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Baseball Academy Overview

IMG Academy’s baseball program is the nation's premier environment for dedicated student-athletes seeking to compete at the next level. IMG’s college preparatory experience and diverse campus environment mirrors that of a collegiate schedule and includes both on-field development, an annual competition schedule, and challenging academic coursework.

IMG Academy baseball graduates work closely with college placement advisors and have gone on to commit to top universities such as South Carolina, Arizona, Penn State, and LSU while other past student-athletes have been selected in the MLB Draft following their senior or post-graduate seasons.

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Baseball Program Structure

IMG Academy’s baseball program focuses on complete, individual development. Coaches with extensive experience at the collegiate and MLB levels work closely with student-athletes on their athletic development and progress throughout their career. IMG baseball coaches focus on position-specific training, and even 1-on-1 coaching sessions in the fall that mirror that of an MLB instructional league before competition begins in the spring semester.

IMG Academy student-athletes will train on the field or through performance disciplines like strength and conditioning and mental toughness for half the day before or after attending class for the other half of the day. This schedule mirrors that of a collegiate program, allowing student-athletes to develop a routine that transitions directly to the next level. A dedicated college placement advisor also works closely with each individual to identify programs that most closely match a student-athlete’s level and preferences.

Throughout the year, scouting days for both professional and college teams take place on IMG’s campus along with a series of other exposure events across the country. With options available at the national, junior national, varsity, junior varsity, middle school/freshmen, and post-graduate levels, student-athletes will compete against teams in local, regional, and even national tournaments, dependent on their team. Players have the ability to practice multiple positions throughout the year and develop through enhanced, internal competition as well.

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (1)

IMG Academy Baseball Teams

With both a National and Varsity team, IMG baseball provides the nation’s most effective training environment for student-athletes.

National Team

IMG’s National team competes against some of the nation’s top programs while gaining exposure at national tournaments. Many past National team student-athletes have committed to top D1 programs while others have received draft interest from MLB organizations. Training consists of intensive workouts and team development that mirrors that of an elite collegiate program.

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (2)

2019 USA Today Super 25 National Champions

Varsity Team

IMG baseball offers several Varsity teams to accommodate student-athletes at various levels in their development and high school playing careers. Varsity teams compete against regional and national programs while also participating in regional tournaments. Varsity student-athletes have an opportunity to gain collegiate exposure during showcases and tournaments as well as on campus.

Junior National Team

IMG’s Junior National team provides 9th and 10th graders with an opportunity to compete at a high level against Varsity teams both locally and regionally. This team prepares student-athletes for the Varsity and National team through a full competition schedule, internal scrimmages, position-specific instruction, developmental opportunities, and more. Junior National student-athletes also begin to understand the college recruitment process in preparation for their next steps.

Junior Varsity & Freshman Teams

IMG Academy’s Junior Varsity and Freshman teams provide student-athletes with the chance to develop and prepare for their progression towards the National, Varsity, and Junior National teams. Student-athletes will be exposed to high-level skill development and training that builds a foundation for incremental growth opportunities. This team competes against other JV and Freshman teams locally and regionally.

Post-Graduate Team

IMG’s dedicated post-graduate teams competes against regional competition including Division II and III, NAIA, and Junior Colleges. Various showcase events, including those on campus, allow student-athletes to gain collegiate and professional exposure. Post-graduates do not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility while preparing for their next steps at the collegiate level both on the field as well as with a dedicated college placement advisor and academic staff. Post-graduates will develop through position-specific training while benefitting from an extra season to increase physicality as well as mental toughness and maturity.

Video: IMG Academy Baseball Program

Sample Baseball Schedule

Fall Semester

Testing / Evaluation & Individual Foundational Growth

Weeks 1-4
  • Introduce philosophy and curriculum
  • 2 week individual evaluation and assessment
  • Skill and physical testing to include speed, arm strength, exit velocity, launch angle
  • Individual position breakdown
  • Introduce offensive/defensive team fundamentals
  • Arm strengthening program
  • Bat speed program
  • College recruiting videos/pro style workout
  • NCAA eligibility center registration
  • Senior post-grad recruitment meetings
  • Introduction of nutrition and mental training
  • Introduction of movement & dynamic warm up
  • Strength & conditioning: introductory & assessment phase

