International signing day: Top prospect tracker (2022)

July 6th, 2018

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Welcome to July 2, the start of the international signing period, and the date unofficially known in baseball circles as "international signing day." It's the day careers are launched and the lives of teenage ballplayers across the globe are changed forever.
:: 2018 International Signing Period ::
As is the case every year, what happens between today and when the period ends June 15, 2019, can help change the trajectory of a franchise. Consider this: Five of the top six prospects in the game -- Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr., Blue Jays outfielder Vladimir Guerrero Jr., White Sox outfielder Eloy Jimenez, Padres outfielder Fernando Tatis Jr. and Nationals outfielder Victor Robles -- were all signed during the international signing period. Players like Yankees infielder Gleyber Torres and Nats outfielder Juan Soto were also acquired through the international market, and more talent is on the way.
In addition to prospects from traditional baseball hot spots like the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and the Bahamas, there are also prospects from places like Europe, the Caribbean islands and Asia who have registered and will sign during the period. In all, more than 950 prospects signed during the previous international signing period that started July 2, 2017. That number could increase during the 2018-19 period because there are thousands who have registered to become eligible.
Below is a look at which players from MLB Pipeline's Top 30 International Prospects list have agreed to terms with clubs, and for how much. Unless otherwise noted, clubs have not confirmed the deals.
The market is still to be determined for players like No. 9 Osiel Rodriguez and No. 14 Sandy Gaston, who have yet to agree to deals. Kevin Alcantara, who is ranked No. 10, Eduardo Garcia (No. 20) and Alexander Ramirez (No. 24) will not be eligible to sign until after July 2 when they turn 16.
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1. Diego Cartaya*, C, Venezuela -- Dodgers ($2,500,000)More »
2. Marco Luciano*, OF, Dominican Republic -- Giants ($2,600,000)More »
3. Misael Urbina*, OF, Venezuela -- Twins (2,750,000) More »
4. Orelvis Martinez*, SS, Dominican Republic -- Blue Jays ($3,500,000) More »
5. Richard Gallardo*, RHP, Venezuela -- Cubs ($1,000,000) More »
6. Gabriel Rodriguez*, SS, Venezuela -- Indians ($2,100,000) More »
7. Noelvi Marte*, SS, Dominican Republic -- Mariners ($1,550,000)More »
8. Starlyn Castillo*, RHP, Dominican Republic -- Phillies ($1,600,000) More »
9. Osiel Rodriguez, RHP, Cuba -- Yankees More »
10. Kevin Alcantara, SS, Dominican Republic -- Yankees More »
11. Antonio Gomez*, C, Venezuela -- Yankees ($600,000)More »
12. Junior Sanquintin*, SS, Dominican Republic -- Indians ($1,250,000) More »
13. Francisco Alvarez*, C, Venezuela -- Mets ($2,700,000) More »
14. Sandy Gaston, RHP, Cuba
15. Jose De La Cruz*, OF, Dominican Republic -- Tigers (1,800,000) More »
16. Alvin Guzman*, OF, Dominican Republic -- D-backs (1,850,000)More »
17. Jose Lopez*, OF, Dominican Republic -- Cubs ($1,500,000) More »
18. Eduarqui Fernandez*, OF, Dominican Republic -- Brewers ($1,100,000)More »
19. Adinso Reyes*, SS, Dominican Republic -- Tigers ($1,450,000) More »
20. Eduardo Garcia, SS, Venezuela -- BrewersMore »
21. Jose Rodriguez*, C, Venezuela -- Rangers ($2,000,000) More »
22. Alejandro Pie*, SS, Dominican Republic -- Rays ($1,400,000) More »
23. Eduardo Lopez*, OF, Dominican Republic -- Red Sox ($1,150,000) More »
24. Alexander Ramirez, OF, Dominican Republic -- AngelsMore »
25. Freddy Valdez*, OF, Dominican Republic -- Mets ($1,450,000) More »
26. Branlyn Jaraba*, SS, Colombia -- Brewers ($1,100,000)More »
27. Luis Matos*, OF, Venezuela -- Giants ($725,000)More »
28. Joel Machado*, LHP, Venezuela -- Cubs ($850,000) More »
29. Denny Larrondo*, RHP, Cuba -- Yankees ($550,000)More »
30. Jerming Rosario*, RHP, Dominican Republic -- Dodgers ($600,000) More »
Complete list with scouting reports, grades, video and more »
Indicates signing is official
The rules:
An international player is eligible to sign with a Major League team between July 2 through June 15 of the next year if he is 17 or will turn 17 by the end of the first season of his contract.
