Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (2022)

Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (1)

We've been listening to the community and decided to change the style of these posts slightly. We hope you find more value in them and can learn more from your fellow growmies this way! If you're a fan of Indica strains, then this article is for you.

Eleven Roses - Delicious Seeds

Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (2)

Eleven roses has won countless awards for its deliciousness and exceptional quality. This 100% pure Indica is the result of crossing Sugar Black Rose with Appalachian Kush, both of which pose spectacular traits for those who enjoy potent, high yielding, fast flowering genetics.

Harvest 15 weeks Eleven Roses 3X3 SCROG Strains Eleven Roses Delicious Seeds Setup LST, HST, ScrOG, Topping, Main-Lining, Defoliation Indoor Hydroponics HID HID Nutrients General Hydroponics (GHE) Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Harvested DocBrown18Cya Newbie

As far as growing Eleven Roses goes, GrowDiaries has seen mixed results. Hydroponics and LST/HST worked extremely well in this case, delivering roughly 163g per plant of dry weight. Other growers have experienced slightly less, but still with very decent harvests of frosty, flavourful flowers.

Black D.O.G - Humboldt Seeds

Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (7)

This is a top quality Indica dominant genetic with a hardy nature. Black D.O.G suits those looking for easy to grow plants filled with flavour and aroma. With a short flowering time of just 48-55 days, Black D.O.G can deliver tasty harvests that will keep any grower happy.

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Black D.O.G handles training well and can increase yields with the right guidance. Check out this grower's diary to see how main-lining, topping and defoliation helped produce around 125 grams per plant. Reported 'heavy smoke, great for night time' with smells of 'berries, grapes and fuel'.

Harvest 17 weeks Black D.O.G. First Indoor Grow Strains Black D.O.G. Humboldt Seeds Setup LST, Topping, Main-Lining, Defoliation Indoor Soil LED LED Nutrients Advanced Nutrients Green Planet Nutrients Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 17 Harvested Evi1tek9 Apprentice

Black Cherry Punch - Pyramid Seeds

Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (13)

As mostly Indica strain, Black Cherry Punch is definitely a top purple cultivar worth talking about. It may be on the longer side in flowering for an Indica, but the patience pays off with a lovely display of bud that spills over with mouth-watering, fruity terpenes.

Flowering 11 week Black cherry punch Strains Black Cherry Punch Pyramid Seeds Setup Indoor Soil Nutrients Real Growers Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Trueorganics84 Apprentice

Effects have been described as 'powerful' and 'relaxing', making it a great choice for a bed time cap. Follow Trueorganic84's grow diary to see how Black Cherry Punch develops in home-made soil under LEDs using only water. Looks to be an interesting grow. Good luck!

Chemdawg Auto - Fast Buds

As far as autoflowering strains go, this Chemdawg variety from Fast Buds makes for a pleasant experience, both in the grow room and after drying and curing. Chemdawg Auto grows vigorously and is an ideal strain for Indica fans looking for an easy entry into cannabis cultivation.

Original Auto Chemdawg delivers a 'strong buzz' with a sweet, fruity smell and has growers satisfied across the board. Handles training techniques such as LST, allowing it to grow shorter and bushier. Otherwise, this autoflower can grow quite tall, as seen in Lady_NugWitch's diary, seen below. Even with topping, the plants stretched heavily and left nice yields.

Harvest 9 weeks 3 Chem dogs Strains Chemdawg Auto FastBuds Setup Indoor Soilless Nutrients General Hydroponics (GHE) Terpinator Skunkwerks Rx Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 Harvested Lady_NugWitch Master

Runtz Muffin - Barney's Farm

Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (24)

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Runtz Muffin is a mindblowing cross between Zkittlez , Gelato #33 and Orange Punch to create a powerful, 70% Indica strain. This gave this strain a luscious sea of ​​fruity flavors, buds literally dripping with an intoxicating syrup that pushes the needle to a wondrous 29% THC. Feel like a kid in the candy store and discover the delicious and unique aromas - often there are tasty hints of orange marzipan that develop during late bloom.

