist Point 1

  • Stress! It is the main reason for all the psychological problems. Do away with the stress by simply following these pressure techniques to feel relaxed.
  • Wrist point 1 is much effective in reducing stress.
  • It is the commonly used one as a self-treatment which heals stress and improves your emotional state.
  • Location – The wrist point 1 is located on the crease of your wrist in the line up with your little finger. You can run your finger down the little finger at your wrist crease.
  • Apply firm pressure on a regular basis to kick off your day to day stress, anxiety, depression and makes you feel relaxed.
  • There’s another point named “The heart 7 pressure point” which is found over the wrist crease.
  • This point can be easily located by placing your finger in line with the space between your ring and little finger. There’s a bone in this line next to the pressure point.
  • Apply gentle pressure at this point which protects you against heart palpitations, insomnia, and even depression.

4. Inner Gate Point

  • Suffering from nausea and indigestion? Don’t worry! Here comes a better solution for treating this problem.
  • The inner gate point is another foremost pressure point which helps to get rid of nausea.
  • Location – It is situated on the crease of your wrist.
  • The exact location of inner gate point is about three centimeters from wrist crease.
  • This pressure point helps in relieving nausea, indigestion, stomach ache and anxiety.
  • Using your thumb, massage firmly at this point regularly to get rid of all the indigestion problems.

5. Outer Gate Point

  • Is your immunity too low? Prone to more infections? Then go ahead with the outer gate point.
  • This outer gate point boosts up your immunity level and maintains the energy.
  • Location – The outer gate point is found on the backside of the arm between the two tendons.
  • You can place three fingers above your wrist from your other hand and apply firm pressure on this area which boosts up your immune system.

6. Finger Tip Points

  • Fingertip points are the main sinus pressure points on hands.
  • These points help in treating sinus conditions.
  • Apply firm pressure on all the fingertips one by one on both hands.
  • These points stimulate the nerves which help in draining the sinus by increasing the circulation in the sinus.

Other Reflexology Technique To Relieve Common Ailments

1. For Constipation –

Press your index finger at the base of your fingernail on the thumb side. This is the colonel meridian and lower intestine point helps in relieving constipation.

2. Insomnia –

You can treat insomnia by applying pressure over the center of your thumbprint for 45 seconds. Repeat it twice or thrice daily for better results.

3. To Increase Libido –

You can get a good solution to increase libido by twisting your wrist of each hand twenty times and repeat it twice or thrice daily.

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4. For Shoulder Pain –

You can kick off your shoulder pain by relievingyour shoulder tension by applying pressure over the base of your little finger on both the hands.

5.A Sore Throat –

Get relief by holding the thumb at the base joint and giving a large circular rotation. You can also go with the gentle pull and stretch of the thumb joint. Now repeat the procedure in other direction of circular rotation. Move to the upper thumb joint and give a gentle twist at this joint. Rotate this upper joint in both the directions of circular rotation. Repeat this technique on all fingers of both hands one by one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the pressure points for hand to be avoided for pregnant ladies?

Ans. – Yes, certainly it must be avoided. Hand valley points may induce labor by provoking contractions, so it must be avoided for pregnant ladies.

2. Shall we do it on ourselves?

Ans. – Yes, you can do it by yourself with proper knowledge about these pressure points and its location. It also requires training in any certified school and experience to avoid any errors.

3. How long to give pressure on the pressure points?

Ans. – The pressure should not exceed 2 minutes. Stop applying pressure when it is extremely painful.

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4. Does pain occur over the hand pressure points when the pressure applied?

Ans. – Sometimes it hurts severely. It is an indication of an underlying problem in the corresponding organs where the pressure points belong to that particular organ.

Knowing clear-cut ideas on the pressure points in hands, it is wise to follow up with this alternative medical technique and get benefited without much side effects and expense.

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What pressure point makes you feel good? ›

The great surge pressure point is on your foot, about two or three finger widths below the intersection of your big toe and second toe. The point lies in the hollow just above the bone. This pressure point may help to reduce anxiety and stress. You can also use it for pain, insomnia, and menstrual cramps.

What are the 5 pressure points? ›

Soothe stresses with these five acupuncture pressure points
  • LI4 (Large Intestine 4) for headaches and colds.
  • SP8 (Spleen 8) for period pain.
  • ST36 (Stomach 36) for tummy trouble.
  • LIV3 (Liver 3) for stress and anxiousness.
  • HT7 (Heart 7) for sleep.
31 Jul 2020

Is there a pleasure pressure point? ›

However, even in studies that suggest reflexology has benefits, there has been no demonstrated link between any pressure point and specific organs or emotions. Reflexology offers general relaxation and pleasure, but no one pressure point can affect distant organs or specific emotions.

How do you hit your hand with pressure points? ›

Three fingers okay three fingers from the inside. And we're going to do the fourth one the pressure

What pressure point makes you fall asleep instantly? ›

The Anmian point is found just below the ear, where the neck and jaw line connect. It should be held for 15 to 20 minutes with the index and middle finger, to bring on deep and restful sleep.


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