LoL: Best Champions for Climbing Solo Queue in 2022 (2023)

If you're looking to climb in League in Season 12, check out our champion suggestions.

There are still more than three months before the Season 12 of League of Legends ends, which means more than enough time for you to reach your ranked goal. And when you ask people for advice on how to actually do just that, the most common one you will get is to “pick a lane, couple of champions and just play those.”

Now choosing a lane is a personal preference on what you’d like to do in-game, but choosing a champion can be a lot harder. There are 160 champions in LOL and not everyone is as strong as the others. You can always look at champion statistics sites to see what is strong and play that, but there are some champions in the game that are and have been strong through most meta changes. Here are the champions we would suggest people to learn and play, in every role in the game.

Best top lane picks

LoL: Best Champions for Climbing Solo Queue in 2022 (1)


Shen is one of the top lane picks that you can learn and always come back in any meta. Even when tanks aren’t that strong, his strong kit and game-changing ultimate always keep him as a strong pick. With the Teleport changes and buffs to Drakes, top lakers have been complaining about their lane not mattering in the grand scheme of things, and well… Shen can always impact the map.

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But do not be mistaken, this champion is not just an ultimate bot. Shen has one of the strongest level ones (or two) among the top lane roster if you learn how to use your empowered Twilight Assault auto attacks. This strong presence doubles when you can bring Ignite as your summoner spell, as you don’t really need the Teleport. Combining these strengths with a versatile play style and build diversity, Shen is not only one of the strongest top lane picks, but also one of the most fun ones.


We are going from the “save your team and protect your carries” style of Shen, to the “split push and 1vX the enemy team when they come for you” style of Tryndamere. This champion has been the bane of the existence of a lot of top laners ever since League came out and there is a reason for that. Tryndamere can be a great lane bully in most favorable match-ups, you just spin on top of people and hope for a lucky crit, and he scales very well into the late game if you can avoid 5v5s. But even if you can’t, with summoner spells like Ghost and Flash, and with an item like Galeforce, Tryndamere’s team fighting abilities are not as bad as it was used to be. But the area this champion excels at is split pushing. With great wave clear, fast tower taking and a low-cooldown mobility spell that helps him escape his enemies, Tryndamere is one of the best champions if you want to win by splitting.


Sett has one of the easiest kits to learn in League but still with a great potential to make outplays. He is an especially good champion for top lane beginners, as you can learn what he can do very fast and he is not too punishing when you make a mistake. Did you lose a trade? Sett generates health like no other champion. Are you pushed up in the lane and getting ganked from behind because you did not ward? You can now ult the jungler towards your tower to escape.

Plus, Sett can be played in a variety of ways: on-hit, bruiser, tank or a mix of any of these. Sometimes it can be hard to pilot him if you are behind your opponents, but Sett has a very good kit that lets you engage, peel and survive just enough that you can still be useful.

Honorable mentions:

  • Darius
  • Riven
  • Mordekaiser
  • Ornn

Best jungle picks

LoL: Best Champions for Climbing Solo Queue in 2022 (2)


There is a reason why there are many Kayn one tricks playing in high elo in every server and the champion is always one of the most popular jungle champs. Kayn provides nearly every single thing a jungler needs: fast clear, good ganks and he can stay relevant against any type of enemy comp. Doesn’t matter if the enemy is full of tanks or full of squishies, you can pick Kayn and grab your form according to what they are playing. You can go Rhaast (Red Kayn) to become an unkillable drain tank or go Shadow Assassin (Blue Kayn) and be one of the most frustrating to deal with assassins in the game.


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Diana has been a jungle staple ever since Riot buffed her Passive (Moonsilver Blade) to do 300% bonus damage to jungle monsters. There aren’t too many jungler that can clear camps fast enough to compete with Diana. She has been in the meta with ever-changing builds, you can go Hextech Rocketbelt, Night Harvester or even the recently meta Nashor/Sunfire Cape (mind you the last build is getting nerfed on 12.15). With her passive working on epic monsters and turrets, Diana is one of the best junglers to do early Barons or split push to take turrets, and she is also one of the best team fighters with one of the most impactful ultimates in the game. With how the patches have been going, it doesn’t look like Diana will get any nerfs soon, so you should definitely try her if you are looking to earn some LP.