Harvest 15 weeks Barney's runtz second run Strains Runtz Muffin Barney's Farm Setup Indoor Nutrients Canna Atami Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 Harvested bobtheblob Master

Outdoors, heights of up to 2 meters can be expected, while this delicacy will grow to around 110-120cm indoors after a 4-week growth period.

Bubba's Gift - Humboldt Seeds

Here we present another wonderful strain from Humboldt Seeds. This Indica cross between Bubba Kush and God's Gift produces dark green and purple plants oozing with sticky goodness. Vegetation may be slower than usual, but the flowering times are quick, at around 8 weeks.

Expect dense buds full of trichomes with a sweet 'orange with herb undertones' smell. The plant does not grow huge, but does well with techniques such as ScrOG and can deliver fair harvests under the right conditions. 309g/m2 was not bad at all by this grower, who won Diary Of The Month in November 2018 growing Bubba's Gift.

Harvest 18 weeks Bubba's Gift - scrOG under Led Strains Bubba’s Gift Humboldt Seeds Setup LST, ScrOG, Topping Indoor Soil LED LED Nutrients Remo Nutrients Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 18 Harvested JackSpliff Apprentice

Grandaddy Confidential - Pheno Finder

Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (34)

Grandaddy Confidential is a cross between LA Confidential and Grandaddy Purple, created by Pheno Finder Seeds. This seedbank has plenty of tasty strains to try out, but Grandaddy Confidential needs to be mentioned. If you love Indicas, then this bud is likely to go down well.

'I can't say enough good things about these genetics'

Harvest 11 week Granddaddy confidential Strains Granddaddy Confidential Pheno Finder Seeds Setup Indoor Soil Nutrients Advanced Nutrients Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 Harvested Mongo28 Master
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Although not as common as some of the other strains found being documented on GrowDiaries, Grandaddy Confidential shows great potential. Mongo28 was able to achieve a decent harvest of 145g from a single plant and is highly recommending the strain. She sure is a stinky lady.

Skywalker OG - Growers Choice

Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (39)

An indica-dominant hybrid, the force is truly high with Skywalker OG weed. This strain is a powerful tranquilizer, and with its good THC content (upwards of 19%) every uncomfortable symptom will yield to its euphoria-driven happiness and delicious couch-lock.

Skywalker OG marijuana seeds will thrive either indoors or out, but gardeners with intermediate experience in cannabis cultivation will be able to coax a much higher yield, around 600 grams per plant when grown outdoors after between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering.

Strawberry Pie Auto - Fast Buds

Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021 (40)

Autoflowers have been gaining attention in much of the cultivation community, and that's thanks to seedbanks like Fast Buds. Strawberry Pie Auto is undoubtedly up there with some of the top autos currently being grown around the world. Super easy to grow, responds well to training and delivers large yields for an autoflowering variety.

There are plenty of diaries to follow to learn more about Strawberry Pie Auto, and growers are showing fantastic results with this juicy cultivar. Check out Litngrn's diary to find out about 'some of the stickiest bud you've ever seen in your life'.

Harvest 12 weeks Strawberry pie 1 gallon radiclebags Strains Strawberry Pie Auto FastBuds Setup Indoor Soilless Nutrients Real Growers CX-Horticulture Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 12 Harvested Litngrn Master

Sweet Deep Grapefruit - Dinafem

Sweet Deep Grapefruit is an 80% Indica genetic from Dinafem that descends from Blueberry and Grapefruit. She grows like a classic Indica, developing a fairly bushy structure with short spacing between nodes. Under colder conditions, Sweet Deep Grapefruit may even show lovely purply colours.

Our final pick won 1st place in Diary Of The Month 2018, posted by Tryhard. This Sweet Deep Grapefruit plant was grown in soil without training under a 600w lamp and 'she grew like a dream from day one'.


