Ohio State Baseball Pitching & Catching Camp (2022)

Ohio State Baseball Pitching & Catching Camp (1)

Confirmation Packet

Video: Nick Bonifant - Class 2017 - LHP - Pitching @ Ohio University Fall Prospect Camp

July 10

Ages 13-18 | 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | Bill Davis Stadium


The Pitching Camp will be led by OSU Pitching Coach Mike Stafford, Pitching Coach Dan DeLucia, and Assistant Coach Chris Holick. We will instruct players on all aspects of pitching. There will be a limited number of participants to ensure individualized quality instruction. Camp Features Include:

  • Mechanic Seminar
  • Mechanical Drills
  • Weight Training Techniques and Core Conditioning
  • Bull Pen and Long Toss Routines
  • Arm Care
  • Pickoff Moves
  • PFP (Pitchers Fielding Position)
  • Grips

The Catching Camp is a terrific way for players to improve their defensive abilities on a position specific level. The clinic will feature in depth catching instruction, including receiving, blocking and throwing. The same drill used by the Buckeye catching corp. will be used to teach proper techniques. The number of participants will be limited toensure quality instruction.

Video: Ohio State bound Demko leading Bellbrook into postseason

“Championship teams have great pitching and play great defense. It is my belief that the game starts with the pitcher/ catcher battery. Being a former catcher myself I have a passion for teaching the position and I am excited about the opportunity this camp offers.” – Greg Beals

Camp Brochure

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Parental Consent and Concussion Form

The fee for this camp is $160. The Pitching and Catching Camp is open to any and all boys ages 13-18. Experience playing baseball year round (e.g., travel ball) is recommended but not required. There are a maximum number of campers permitted in each camp, so register early! Full payment is required at the time of online registration. You may register online by visitingOhioStateBuckeyes.com/camps. A 3% processing fee will be added to all online registrations. If registering by mail, please make your check payable to The Ohio State University. Any non-scholastic group of 5 or more that wishes to pay with one check for the entire group must do so ahead of time via mail. Any non-scholastic organization with a group of 5 or more registering the day of the camp must pay with credit card, cash, or money order. No exceptions will be made.

Children of Ohio State University employees are eligible to receive a discounted employee rate at $135 per registration. Proof of employment (i.e., copy of employee or BuckID) and payment must be submitted with the registration. Discounts are not available through online registration. Please makes checks payable to The Ohio State University.

The Parent Consent, Waiver & Release Form AND the Concussion Information Form areREQUIREDfor all participants. Please visitOhioStateBuckeyes.com/campsto obtain these forms. Please complete, sign and send the forms with your child to check-in –do notsend the forms to us prior to the date of camp. Athletes will not be permitted to participate without these forms.

All campers are responsible for bringing their own equipment.No equipment will be provided to ANY camper.

No meals will be provided. The Pitching & Catching Camps are day camps only and no overnight accommodations will be provided. Campers are responsible for providing their own overnight accommodations if needed. Hotel information can be provided upon request.

Upon processing of each registration, a confirmation notice will be sent by email. A packet of “Important Information for Registered Campers” (including the Parent Consent & Waiver Form and Concussion Information Form) will be posted online atOhioStateBuckeyes.com/campsat least 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp. This packet will not be separately mailed to campers.

Please check your email regularly, as this is our primary method of communication with campers and their parents.

Video: #2 Oregon State vs #3 UCLA (MUST WATCH, CRAZIEST GAME EVER!) | Pac 12 Semifinal | College Baseball

A refund less a $25 administrative fee will be issued for any cancellation received by at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp. The administrative fee and the 3% online processing fee are not refundable for ANY reason.

Because we have to guarantee our number of campers in order to prepare for camp, any cancellation received less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp will not be eligible for any refund except in the case of injury, illness, or mandatory school event, in which case supporting documentation from a doctor or school is required.

A camp fee may not be transferred to any other Ohio State sports camp. A camp fee may not be transferred to any other camper. All cancellation notices must be received by the deadline above and submitted by mail, email, or fax – no phone calls or voicemails. All supporting documentation required for a refund to be approved and processed must be submitted within 10 days after the conclusion of the camp session. Refund requests must be submitted on the Refund Request Form available atOhioStateBuckeyes.com/camps. Campers who are injured while at camp but remain at camp will not be eligible for any refund.

Buckeye Sports Camps
(614) 247-CAMP (2267)

Video: LIVE: Agona Baseball Camps- Winter Pitcher's and Catcher's from Velocity Sports

By registering for a Buckeye Sports Camp, I authorize employees or agents of the Department of Athletics to record and edit into video/photograph the name, likeness, image and voice of this camper and to use all or parts of the video/photograph in print and electronic materials for the Department to illustrate and promote the Department, Buckeye Sports Camps and/or The Ohio State University and for no other purpose.

It is not permissible for boosters to provide expenses for individuals to attend any camps by the Ohio State Department of Athletics. Expenses include but are not limited to: lodging, meals, transportation, and/or camp registration fees.


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