New World: [TOP 9] Best DPS Builds - The Gaming Reaper (2022)

We live in an era where everyone is addicted to video games. People of every age are going crazy over video games; they are seen as the biggest attraction for everyone in this century. In this article, we will be overviewing the best DPS build of the most incredible game of the year 2021, known as New World.

Table of Contents

  • What is the New World Game?
  • Game Release
  • The Best DPS Builds to use in New World
    • Bow Build
    • Rapier Build
    • Hatchet Build
    • Ice Gauntlet Build
    • Spear and Musket Combo Build
    • Fire Staff Build
    • Void GauntletBuild
    • AoE Axe Duo Build
    • Great Axe Self-Sustain Build
  • Final Verdict

If you are one of the die-hard fans of video games, you must be familiar with the damage per second weapons; These weapons are considered the primary weapons to kill the opposing party in the game. DPS (Damage per second) weapons play a vital role in the MMOS like the New World. DPS weapons help to keep the party alive for the longest time by inflicting the most damage to the opponent.

New World: [TOP 9] Best DPS Builds - The Gaming Reaper (1)

To help our NEW world players, we’ve gathered the New world best DPS build in this guide. Let’s divulge into it to assist you in getting ahead of the curve. Get ready for the big bash in the game with the most innovative DPS builds!

What is the New World Game?

A new world is an open-world MMO full of thrills and dangers. This game revolves around the magical island of the sternum, where you’ll forge a new destiny for yourself. This game brings new opportunities for you to forage and fight with the wildest things among the island’s ruins.

Thus the whole new adventures are waiting for you on the island, from channeling supernatural energies or wielding deadly weapons to fighting alone, with a small team, or in large armies for PvE and PvP battles.

Game Release

The new world is the latest addition to the MMOs family; it was released on 28 September 2021 by the amazon games. This game brings the most immersive experience of the game to you. If you search for some mind-blowing games, then this can be a perfect fit for you.

The Best DPS Builds to use in New World

Leveling up the various master trees in the new world will open your gate to the most exciting adventures. You’ll learn about different weapons, and you are likely to do various experiments with them.

(Video) Top 4 VERY HIGH DPS Builds In New World 2022 For PVP & PVE

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The game seems to be a piece of cake up to level 20. Until level 20, you can freely benefit from different attributes, but things get more challenging for you once you find yourself in various end-game activities.

You’ll need some high-end weapons for the activities like invasions, outpost rushes, and expeditions—Moreover, each player has to take their traditional roles as the tank, healer, and DPS.

You’ll find a hundred weapons designed especially for these activities, helping you deliver as much damage per second as possible. Here’s a rundown of some of New World’s most effective DPS builds.

Bow Build

It’s all about keeping a safe distance from the enemy while releasing as many arrows as possible when playing as a Bow user. When the two branches of the Bow skill line are combined, they can produce a powerful DPS build.

Because Dexterity and Strength are the critical determinants of how much damage you deal with the Bow, you’ll want to increase them as much as possible. Agility should be your main priority.

Rapier Build

The New World Rapier is a fantastic melee weapon. It’s all about keeping a defensive position above your opponent because many valuable Rapier skills move your character around the battlefield.

(Video) A Damage Build Shouldn't Be THIS HARD To Kill.. ❄ New World Rapier / Ice Gauntlet PvP Build Guide

You’ll want to maximize your Dexterity and Intelligence traits because this is how you’ll increase the damage your Rapier can do. Agility should be your top priority because it impacts your DPS output enormously.

Avoid evasive maneuvers and instead utilize the Rapier in a Tondo, Flurry, Flourish, and Finish rotation for sheer damage. This build does a lot of damage, and the upgrades are all meant to keep cooldowns to a minimum, so you’ll be a poking machine all the time. The Blood tree also has a fantastic set of passive powers.

Hatchet Build

If desired, hatchets are a respectable melee DPS weapon that may also be specced as a thrown ranged DPS weapon. To get the most out of the Hatchet, allocate your points to Strength and Dexterity, just like you would do with the Bow.

Ice Gauntlet Build

The Ice Gauntlet is a ranged DPS and crowd-control weapon that helps you and your teammates protect themselves on the battlefield. As with the other weapons on the list, you can mix and match the two skill trees.

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You’ll want to invest as many points into Intelligence as possible when using an Ice Gauntlet to get the most out of it.

Spear and Musket Combo Build

The Spear and Musket combo is another terrific alternative for something with a little more range, and it will need you to focus your attribute points on Dexterity, with a moment or two in Strength and Intelligence thrown in for good measure.

(Video) V Rising BEST Reaper Build! Top DPS Carnage Explained!

With numerous damage-over-time effects, your Musket should be your opening weapon, allowing you to do a lot of damage before your enemy ever gets close to you. The Sharpshooter tree is the most distinctive approach to this goal with the Power Shot, Powder Burn, and Shooting Stance abilities.

Although the overload effects of Power Shot and Powder Burn do not stack, they are both quite viable, and all three are significantly more deadly when improved. Grab the passive ability upgrades that reward headshots if your aim is very sharp.

Fire Staff Build

The Fire Staff is one of three “magical” weapons that can be utilized as both a ranged and melee DPS weapon depending on how you spell it out. Like the Ice Gauntlet and the Void Gauntlet, your damage output is dependent on Intelligence.

This build is another fantastic alternative for ranged and significant damage over time. You must divide your points between Dexterity and Intelligence to succeed.