Team Competitive Growth / Fall League

Weeks 5-9
  • Establish working groups
  • 8-10 games
  • Application of instruction in game setting
  • Strict focus on development and not results
  • Building of competitive team environment
  • Exposure to showcase and tournament circuit
  • Open practices for college recruiters/professional scouts
  • Pro/college scout day
  • Senior/post-grad college application process/common app finalized
  • Initial evaluation report
  • Identifying individual mental approach
  • Introduction of strength & conditioning: maintenance phase
  • Introduction of flexibility & speed training

Intensive Individual Growth / Offseason

Weeks 10-12
  • Critical evaluation
  • Extensive small group and individual development
  • Maintain competitive environment
  • Underclass college placement meetings
  • Continued emphasis on team building
  • Application of vision and mental training during practices
  • Strength & conditioning, speed, arm strength: growth phase

Individual Skill Work / Athleticism / Competition / Strength & Conditioning

Weeks 13-15
  • Individual development: 5 days/week
  • Emphasis on strength & conditioning, speed, arm strength: growth phase
  • Maintain flexibility and athleticism
  • Post fall evaluation report
  • Team building

Spring Semester

Individual & Team Development / Spring Training

Weeks 1-2
  • Individual/team drills and practice routines to prepare for FHSAA season
  • Extensive drill work covering team offensive and defensive fundamentals
  • Team building: leadership training
  • Strength & conditioning: growth phase

Competitive Preparation / Spring Training

Weeks 3-5
  • Individual/team drills and practice routines to prepare for FHSAA season
  • International pre-season competition
  • Release game schedule to colleges
  • Scrimmages and inters quads
  • Identify roles within teams
  • Strength & conditioning: growth phase


Weeks 6-15
  • 25 game schedules
  • 2-3 tournaments (Varsity)
  • Mid-season evaluation report
  • National exposure
  • Application of mental training
  • Strength & conditioning: maintenance phase

Intensive Individual Growth / Post-season Development

Weeks 16-20
  • Critical evaluation
  • Extensive individual development
  • 10+ games ascender series
  • Contact college coaches season stats & summer schedule
  • Final player evaluation report
  • Preparation for summer schedule
  • Application of instruction in game setting
  • Adjustments to mental approach

Athletic and Personal Development

Athletic and Personal Development plays an integral role in the overall development of each baseball student-athlete. Athletic and Personal Development instructors focus on crucial areas such as mental toughness, strength & conditioning, nutrition, leadership, life skills and character development, and more to ensure that IMG Academy baseball student-athletes not only have an advantage over the competition but understand what it takes to succeed in college, in the MLB, and in life.

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IMG Academy Baseball Program | (3)


Grades 6-12

IMG Academy’s collegiate-style schedule provides the ultimate preparation for student-athletes to succeed at the next level. Baseball student-athletes have the ability to select their courses and electives to identify their areas of interest ahead of enrolling into the collegiate program that best aligns with their academic and athletic goals.

View Grades 6-12 Curriculum


Post-graduate baseball student-athletes will benefit from a gap year at IMG with available standardized test prep, college course credit opportunities, college placement and recruitment advisement, and more. Baseball post-graduates experience immense benefits by ensuring they’re prepared for their next steps as collegiate-student-athletes. Post-graduates will not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility by enrolling in this program.

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Program & Alumni Accomplishments

2019 USA TODAY Super 25 High School National Champions

200 D1 commitments since 2006

15 National Tournaments won since 2006

35 Student-athletes selected in MLB First Year Players Draft

6 Alumni have made MLB appearances

Technology & Facilities

  • 6-plex baseball complex
    • Baseball stadium for showcase games and tournaments
    • Six fields
    • 3 practice infields
    • 16 practice mounds
    • Four indoor batting cages
    • 12 outdoor batting cages
  • Field House with professional-style locker rooms, coaches' offices, and meeting rooms for game and practice analysis and team training

  • Rapsodo inside our batting cages
    • Captures swing metrics including launch angle, exit velocity, hard hit percentage and point of contact
    • Utilized by our coaches to provide real time feedback during batting practice sessions
    • Game simulator allows hitters to compete in a controlled setting
  • K Vest
    • Sensor based technology that analyzes the sequencing of the baseball swing
    • Gives our coaching staff immediate feedback to help breakdown the hitter’s biomechanical movements and timing
  • Blast Motion Swing Analyzer
    • Sensor-based swing analysis with auto-edited video clips
    • Analyze and improve swing plane, connection, and rotation
  • WIN Virtual Reality
    • Virtual Reality baseball training tool
    • Develop strike zone awareness and pitch recognition through game speed repetitions
  • ProPlay AI
    • Markerless motion capture system that analyzes the kinetic sequence of the pitching motion and used for biomechanic feedback
  • PlaySight
    • Video and streaming technology used to live stream all home games as and produce on demand game content
  • High Speed Insight Camera
    • Used to capture pitching and swing mechanics for in depth video breakdowns