Clubs that receive a Competitive Balance Pick in Round B of the MLB Draft receive a pool of $6,025,400, while clubs that receive a Competitive Balance Pick in Round A of the Draft receive $5,504,500. All other clubs receive $4,983,500.
Teams are allowed to trade as much of their international pool money as they would like but can only acquire 75 percent of a team's initial pool amount. Additionally, signing bonuses of $10,000 or less do not count toward a club's bonus pool, and foreign professional players who are at least 25 years of age and have played in a foreign league for at least six seasons are also exempt.
Under the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement, teams were allowed to exceed their bonus pool, but would face a penalty for doing so. Under the new CBA, the spending pools are a "hard cap" and cannot be exceeded. However, the A's, Astros, Braves, Cardinals, Nationals, Padres, Reds and White Sox all exceeded their pools under the previous CBA and their penalties were grandfathered in. As a result, none of those teams are permitted to sign an individual player for more than $300,000 this period.
Complete bonus rules
The pools:
$6,025,400:Reds, Marlins, Brewers, Twins, Athletics, Rays
$5,504,500: D-backs, Orioles, Indians, Rockies, Royals, Pirates, Padres
$5,004,500: Cardinals
$4,983,500: Braves, Red Sox, Cubs, White Sox, Tigers, Astros, Angels, Dodgers, Yankees, Mets, Mariners, Giants, Rangers, Blue Jays, Nationals
$3,949,000: Phillies
The Teams:
The Blue Jays, Brewers, D-backs, Mariners, Phillies, Rangers, Red Sox, Tigers, Twins and Yankees are expected to be busy as the period opens. The Cubs, Dodgers, Giants and Royals -- teams that will no longer be in the penalty for exceeding their past international bonus pool spending -- are also expected to be very active.
The A's, Astros, Braves, Cardinals, Nationals, Padres, Reds and White Sox are in the maximum penalty, and cannot sign an individual player for more than $300,000 this period.
Here's a look at players outside the Top 30 who have agreed to deals for $300,000 or more:
Darwin Moreno, OF, Venezuela -- $575,000
Yohander Martinez, SS, Venezuela -- $300,000
Miguel Palma, C, Venezuela -- $300,000
Cristian Gonzalez, SS, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Roberto Garza, RHP, Mexico -- $300,0000
Erys Bautista, OF, Dominican Republic -- $500,000
Rafael Martinez, CF, Venezuela -- $435,000
Carlos Roa, SS, Venezuela -- $385,000
Jhonny Cabrera, C, Venezuela -- $300,000
Malcom Nunez, 3B, Cuba -- $300,000
Rafael Morel, SS, Dominican Republic -- $850,000
Yohendrick Pinango, OF, Venezuela -- $400,000
Abraham Calzadilla, RHP, Venezuela -- $500,000
Diomedes Sierra, LHP, Dominican Republic -- $420,000
Luis Rubio, SS, Venezuela -- $400,000
Cristian Estrella, OF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Miguel Droz, SS, Venezuela -- $600,000
Alex De Jesus, INF, Dominican Republic -- $500,000
Jairo Pomarez, OF, Cuba -- $975,0000
Sterling Romero, OF, Dominican Republic -- $650,000
Jesus Lara, SS, Venezuela -- $570,000
Angel Martinez, SS, Dominican Republic -- 500,000
Asdrubal Bueno, SS, Venezuela -- $325,000
Yoelvis Sanchez, OF, Dominican Republic - $400,000
Christhian, Rodriguez, SS, Venezuela -- $300,000
