Southern sweeps Toms River North: Late Tuesday roundup (2022)

Press staff reports

The Southern Regional High School boys volleyball team, ranked No. 1 in The Press Elite 11 beat host Toms River North 2-0 on Tuesday.

The Rams won with sets of 25-15 and 25-16.

Lucas Kean led Southern (18-0) with eight kills and four had digs. Finn Olcott contributed six digs and three aces, and Nick DiMaria, Gavin Bates and Drew McNellis each had four kills.

Angelo Addiego added 22 assists, Nick Piserchia had seven digs and Landon Davis had eight service points.

The Mariners fell to 5-7.

Manchester Township 2, Pinelands Regional 1: Manchester won with scores of 25-17, 23-25 and 25-20. Evan Weiner led the host Hawks (12-1) with 26 kills and four blocks. Antonio Szczech had five kills, seven digs and 12 service points, and Wojciech Szczech had 40 assists. Logan Alexander added 20 digs.

For Pinelands (6-7), Matt Davis had 10 kills and Ryan McCorry added 15 digs. Connor Bonicky had five kills and Ethan Woods contributed nine digs. Dan Brunke and Zack Kay had 14 and 12 assists, respectively, and Patrick O’Brien added seven service points and two aces.

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Vineland 3, Hammonton 1: Enzo Descalzi pitched a complete game and struck out nine for the Fighting Clan (9-4). He also homered, drove in two and scored once. Benedetto Andreoli singled twice and had an RBI. David Ortiz scored once. Vineland scored two in the second inning.

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Matt McAleer scored the only run for the Blue Devils (7-7). Gavin West, Kole Bagnell and Lukas Guerrier each singled. Jamison McNally pitched six innings with five strikeouts.

Gloucester Christian 19, Atlantic Christian 13: Eric Voncolln hit a solo and a three-run, singled and drove in six in the loss. Atlantic Christian opened up the scoring in the second after Robby Barberio hit a solo home run.


No. 11 Hammonton 4, Millville 0: Riley Lancaster and Victoria Esau each drove in a run for the Blue Devils (13-6), ranked 11th in The Press Elite 11. Gracie Ravenkamp, Jadyn Barker, Abby Baines and Esau each scored. April Lewandowski pitched a complete game and struck out four. For the Thunderbolts (8-8), Ella Gamber singled twice. Sadie Drozdowski, Brooke Joslin and Olivia Stetler each singled once. Isabella Musey pitched a complete game and struck out four.

Southern Regional 18, Brick Township. 0: Kylie Roberts went 3 for 3 with three runs, a triple and a double for the Rams (11-4). Madison Pampalone homered and drove in two. Elizabeth Gosse struck out five in two innings and did not allow a hit. She hit three singled, scored two and drove in one. Madison Groschel-Klein went 3 for 3 with two RBIs and a double. Leah Morrin and Emily Evans each scored two. Southern outhit Brick 16-2.

Adriana Buonacore and Sophia Smith each singled for Brick (0-11).

Boys lacrosse

No. 2 Southern Regional 23, Toms River East 3: Southern (10-1), ranked No. 2 in The Press Elite 11, got three goals apiece from Shea Hillie, Ryan Sininsky, Zach Washco, Jack Kolbe and Joey DeYoung. Hayden Lucas added two goals and an assist, and Jake Cornelius had a goal and an assist. Tyler Sininsky (eight saves) and Nick Roesch (six saves) split time in goal for the host Rams. Luke Barber scored twice for Toms River East (6-5).

Boys/coed golf

No. 5 St. Augustine 145, Vineland 197, Millville 183

At Buena Vista Country Club (par 36)

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SA: Brendan Meagher 35, Paul Clavner 36, Frank Wren 36, Patrick O’Hara 38

V: Eoghan Edgar 45, Dominic Lopergolo 46, Gino Descalzi 52, Leo Klaas 54

M: Steven Dondero 43, Owen Gilson 44, Blake Gifford 45, Sydney Middleton 51

Records: SA 9-1; Millville 4-7; Vineland 12-2

No. 11 Cedar Creek 162, Middle Twp. 185

At Avalon Golf Club (par 36)

C: Dylan Guercioni 37, Hunter Stubley 39, Justin Cartwright 41, Andrew Squire 45

M: Jake Riggs 39, Dylan Zimmerman 46, Haley Cohn 50, Evan Rinier 50

Records: Cedar Creek 10-0; Middle 7-2

Southern Reg. 174, Jackson Memorial 195

At Southern Regional (par 36)