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (14)

Performance and Sports Science Center

  • Mind Gym for mental conditioning sessions and vision training
    • Fit Lights, dynaBOARD, and cognitive perceptive technology
  • Yoga studio
  • Strength and conditioning equipment
  • Classrooms for nutrition and leadership training
  • Athletic training facility for recovery and regeneration, including hot and cold tubs

Baseball Academy Photo Gallery

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (15)

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (16)

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (17)

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (18)

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (19)

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (20)

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (21)

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (22)


All prospective student-athletes must submit a completed application, including academic records and recommendations.

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Video: Who's Elijah Green? | On Deck - Episode 1: IMG Academy Baseball

Baseball Program Tuition

For academic year 2022-2023, tuition ranges from $66,400 to $88,900 per year depending on age, boarding and grade of student-athlete. Go to our tuition page for the full sport-by-sport cost breakdown.

View Tuition

Baseball Camps

A great way to learn more about IMG Academy is to attend a camp and see first-hand how to take your game to the next level.

View Our Camps

Baseball Coaches & Staff

Dan Simonds

Director of Baseball

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (23)

Joe Jordano

Head Coach, National Team - Black

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (24)

Kason Gabbard

Varsity Head Coach / Pitching Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (25)

Justin Zinkovich

Varsity Head Coach / Pitching Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (26)

Gil Walker

Varsity Head Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (27)

Edgar Caceres

Varsity Assistant Coach / Infield Coordinator

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (28)

Tony Ferreira

Varsity Assistant Coach / Pitching Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (29)

Steve Frey

Varsity Assistant Coach / Pitching Coordinator

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (30)

John-Ford Griffin

Hitting Coordinator

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (31)

Daniel Hadra

Varsity Assistant Coach / Pitching Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (32)

Mikey O'Brien

Pitching Coach / Assistant Coach

Video: Campus Tour | IMG Academy Baseball All-Access

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (33)

Luke Lowery

Head Coach, JV

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (34)

Mark Pope

JV Pitching Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (35)

Juan Pimentel

Baseball Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (36)

Kit Carlson

Senior Student-Athlete Advisor

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (38)

John Lackaff

Student-Athlete Advisor

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (39)

Ryan Ward

Coach/Video Coordinator

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (40)

Will Townsley IV

Assistant Head of Strength and Conditioning

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (41)

Matt Wheaton

Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (42)

Julie Nunn

Strength and Conditioning Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (43)

Jack Hertz

Strength and Conditioning Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (44)

Jackie Barcal

Head of Nutrition

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (45)

Kaitlin Gray

Nutrition Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (46)

Video: How to Become a Better Baseball Player | 3 Baseball Catcher Drills, Part 1

Rachel Merkel

Assistant Athletic Trainer

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (47)

Kelly Quackenbush

Assistant Head of Athletic Training

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (48)

Diamyn Hall

Leadership Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (49)

Ryan Ingalls

Mental Conditioning Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (50)

Maddie Petry

Mental Conditioning Coach

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (51)

Brett Grelle

Sport Scientist

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (52)

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Notable Baseball Program College Commitments

Student-athletes receive guidance from college placement specialists and sport coaches for reaching their goal of playing their sport at the collegiate level. This work begins when a student enters upper school at grade 9 and above.

Learn More About College Planning

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (53)


  • Jake Fauske
  • LT Tolbert
  • Casey Mullholland

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (57)

IMG is a breeding ground for excellence in general, not just athletically. I love the game of baseball, and I want to stay around it as long as possible, but IMG has also been a tool for me to help me get to the next level academically and my career.

- Jake Fauske IMG Academy Alumnus

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (58)

IMG Academy takes pride in everything here – school, baseball, the workouts, nutrition – everything you do here, you’re doing it for a purpose, and they want you to get better, they want you to succeed and push you to be the best you can be in every aspect of life.

- LT Tolbert IMG Academy Alumnus

IMG Academy Baseball Program | (59)

The biggest thing I realize now that I didn’t know, is how many connections and opportunities those connections would open for me. As I moved my way through high school, college, and professional baseball, many of those same people I talked to when I was 13 that helped me grow as a person are still helping me today.

- Casey Mullholland IMG Academy Alumnus
Video: First Base Drills - Fundamentals of First Base Series by IMG Academy Baseball Program (4 of 4)


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5. IMG Academy - Baseball Program Facilities
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