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Massapequa Cyclones Cruise to 18-5 Victory in Memorial Day Clash

Vinny Messana

by Aaron Rothschild A barrage of hits and a three run HR off the bat off Charlie Puricelli caps off an 8 run top of the second, Cyclones lead 8-1 heading into the bottom of the second. — Axcess Baseball LI (@axcessbaseball) May 29, 2022 The second game from Pops Field today featured a bunch of offense between two 10U teams that were aggressive at the plate and came to the plate looking to do damage. The game between the Massapequa Cyclones and the Sharks Baseball Academy finished by a final score of 18-5 Cyclone victory. Starting on the bump for the Sharks was Nicholas Bruno and he would go on to throw a scoreless first inning working around an error. In the bottom half of the inning Sharks would strike first after a lead off triple by Marcelo Patron, he would b...

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Sharks Baseball Academy Wins 17/18u Varsity Championship in Dominant Fashion

Vinny Messana

by Nicholas Cipolla Final: Sharks win 9-1 and claim the 17/18u varsity championship — Axcess Baseball LI (@axcessbaseball) August 21, 2021 Sharks Baseball Academy was in control of this one from start to finish and it seemed nothing (not even a potential hurricane making landfall) would get in their way. The Sharks won the Boys of Summer 17/18u championship game over the EastEnd Aviators 9-1 in 5 innings due to the mercy rule coming into play. It all started for the Sharks in the top of the first inning. After three walks the bases were loaded with two outs, bringing Ryan Kunak to the plate. He ripped a 2 run single back up the middle to give his team an early 2-0 lead. In the top of the second inning, Sean Evangelista hit a high pop up between second base and ...


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9U Sharks Baseball Academy Capture Fall Clash Championship

Vinny Messana

By Chris Amato Coach Keith of the LI Sharks speaks on his team’s incredible 2019 season — Axcess Baseball LI (@axcessbaseball) October 26, 2019 As many travel teams around the island are wrapping up their seasons and beginning to prepare for winter, the Sharks Baseball Academy looked to go out on a high note. On a brisk October morning, the boys met at Plainledge Park where they were set to take on Team Beast for the fall league championship. After six hard fought innings on both sides, the Sharks were able to come out on top by a score of 4-1. The team just seemed to do everything right over the course of the game. Whether it was throwing a specific pitch, getting a timely base hit, or just making the plays, the Sharks executed. With their season on the line, Sh...

Video: Freedom vs. Charles J. Colgan | High School Baseball | ((LIVESTREAM))

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14u Sharks Baseball Academy defeat Titans 7-3 on Strong Outing from Michael O’Grady

Vinny Messana

by Chris Amato Sharks take this one to start their Columbus Day Tournament with a 7-3 victory. — Axcess Baseball LI (@axcessbaseball) October 12, 2019 Despite a shaky start, the Sharks Academy scratched out a 7-3 victory over the Long Island Titans to kick off their Columbus Day Tournament. The Sharks gave up a few runs in the first but were able to limit the damage and rally back for 7 runs. The story for the Sharks ended up being their starting pitcher, Michael O’Grady. After giving up a few runs in the first it seemed that maybe it just didn’t happen to be his day on the mound. However, after finishing the inning and regaining his poise, Michael seemed dominant for the remainder of the game. He pitched 6 1/3 innings giving up 2 runs on 6 hits while compiling 5...

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Recap of Sharks Baseball Academy Winter Workout

Vinny Messana

2010 Cleveland Indians draft pick Henry Dunn on what outfielders from the northeast can do to prepare for the season — Axcess Baseball LI (@axcessbaseball) February 3, 2019 If you’ve been one of our readers since the Baseball on the Island days, you are familiar with Jonathon Mulford, Rob Vani and Keith Couch. The trio, all graduates of Adelphi baseball, had outstanding collegiate careers. Mulford, who participated in our inaugural Battle of the Border in 2016 and was drafted shortly thereafter by the St. Louis Cardinals, had one of the most successful pitching in careers in program history. Same can be said for Couch, who was drafted in 2010 by the Boston Red Sox. Vani, who was not drafted, was twice named to our All-Long Island team, and was a standout 1B...

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