The Division 2: All Hunter Mask Boss Locations | How To Summon Hunters (2023)

When you hit The Division 2’s level cap of 30, you’re going to find the entire game begins to open up and there are plenty of activities for you to start working towards the endgame loot. One of the cosmetic items you can begin venturing towards is the Hunter Masks. Unique NPCs, known as Hunters drop these masks, you have to summon in Washington D.C., and they’re no lightweights. If you want to take them on, we’d recommend you bring a friend or two to help back you up against these Hunters. Here are all of the Hunter locations, how to summon them, and what rewards you receive for taking them down. There are 12 in total.

Note: The Hunters only spawn at night, so if you need to wait for the game’s night cycle to be on to properly summon them. Make sure you’re level 30 with some decent gear before fighting them!

Hunters in The Division 2

Crimson Mask

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The first mask to go for is the Crimson Mask. To locate it, fast travel to The Theater settlement, and then make your way to the northeast, and head to the massive building on F St NW street. You should see an establishment with a courtyard, where the entrance has multiple sealed doors with two openings. You’ll know you’re at the right place as it has the name, “Denys R. Crompton Center for Portrait Art,” on the outside. Go into the open doorway on the right side, and proceed inside where you should see a small office area in the middle of the room. Go behind the desk, and you should be able to interact with a walkie-talkie. Head out into the courtyard, and you should see the Crimson Hunter has spawned.

Demon Mask

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The next mask we’re going for is the Demon Mask. To obtain this one, you’ll have to go through a scripted fight that ends with you fighting the first hunter who electrocutes you and escapes. After you complete this cutscene, return to the Demolition Site Control Point in Downtown East. Go to the building to the east of the control you arrived to, and head into the atrium. You’ll want to go to the second floor and look at the windows. You’re going to see targets peaking out of them. Shoot them, but start with the one at the top, and then work your way down. After you shoot the last one, the Demon Hunter spawns on the bottom floor.

Ghoul Mask

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The next mask our list is the Ghoul Mask. You’ll want to head down to the West Potomac Park location, and near the small body of water, to the northwest, you’re going to see three underground entrances leading to a small room. Use the southern underground opening and go through the north tunnel. Down there you’re going to find a room that eerily looks like an abandoned Division headquarters. In the HQ, you’ll find a laptop you can interact with, which when you do a lightbulb pops up in front of you showing a location on the map. Head to the site shown on the map, and you should see a platform with a hanging lightbulb, swaying back and forth. Shoot the bulb, and the Ghoul Hunter should appear shortly after.

Wraith Mask

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The final single mask we’re going after is the Wraith Mask. You’re going to find it in the southeast portion of the map, right in the corner. Head on over there, and go south of the Botanic Garden. You should see a memorial wall with several names attached to it. Because it’s night, there’s a single light shining on the wall. Shoot out the light, step out of the water, and salute the wall. The Wraith Hunter should appear immediately after. If you’re having trouble summoning this hunter, make sure you’re out of the water and standing next to the flag pole.

Ghost and Spectre Masks

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The next up is the Ghost and Spectre Masks. To start these masks, you need to have already captured the Washington Memorial control point, if you already haven’t. Proceed down to the elevator shaft to the back of the room where there’s a Division terminal you can activate. When it turns on, it’ll highlight three different points nearby you’ll need to visit. These are grave sites. Visit all three graves, and salute them, and then return to the Division terminal to interact with it once again. You should see an eerie orange circle appear on the screen. It does not tell where you to go next. However, we have those locations.

The first location you need to go to is to the northwest of Washington Memorial control point. We have labeled on the above image, at the number one. Go there, and to the northwest of the camp, you’re looking to find the Ghost Hunter hunkered behind a crate, behind a crane. You only get one shot to take them out. You’ll need a high-damage sniper to land a headshot against them. The Ghost Mask should spawn right at your feet if you’re successful.

The second mask, the Spectre one, spawns at the number two location. You can fast travel to the Washington Monument control point, and run over to it. Make sure the Hunter does not see you as you walk up to them. Again, the same thing as the previous mask. Line-up your shot using a high-powered sniper rifle and take them out with one shot. If you’re successful, the Spectre mask should spawn at your feet.

Should you not succeed against any of the masks mentioned here, have no fear. You can always exit the game, jump back in, return to the Division terminal to see the orange circle and try again.

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Midas and Revenant Masks

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We have another double-trouble set of masks to go for this time around, the Midas and Revenant masks. We’re going to head to the western side of the map, towards the West End sector. Unlike the other two, this is a little more straightforward rather than outright killing them with headshots. You’re going to fight hunters at the same time, so you make sure you have some back-up for this battle. You’re heading to the Potomac Event center. Make sure you’ve completed the event quest you’re going to find there. Once you have, you can go down the area’s lower pool, and perform the jumping jack emotes. The two hunters should spawn shortly after, and you’ll have to take them both on at the same time.

Cross, Diamond, Death, and Phantom Masks

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For those who had trouble with going against two hunters previously, you’re in for a treat. Now, you’re going to have to fight against four of them to earn the last of the masks. To do this, head to the East Mall distract and fast travel to the Sinkhole control point. From there, go north to the Water Resource point, and then go to the west where you’ll find a coffee shop overgrown with fauna. Inside, you’re looking for a lever attached to the counter. When you pull the lever, please return to the Water Resource where you should find a Christmas Tree planted there, and run around it a few times. All four of the final hunters should spawn. We highly recommend you bring a full squad with you, too.



How do you spawn the hunter in Southwest Division 2? ›

To spawn in the Hunter wearing the Wraith mask you need to make your way to the Memorial along Washington Ave SW (Southwest Area) during the night. Once you are at the Memorial all you need to do is use the Salute emote in front of it. As soon as you salute the memorial you will trigger the Hunter spawn.

How do you spawn the Wraith Hunter in Division 2? ›

Just south of capitol. Hill. Now first thing you need to do is shoot out this light now you can't

How do you fight hunters in Division 2? ›

You pretty much just have to go over there and flick him and he will fall down. And you can pick up

Can you spawn hunters more than once? ›

How to Spawn Hunters Twice & Get Division 2 Ivory Keys? To respawn hunters in The Division 2, you have to restart the event, but you have to be in the team with somebody who hasn't yet battled and defeated that hunter. See, the thing with hunters is that they drop masks, as you might already know.


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