BM: Ryan Korinchak 46, Joe Dellocono 49, Josh Barlett 51, Tom Dell’Omo 51

SR: Alex Henbest 42, Graeme Schnarre 42, Kieran Chenoweth-Hafner 44, Landon Beirne 46

Records: Jackson 2-5; Southern 8-3

Absegami 163, ACIT 196

At Green Tree Golf Course (par 36)

AB: Evan Ramos 39, Owen Doyle 40, Evan Ramos 40, Anthony Smoaks 44

ACIT: Dylan Williamson 42, Kenneth Luca Canesi 43, Kenneth Luca Canesi 52, Wyatt DeLuca 59

Birdies: Doyle (2), Canesi AB; Williamson (2) ACIT

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Records: Absegami 6-5; ACIT 3-11

Lacey Twp. 201, Barnegat 207

At Cedar Creek Golf Course (par 36

L: Connor Noon 40, Cole Stracensky 43, Joseph Kudlacik 58, Martin Tuohy 60

B: Todd Muhammad 50, Mason Krey 51, Aidan Toddings 52, Jake Harashinski 54

Records: Lacey 3-9; Barnegat 3-6

Ocean City 170, Egg Harbor Twp. 172

At McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links (par 35)

OC: Alex Bayham 40, Sam Williams 43, Isabella Freund 43, Cameron Yoa 44

EHT: Chase Adomaitis 39, Johnny Neveling 43, Charlie Jones 45, Olivia Nehmad 45

Records: Ocean City 8-3; EHT 7-3

Cape May Tech 195, Wildwood Catholic

At Union League National (par 36)

W: Kieron Kelly 48, Tommy Golden 52, Josh Bingaman 58, Camryn Diller 58

C: Jonathan Neiman 45, Emily Brown 50, Joe Clark 50, Robert McHale 50

Records: CMT 6-3; WC 0-5

Boys tennis

No. 6 Mainland Reg. 5, Southern Reg. 6-4

Singles: Michael Walton d. Sean Kahl 6-3, 6-0; Alex Wise d. Paul Schriever 6-1, 6-0; Evan Himmelstein d. Jon Beck 6-0, 6-0

Doubles: Joseph Dib-Chris Guillen d. Frank Staerk-Connor Addiego 6-1, 6-1; John Palaia-Aaryan Deshpande d. Mario Addiego and Rohil Ghandi 6-1, 6-1

Records: Mainland 11-0; Southern 6-4

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Lower Cape May Reg. 3, Oakcrest 2

Singles: Kyle Espina O d. Justin Popdan 6-0, 6-1; Connor Deignan L. d. Thomas Pham 6-3, 6-0; Keagan Samuel O d. A.J. (Anthony) Fucci 6-1, 6-3

Doubles: Matt Eck-Sean Murphy L d. Shrij Dave-Nish Kiritharan 7-6, 2-6, 6-1; Destin Gomes-Robert Eckel L d. Angelo Cuerquis-Lui Toca 6-4, 6-3

Records: Lower 3-4; Oakcrest 4-6

Seneca 3, Absegami 2

Singles: Austin Snyder A d. Landon Wall 6-0, 6-3; Colin Morrissey A d. Ryan Brown 6-2, 6-1; Jackson Bauer S d. Phu Bach 6-4, 6-0

Doubles: Jarret Holland-Christian Mazza S d. Dario Gosevski-Archit Parekh 7-5, 6-4; Christopher Webb-Brower Nick S d. Khush Brahmbhatt-Shakti Rajput 6-4, 4-6, 6-4

Records: Seneca 7-4; Absegami 5-5

No. 10 Middle Twp. 5, Bridgeton 0

Singles: Xander Hardin d. Jair Ruesga 6-0, 6-0; Justin Wen d. Uzi Sylejmani 6-0, 6-0; Shane Kern d. Jason Barragan 6-0, 6-0

Doubles: Steve Berrodin-Will Casterline d. Renee Barragan-Kevin Cruz 6-0, 6-0; Simon Hardin-Markos Sakoulas d. Yllzon Sylejmani-Uriel Perez 6-0, 6-0

Records: Middle 11-1; Bridgeton 2-6



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