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2021-22 – Tiger Girls

Back Row (l-r): Lily Dodge, Chloe Tourelle, Brielle Poche, Londyn Daniel, Caliea Koehler, McKenna Dickson, Samantha Colombi. Middle Row (l-r): Darah Haidet, Thomia Garner, Aubree Lavergne, Ariel Brumfield, Sara Gutz, Jessica Mirabal. Front Row (l-r): Jillian Miller, Arianna Belmonte, Sanai Frierson, Courtney Maldonado, Chloe Couvillion, Joi Kuzma, Isabella Avila

Tiger Girls Dance Team

The LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team is the official dance team of Louisiana State University. Entering its 25th season in 2021-22, the LSU Tiger Girls are consistently recognized for their rankings at the UDA College Nationals, as well as their participation on campus for various sporting events.

Video: LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team 2022 UDA College Nationals Hip-Hop Finals 1st place

In 2020, the LSU Tiger Girls were nationally ranked 4th in jazz and 3rd in hip hop. The Tiger Girls perform on the sidelines at football, men and women’s basketball games, as well as appearances at gymnastics meets. They are also involved in frequent promotion opportunities and activities around campus and in the community. Although they do not travel in the fall, a select group will travel for postseason basketball tournaments in the spring.

About the Tiger Girls


How often do the Tigers Girls Practice and what are the time commitments?

Our program is a year long commitment. Our season starts in July and ends in May. We practice about 10 hours a week during our Gameday seasons. This current year (2021-2022) our practice schedule is 9-11:15 a.m. MWF and Tuesdays 5-8:30 p.m. Team members also attend games and promotions depending on the week. Nationals season looks a little different and we practice longer hours once out of school for Christmas Break.

Is the team required to workout?

Yes! Health and fitness is a major part of our program. We work out with a trainer three times a week before practice as also have access to an athletic nutritionist on campus.

Do you have academic requirements?

To remain eligible, student athletes must have at least a 2.0 and pass 24 hours every year. They must also be a full-time student (currently enrolled in 12 hours each semester).

Our program is well known for having great academic standings. In 2021 our team GPA average was a 3.34.

Video: Louisiana State University Dance Team Hip Hop 2022

Are there any financial obligations?

No. Our program is under athletics, so our team is provided with everything that we need (including uniforms, practice gear, per-diem when traveling and nationals). Extra TG gear can be purchased for fun, and is not mandatory.

What LSU sports do you dance/cheer for?

The Tiger Girls dance for home football games, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and gymnastics. We don’t travel to football away games, but we do attend the SEC/NCAA basketball championship.

Do you compete?

The Tiger Girls have competed at the UDA/UCA College National Championship for the past 23 years. The team competes in D1A jazz and D1A hip hop. We have placed in the top 10 since 2005 and have a bronze medal in the hip hop division.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! Scholarships are given upon coaches choice. They are promised for the academic year and vary from season to season.

Video: Louisiana State University Tiger Girls UDA College Nationals 2022 Jazz Finals

Do you have members from out of state?

More than half our team for the 2021-22 year are from outside Louisiana. We have dancers from all over and currently represent eight states.

How do I become a Tiger Girl?

NEW IN 2021-22:
The Tiger Girls will be using a Recruitment Model which will include an information page, video submissions, references and meeting the coaching staff. Please visit our Recruitment Page to learn more.

Meet the Coaches

Full Bio

Kandace Hale

Kandace Hale

Tiger Girls Head Coach

Video: LSU Tiger Girls 2022 - Hip Hop - FINALS

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What happened with the LSU dance team?

Because last year, under the demand of university officials, the LSU Dance Team was forbidden to compete at Nationals due to COVID-19 constraints. However, they were encouraged to perform at LSU boys' athletic events throughout the duration of their season.

Is the LSU dance team good?

Entering its 25th season in 2021-22, the LSU Tiger Girls are consistently recognized for their rankings at the UDA College Nationals, as well as their participation on campus for various sporting events. In 2020, the LSU Tiger Girls were nationally ranked 4th in jazz and 3rd in hip hop.