Burn them all using the Fire Staff from the Fire Mage tree’s Pillar of Fire and Fireball, and then Burn Out. Due to its boost against full health foes, an enhanced Pillar of Fire is the superior ability to start with, and both Fireball and Burn Out offer excellent damage-over-time statistics.

New World: [TOP 9] Best DPS Builds - The Gaming Reaper (2)

Void GauntletBuild

The ice and void gauntlets are used in this construct to apply crowd control and deal massive damage to opponents. Your primary weapon against your opponents will be the Void Gauntlet. Because it is an AoE strike that can also explode with the Detonating Orb perk, Orb of Decay is a robust tool against foes.

When you hit an opponent and correctly detonate it, it can get two stacks of Void Essence, which can potentially reset all of your talents. If you successfully land a Petrifying Scream on your opponent, they will be unable to move, making it easier for you to anchor your combination. Baleful Tethers can also aid increase DPS by removing a piece of their health or killing them altogether.

(Video) This Build Really Surprised Me.. 💥 New World - Rapier / Blunderbuss PvP Build & Gameplay

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The Ice Gauntlet is primarily used as a support weapon because it can replenish mana, cast AoE to slow opponents and inflict DoT and crowd control effects on your foes. It makes landing your Void Gauntlet skills easier, making it an excellent support weapon to partner with.

New World: [TOP 9] Best DPS Builds - The Gaming Reaper (3)

AoE Axe Duo Build

This build is a semi-tank DPS build geared toward doing AoE damage. It’s a good PvE beginner build that allows you to grind your way to the end game by allowing you to deal with hordes of foes efficiently.

You begin by using the Hatchet’s throw attack perk with the Berserk boost active to entice all of the foes you can see around you. Switch to your Great Axe and utilize Maelstrom to keep them all in one location once you’ve attracted their attention. Then, to finish them off, use your Whirlwind with Reap to cut them all down.

Great Axe Self-Sustain Build

This build is best for those that want to fight their opponents. Both weapons are based on Strength, making it easy to distribute stats and maximize damage output.

This build is effective against single targets as well as groups of foes. Hatchet’s Berserk self-sustain, combined with its Defy Death and life steal from Great Axe’s Reap, allows you to do excessive damage to your adversaries. Even if you dash headfirst into groups of enemies, it will be difficult for you to die.

It’s also simple to level up these weapons because you’ll be using Great Axe’s Maelstrom and Gravity to draw massive creatures towards you most of the time. If you’re just getting started with this build, go easy on the aggression until you get Defy Death. Otherwise, if you’re not careful, you’ll die soon while hauling mobs.

New World: [TOP 9] Best DPS Builds - The Gaming Reaper (4)
(Video) V Rising - ULTIMATE Caster Build /w Reaper Top DMG For PvE / PvP Guide

Final Verdict

We’ve told all of our readers about the best DPS builds in the new world in this guide. By using the builds mentioned above, you can unlock the best experience of the game. Our favorite is the void gauntlet among these Builds, which gives the most damage to your opponent. We hope you get the best experience while using these DPS builds!


What is the best DPS build in New World? ›

4 Best New World High DPS Builds 2022 For PVP & PVE - Best DPS Weapons In New World
  • New World Musket Rapier Build. - Main Weapon: Musket. - Secondary Weapon: Rapier. ...
  • New World Ice Gauntlet Void Gauntlet Build. - Main Weapon: Void Gauntlet. ...
  • New World Bow Spear Build. - Main Weapon: Bow. ...
  • New World Musket Bow Build.
1 Feb 2022

What is a DPS character in New World? ›

DPS (short for Damage per Second) - An offensive role whose main job is dealing damage to enemies.

What's the best class in New World? ›

5 best solo builds in New World
  • 1) The Berserker (Hatchet + Warhammer)
  • 2) The Trapper Zoner (Spear + Musket)
  • 3) The Undying (Hatchet + Life Staff)
  • 4) The Reaper Tank (Great Axe + Hatchet)
  • 5) The Nimble Hunter (Bow + Spear)
  • Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.
19 Nov 2021

What weapon does the most DPS in New World? ›

All of New World's DPS weapons are good choices, but the musket is the weapon of choice if you want to maximize your damage as much as possible. We'll be focusing primarily on the musket in this guide, though we'll also briefly touch on the rapier as a secondary/backup weapon.

How good is the Bow New World? ›

The Bow might be one of the most reliable and versatile weapons in New World. Suited to single-target damage, the Bow excels in PVP, although it can also excel at clearing Expeditions with the right masteries.

What armor should a healer wear in New World? ›

New World Healer Gear Guide: Armor, Lifestaffs, Perks and MORE!

What is the best DPS weapon in New World? ›

All of New World's DPS weapons are good choices, but the musket is the weapon of choice if you want to maximize your damage as much as possible. We'll be focusing primarily on the musket in this guide, though we'll also briefly touch on the rapier as a secondary/backup weapon.

Is rapier DPS New World? ›

The Rapier is a DPS (damage-per-second) weapon in New World. It focuses on fast-paced combat, with its wielder being light on their feet and able to deal mass amounts of damage before the enemy knows what's hit them.

How good is Spear New World? ›

The Spear is a DPS (damage-per-second) weapon in New World. It is one of the best options for crowd control, capable of pushing multiple enemies back if you get cornered. Because of this, it's a great pick for solo PvE players.

Is Bow good in New World? ›

The Bow is incredibly strong, arguably one of the best ranged weapons in the game. It serves as a harder-hitting alternative to the Musket, although you'll have to get used to the Bow's travel time and various abilities. In its current state, the Bow is the perfect weapon for PVP.


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