You can ask, not many people play Karthus and he did not get any major changes recently, so why are we suggesting you pick him up? Well, it is true that he didn’t get major individual buffs recently, but he was one of the biggest winners of the Durability Update. Karthus’ main weakness was his vulnerability during his early game, he could’ve been killed very easily if he were to ever get invaded, but after the 12.10 changes it is much harder to kill him without getting traded in his Passive (Death Defied), and any gold traded with Karthus is a negative investment. He is one of the best scaling champions in the entire game and with the addition of the rune First Strike, he has been scaling much earlier in the game.

Honorable mentions:

  • Volibear
  • Poppy
  • Wukong
  • Trundle

Best mid lane picks

LoL: Best Champions for Climbing Solo Queue in 2022 (3)


Ever since Riot discarded Viktor’s purchasable Hex Core upgrades and made his abilities evolve by cs-ing and getting takedowns, Viktor has been a top-tier mage. He has one of the strongest early games of any mage with a shield on his Siphon Power (Q) and his easy-to-land poke with Death Ray (E). On top of his near-lane bully status, Viktor scales like a monster into the late game. He is a very easy champion to start out with and when you master him real good, you will see he is one of the most oppressive mid lane picks you can find.


Are you indecisive about what to play? Maybe you don’t want to keep playing one champion over and over. If that is, Sylas is the perfect choice for you. When the enemy team changes from game to game, what you can and will do in that game also will change. Of course, there is always the possibility of getting stuck with some worthless ultimates, but unless you are picking first every game, and even then there can be some good ults, you won’t have any problems with that. Plus, with the consistent nerfs to Grevious Wounds, Sylas has only gotten better and better. If you can get some early kills, his basic abilities are enough for you to win games even without an Alistar or Gnar ultimate on the enemy team.

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It is always said that Qiyana is one of the hardest champions in League, but that only applies when you are looking to master the champion to her fullest extent. If you are just looking to abuse a very strong champion for LP, then Qiyana is not that hard. She has been especially overperforming with the bugged First Stike (which is getting nerfed on 12.15) but even she is still one of the strongest champions with her usual rune, Electrocute.

Assassins have always been good for climbing in solo queue, but Qiyana is unique among assassins with her ultimate that can drastically change any team fight, which is another plus in an environment like solo queue. Now, she requires more time investment compared to our other two suggestions, but if you put the time into it the reward you get will be worth it.

Honorable mentions:

  • Talon
  • Katarina
  • Vex
  • Taliyah

Best bot lane picks

LoL: Best Champions for Climbing Solo Queue in 2022 (4)

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is probably the most played ADC among players who are just starting out the game, and seeing how easy her kit is to play we can say there is a good reason behind it. But an easy kit does not mean a bad champion. MF has one of the most powerful ultimates in the game, Bullet Time, and even if you are having a bad game and are behind there aren’t many ultimates that can impact the game like this one. Plus, she has one of the most diverse builds in the entire game. You can go Dark harvest, PTA or Arcane Comet. You can build Lethality, Crit or even AP. When you are playing MF, you can play every game like it was a different champ.


Jhin as a champion does not have too many weaknesses. The most apparent one is that he struggles against tanks if he is not insanely ahead which is why he doesn’t see too much pro play. But if there is one thing solo queue players hate, especially in lower elos, is to play tanks. So there are not many reasons for you to not pick Jhin up. He is one of the easier ADCs to farm with his Dancing Grenade (Q) and his high AD, he can set up engages from long range and if you can get some early kills he has very powerful item spikes.