Why did LSU do like a boy?

While the team could not compete in 2021, they were still required to dance and make appearances at other LSU sporting events. This year at Nationals, they danced to “Like a Boy” by Ciara to send an empowering message to everyone that they are athletes and they want their voices to be heard.

What did the LSU Tiger Girls Win?

Tiger Girls win Hip Hop Nat'l Championship, promotes female empowerment. BATON ROUGE - The title "National Champions" has a nice ring to it and the Tiger Girls brought it back to LSU with class and a whole lot of sass.

Why couldnt LSU Tiger girls compete in 2021?

The university has told our program for the first time in 22 years that we are not permitted to compete this year- these reasons not being related to COVID or budgetary restrictions. It has been communicated we cannot compete because of lack of athletic trainers available for our competition season.

Do LSU Golden Girls get scholarships?

A key issue is the award of scholarships to members of the Golden Girls dance team and the flag girls of the Color Guard. LSU allocates $325,000 — $1,000 stipends to all members of the LSU band — and $70,000 in scholarships aimed at attracting “blue chip” instrumentalists.

How do you become a golden girl at LSU?

Students (including transfer students) must have a 2.0 GPA in order to audition for the line. Previous studio dance training is highly recommended. New members of the Golden Girls begin practice in the summer. During the fall, all members practice with the Tiger Band from 3:50 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

Does LSU have an All Girl Cheer team?

Females are required to midlayer and top, both stunts and pyramids. Members of the LSU Cheerleading squad typically have intermediate to elite-level partner stunts. Tumbling is required for female cheerleaders. The minimum skills are a standing tuck and standing back-handspring tuck.

Who choreographed LSU dance team?

When the Tiger Girls came back for the 2021-2022 season, they had something to prove. Tribe 99 choreographer Carsen Rowe told CBS News that she and McFadden spent hours picking the season's routine. The previous year's heartbreak presented an "inspired" opportunity, she said — but that also meant taking a risk.

Does LSU have a dance team?

The Tiger Girls dance team, which was established in 1999, has won two UDA national titles (1999, 2010) as well as two World University Championships titles (2013 in jazz and hip hop). They've placed in the top 10 every year since 2005, winning a bronze medal in the hip hop division in 2020.

Who won UDA 2022 Nationals?


– The Cal State Fullerton Dance Team won its 17th UDA National Championship last weekend, taking first place in the DI jazz competition at the National Dance Team Championship at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

Why didn t LSU Tiger Girls compete?

Last year, the university told the LSU Tiger Girls they could not travel to the national competition because they did not have an athletic trainer, even though they were still required to perform for every athletic game. “So, it was kind of disappointing to be able to get that opportunity.

Did LSU Tiger Girls win Nationals?

The LSU Tiger Girls won the 2022 Hip Hop National Championship Sunday for the first time in 12 years. The winning number was performed to "Like a Boy" by Ciara, which many social media users say sent a strong message for women in sports.

Who won the national championship in dance?

Arizona State won with a score of 93.02, while Purdue (90.22), Kansas State (90.00) and Western Kentucky (89.20) rounded out the top five in the 12-team field. For more information on the Aggie Dance Team, follow them on Twitter (@AggieDanceTeam) and Instagram (@aggiedanceteam). Copyright 2022 KBTX.

Does LSU have a color guard?

Established in 1971, the LSU Tiger Band Colorguard is comprised of approximately 30 individuals out of the 325-member Tiger Marching Band. This line is chosen by a special audition in the spring of each year. Membership is open to all qualified students who are on campus, entering freshmen, or transfer students.

Does LSU offer band scholarships?

Participation in Tiger Band involves less time commitment than many high school programs. All students selected for membership in the LSU Tiger Marching Band, including Colorguard and Golden Girls, receive a $1,000 service award stipend.

What are the colors of LSU?

Louisiana State University


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