Yueri Amparo, OF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Isan Castillo, SS, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Jeremy De La Rosa, OF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Daniel Marte, CF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Edwin Mercedes, C, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Erick Tejeda, INF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Euribel Angeles, SS, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Neifi Antunez,SS, Venezuela -- $300,000
Charlie Aquino, SS, Dominican Republic --$300,000
Nerwilian Cedeno, SS, Venezuela -- $300,000
Josttin Diaz, SS, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Reginald Dowston, OF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Albert Fabian, OF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Eduardo Hidalgo, OF, Venezuela -- $300,000
Francisco Lucumi, RHP, Colombia -- $300,000
Wilmert Paula, SS, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Axcel Peralta, 1B, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Alex Ramirez, C, Venezuela -- $300,000
Emanuel Rodriguez, SS, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Edwin Rojas, OF, Venezuela -- $300,000
Wilfredo Tovar, C, Venezuela -- $300,000
Jose Velez, OF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Alexeis Azuaje, INF, Venezuela -- $450,000
Joalbert Angulo, LHP, Venezuela -- $425,000
Andrick Nava, C, Venezuela -- $400,000
Javier Vina, C, Venezuela -- $300,000
Osvaldo Gavilan, OF, Dominican Republic -- $700,000
Luis Tejada, INF, Dominican Republic -- $500,000
Sergio Campana, OF, Dominican Republic -- $500,000
Daniel Lopez, SS, Dominican Republic -- $400,000
Juan Jerez, INF, Dominican Republic -- $380,000
Adrian Mendez, LHP, Venezuela -- $355,000
Orlando Chivilli, SS, Dominican Republic -- $350,000
Luisangel Acuna, INF, Venezuela -- $425,000
Junior Paniagua, SS, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
Jhan Zambrano, RHP, Venezuela -- $300,000
Daury del Rosario, SS, Dominican Republic -- $600,000
Daniel Gonzalez, LHP, Venezuela -- $400,000
Bryan Dum, LHP, Venezuela -- $385,000
Estanli Castillo, OF, Dominican Republic -- $325,000
Justino Dominguez, RHP, Dominican Republic -- $325,000
Red Sox
Eduardo Vaughn, CF, Panama -- $550,000
Bryan Gonzalez, OF, Dominican Republic -- $500,000
Giancarlos Santana, CF, Dominican Republic -- $460,000
Albert Feliz, 3B, Dominican Republic -- $400,000
Gabriel Jackson, RHP, Dominican Republic -- $350,000
Naysbel, Marcano, C, Venezuela -- $350,000
Ronald Pereira, RHP, Venezuela -- $1,000,000
Warming Bernabel, SS, Dominican Republic -- $900,000
Pedro Mota, SS, Dominican Republic -- $900,000
Juan Guerrero, SS, Dominican Republic --$650,000
Michael James, SS, Dominican Republic -- $350,000
Mishael Deson, OF, Dominican Republic -- $350,000
Aiverson Rodriguez, SS, Venezuela -- $305,000
Wilmin Candelario, SS, Dominican Republic - $847,500
Omar Florentino, SS, Dominican Republic -- $722,500
Jaswel De Los Santos, OF, Dominican Republic --$347,500
Christian Paulino, LHP, Dominican Republic -- $347,500
Kaito Yuki, RHP, Japan -- $322,500
Angel Cruz, OF, Dominican Republic -- $400,000
Geury Estevez, SS, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
White Sox
Bryan Ramos, 3B, Cuba -- $300,000
Harold Diaz, SS, Cuba -- $300,000
Luis Pineda, C, Venezuela -- $300,000
Agustin Ramirez, C, Dominican Republic -- $400,000
Maikol Escotto, SS, Dominican Republic -- $350,000
Dayro Perez, SS, Dominican Republic -- $350,000
Juan Carela, LHP, Dominican Republic -- $335,500
Mauro Bonifacio, RF, Dominican Republic -- $300,000
D'Vaughn Knowles, OF, Bahamas -- $300,000

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