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Just because you are playing bot lane does not mean you have to play AD carries, there are multiple mages viable in the role as AP carries instead. The most consistently meta APC you can play is probably Seraphine at the current time. She can go AP and deal huge amounts of damage, go support items and have an earlier impact with cheaper item spikes or she can combine these different item sets. She provides great utility to her team with a lot of CC, shielding and healing. She can have a different play style you need to get used to if you are an ADC player, but once you get the hang of it you will be rewarded for it.

Honorable mentions:

  • Samira
  • Tristina
  • Draven
  • Karthus

Best support picks

LoL: Best Champions for Climbing Solo Queue in 2022 (5)


In the current landscape of League, it is very hard to climb by playing engage supports, unless you are in the lower elos. What you need to do is to learn how to play enchanters, which is not very hard to do. And when it comes to enchanters, the latest support addition to the game, Renata Glasc tops the list. She does everything an enchanter in Season 12 needs to do, her peeling and disengage are nearly unmatched and her Bailout (W) is one of the most strong support abilities in the game if you learn how to use it.


Lulu has been in or around the meta ever since her release. Even when enchanters are not too strong, the Yordle support is still a viable pick you can use. Especially in the solo queue environment where assassins are plenty, protecting your ADC with Polymorph (W) is one of the best peeling tools in the game. Plus she has very good synergy with multiple meta ADC hyper carries like Jinx and Kog’Maw.


The last option is for the players who are looking to be the carry while playing support or ADCs who got autofilled to the position. Senna has been in a weird place between an ADC and a support but ever since the last adjustment to her soul drop rate, she’s been primarily a support, but mostly just in the name. Her playstyle is more akin to an actual ADC but you get to double dip with your actual support farming, while you get to scale with your souls. Of course, she is at her best when paired with picks like Seraphine, Tahm Kench or Karma that can peel her, but you can always play her with more traditional ADC like Jhin or Ezreal.

Honorable mentions:

  • Yuumi
  • Nautilus
  • Janna
  • Zilean

For more tips on how to climb in League of Legends or for more guides, follow us on ESTNN.

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What is the best role to climb solo queue? ›

Mid lane is usually the best role to pick in the gold lane as it has access to all other lanes on the map. It is the most flexible role given its position and the champion pool of this role.

What champions can solo carry? ›

League of Legends: Champions To Solo Carry in Low Elo
  1. Kassadin.
  2. Master Yi. ...
  3. Yone. Yone is probably one of the best champions to solo carry with. ...
  4. Twitch. Twitch, the plague rat, is one of the most annoying ADCs in the whole game! ...
  5. Fiora. Fiora is one champion that can completely destroy any other team all on her own. ...

How do you climb ranked solo? ›

Some common openers that you guys can try at a slow push. And crash the first two or three ways

What ADCs can solo carry? ›

Some of the strongest and best Solo Queue ADC's in League of Legends for Season 12 are Draven, Vayne and Twitch. They scale incredibly well which makes them good in low ELO as games tend to go longer.

Why is it so hard to climb as ADC? ›

Bot lane in high elo

And the final point is probably one of the main reasons for the ADC role being so unsuccessful even in the highest ranks. Support players usually get higher ranks than mid laners and ADC players, even though it's widely agreed the role is much easier to play than the rest.

What is the hardest role to climb on league? ›

  • Top Lane. The Top Lane is usually regarded as “The Solo Lane” for a good reason. ...
  • Mid Lane. The Mid Lane is similar to Top regarding being a Solo Lane. ...
  • Bot Lane and Support. The ADC and the Support go hand in hand and are an inseparable union. ...
  • Jungler. The Jungler is the most demanding role in League of Legends.
28 Apr 2022

Is sylas solo queue good? ›

Time and time again, Sylas has been trimmed down, and without a lot of practice time, choosing Sylas in your Solo Queue would be a disaster because he takes a whole lot of skill. So, we do not recommend Sylas in the Solo queue, unless there's a special patch done for him.

Can I solo carry in League of Legends? ›

Although solo carrying is a backbreaking and taxing job, everyone can solo carry in League once armed with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the game, stoic patience, and a sound game plan.

What Top Laner can carry? ›

Best Solo Carry Top Laners for Season 12
  • Nasus.
  • Camille.
  • Yone.
  • Urgot.
  • Quinn.
  • Singed.
  • Fiora.
  • Irelia.
2 Aug 2022

Can you climb in solo queue? ›


Is League getting rid of duo queue? ›

Riot has listened to players and hopes to improve ranked matchmaking by removing the option to duo queue. Players seem unsure about this decision but the developer insists this will improve ranked solo queues, and matchmaking while bringing more players to ranked flex.

Who is best ADC in solo queue? ›

Draven is one of the best Solo Queue and lane dominant ADCs around, thanks to his early game pressure and snowball potential. Mastering Draven will allow you to take over the lane and the game in no time at all. He has more early game damage than every champion, thanks to his Q.

How do you climb ADC? ›

How to ACTUALLY Climb as an ADC - ELOs Explained ADC Edition

Is ADC good for low ELO? ›

ADCs are really good because they heavily reward skill. The epitome of feast or famine, requiring heavy patience and also a developed sense of self preservation, something that a lot of low elo players are still working on.

How do you climb low ELO? ›

CARRY ON ANY ROLE: How to Climb out of Low Elo in League of Legends

Is Draven good for climbing? ›

Draven is more than decent at nearly everything, but not the best at anything. He isn't the highest mobility but he's not the lowest with his W. He isn't the strongest early but he's far from the weakest. He isn't the best in 1v1's given equal gold and levels, but he's better than most.

Is jg the hardest role? ›

Jungle. The jungle role is the most difficult role in the game. You must have a good understanding of what is known as 'macro game', wave reading, diving, and jungle clearing if you want to play this role properly. Note: Lee Sin is the hardest champion to start playing in case you love this role.

Who has hit challenger in all 5 roles? ›

For most, climbing the League of Legends ranks and perfecting your chosen role is the pinnacle of success, but for Tyler 'Tyler1' Steinkamp, it's just the beginning.

What is the most unpopular role in LoL? ›

That is why Jungle is the least popular role in the game and probably one of the hardest roles in LoL. A team with an amazing jungle player is likely to have a wonderful laning phase and easily win the game. However, a team with a terrible jungle player will never be able to come back from the game.

Is Viktor good in solo queue? ›

Viktor isn't seen too much nowadays, but that doesn't mean he isn't a Solo Queue monster. Viktor is really good in Solo Queue as his kit has lots of different tools that his team needs to survive the mid and late game.

Is Qiyana worth buying? ›

Qiyana is a super-strong assassin that can one-shot anyone in LoL. Her build includes only Lethality items which help her defeat most picks in 1v1 fights. As a mid laner, Qiyana doesn't have too many bad matchups. And as a jungler, Qiyana can quickly clear jungle camps and gank effectively.

Is Qiyana good for solo Q? ›

Qiyana, a champion with so much potential in the right hands went from one of the most underplayed to one of the most feared champions in solo queue. With her flashy plays, high damage and mobility, she is not a champion that is easy to master but in the right hands she can easily solo carry a whole game by herself.

Can Karthus carry games? ›

With Karthus, you can carry the game much easier than most available champions when you are fed.

How do you carry every game? ›

How to CARRY GAMES Without Playing A Carry - YouTube

What is ranked Flex for? ›

What is Ranked Flex Queue in League of Legends? On the other hand, we have the ranked flex queue in League of Legends. This is an open type of queue where up to 5 players can team up and battle another team of 5 players. But the flex queue allows for parties to join, namely 1, 2, 3, or 5 players, except 4.

Is Akali good for low ELO? ›

Definitely play her. Elo doesn't matter if you practice and apply the fundamentals you will find success. It's important to play things you enjoy so that you're actually enthusiastic about practicing and learning more. If you're having fun playing a champ do it.

Can you carry with Fiora? ›

So Fiora can't carry games, but she also can't really be beaten in lane. That's a dumb champion design. Jayce/Kennen can't be beaten in lane. Tanks can't carry games, but instead just try to stop you from carrying games.

What champions can you play top lane? ›

Top Lane Champion Types
Split PusherKled, Shen, Singed,
Hyper CarryFiora, Gwen, Kayle
BruisersGaren, Jax, Renekton
TanksMaokai, Malphite, Ornn
12 May 2022

Is support the easiest role to climb? ›

The easiest role, according to Tyler1, was support. He “autopiloted” for most of the games he played and also reached Challenger in a relatively shorter time than the other roles. Tyler1 reached the rank in 500 games compared to the thousands of games played in roles like mid lane, top lane, and jungle.

Can you climb in solo queue? ›


What is the best role in League of Legends? ›

The Support is the ultimate role player for a five-man team. They are in charge of controlling vision, protecting the ADC, and just doing all the little things to help their team win.

Can you queue solo in Apex? ›

In the lobby, before searching for a match, look for the checkbox that says "fill matchmaking". This will put players in a solo queue, although it's worth remembering you'll still be up against duos and squads.

Who has hit challenger in all 5 roles? ›

For most, climbing the League of Legends ranks and perfecting your chosen role is the pinnacle of success, but for Tyler 'Tyler1' Steinkamp, it's just the beginning.

What rank is Tyler1 support? ›

Tyler1 has finally done it: he's hit Challenger rank in all five roles in League of Legends. On February 19, he streamed from the previous night into the early morning to hit the LP thresh hold for Challenger rank in a stream that lasted over 15 hours.

Which role is easiest in LoL? ›

The support role is the easiest in the game and it consists of supporting your team with damage, taking damage or with healing and buffs to allies' abilities.

Is League getting rid of duo queue? ›

Riot has listened to players and hopes to improve ranked matchmaking by removing the option to duo queue. Players seem unsure about this decision but the developer insists this will improve ranked solo queues, and matchmaking while bringing more players to ranked flex.

Can you solo queue League of Legends? ›

If you're generally playing the game alone and you wish to improve yourself, then go for solo queue. You can still occasionally join your friends in flex when you want to have fun with them. And if you're usually playing LoL with premade groups, then focus on flex queue.

What is the meta in League of Legends? ›

If you are a player of the MOBA game League of Legends, then there is a very high chance that you have heard of the term “meta”. In short, the term meta refers to the overall state of the game. The meta revolves around out of game decisions and choices that directly influence those that players make in game.

Is Jungle the least popular role? ›

Jungle. The jungler is a position intended for aggressive players who seek to enter combat at all times, but who are skilled and elusive at the same time, since dying has a greater impact than if we do it in the lane. That is why Jungle is the least popular role in the game and probably one of the hardest roles in LoL.

What is Top Lane's job? ›

Picking your champion and counterpicking the enemy! Top lane is the lane that has highest counter-picking potential. You see top laners picked up as the later picks in tournament for a good reason – almost all top laners can get counter picked. So what makes champion a good top laner?

What champions should I play in LoL? ›

Best League of Legends Champions For Beginners
  • Ashe. Champions Role: Marksman, Bot Lane. ...
  • Annie. Champions Role: Mage, Mid Lane. ...
  • Garen. Champions Role: Fighter, Top Lane. ...
  • Soraka. Champions Role: Support, Bot Lane. ...
  • Amumu. Champions Role: Tank, Jungler.

How do you solo Q apex? ›

SOLO Queue Tips For Every Player - Apex Legends - YouTube

Does Apex Legends have Solo 2022? ›

Apex Legends is one of the only battle royales without a solo mode, but that's for good reason, as its gameplay doesn't lend itself to 1v1 combat.

Can you solo Apex Mobile? ›

As of now, you cannot play solo mode in the mobile version of Apex Legends. To add further, there is no solo mode for other supported platforms as well. Although Epic featured the Duo and Solo modes for a limited time, they didn't continue with the latter. It was during the Iron Crown Event for the Season 2.


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