Harvest 12 weeks Sweet deep grape fruit Strains Sweet Deep Grapefruit Dinafem Setup Indoor Soil FL HID Nutrients Big Plant Science Shogun Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 12 Harvested Tryhard GrandMaster


There are lots more Indicas we would like to discuss and the list could go on, but we feel with these 10 strains a grower can be more than satisfied. The following data sheet provides some extra information regarding the strains listed in this article. Happy growing!

StrainIndica DominanceFlowering TimeTHC
Eleven Roses - Delicious Seeds100%55 Days24 - 25%
Black D.O.G. - Humboldt Seeds85%48 - 55 Days16 - 21%
Black Cherry Punch - Pyramid Seeds90%60 Days25%
Chemdawg Auto - Fast Buds80%55 - 63 Days (from seed)20%
Runtz Muffin - Barneys Farm70%56 - 63 DaysUp to 29%!
Bubba's Gift - Humboldt Seeds80%45 - 50 Days17 - 20%
Grandaddy Confidential - Pheno FinderMostly Indica55 - 63 Days20%
Skywalker OG - Growers ChoiceMostly Indica56 - 70 Days19%
Strawberry Pie Auto - Fast Buds85%55 - 63 Days (from seed)22 - 26%

We'd love to hear about any Indicas you've tried recently that blew your mind, so feel free to leave your top strains down in the comments section!

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Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica versus “Sativa” and “Indica”.- McPartland, John. (2017).

The effects of large doses of Cannabis indica. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. - Schneider, Albert. (2006).

Runtz Muffin - Barneys Farm

Skywalker OG - Growers Choice

This article was updated April 2021.


Top 10 Best Indica Strains For 2021? ›

Most Potent Indica Strains
  • Strawberry Banana. If you need the strongest strain of Indica, then you can try out the Strawberry Banana. ...
  • Purple Kush. ...
  • Death Star. ...
  • Skywalker OG. ...
  • Ice Wreck. ...
  • Chocolate OG. ...
  • Grease Monkey. ...
  • Green Gelato.
Apr 22, 2021

What is the best indica strain 2022? ›

The Top 5 Indica Strains of 2022
  1. Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is an Indica-dominant strain that was born from a Sativa parent. ...
  2. Hindu Kush. Hindu Kush is a pure Indica strain commonly used in hash products due its long-lasting effects. ...
  3. Granddaddy Purple (GDP) ...
  4. Northern Lights. ...
  5. Blueberry.

What is the strongest indica strain on the planet? ›

1 – Godfather OG (The World's Strongest Marijuana Strain?)

According to High Times, Godfather OG is the most potent marijuana strain on the planet. This indica dominant hybrid is reported to have a THC content of over 34%!

What are the strongest indica strains? ›

  • If you want to try some of the most potent Indica strains in this list but don't really like to smoke flowers, or want something a little more discreet, Binoid is the way to go. ...
  • PCH Sunset is a potent THC strain you'll love. ...
  • Strawberry Banana is a potent indica-dominant hybrid from DNA Genetics.
Jul 15, 2022

What strain is 100% indica? ›

Pakistan Chitral Kush: This strain is 100% indica and it grows in the wild in a Pakistani province called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It stands out due to its spectacular resin production, making this plant one of the most used in as far as hash extractions.

Is Blue Dream indica or sativa? ›

Blue Dream Marijuana effects. Blue Dream is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid. Typically, 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. It is for those looking to enjoy a powerfully invigorating and somewhat psychedelic high.

Is there any pure indica strains? ›

Science suggests that there are no pure indica or sativa plants anymore and they are in fact all hybrids.

Which is the strongest Indica or Sativa? ›

Sativa also has a much higher THC to cannabidiol (CBD) ratio than indica, resulting in stronger psychological effects like hallucinations and paranoia and long term health problem such as loss of memory and cognitive function. Both plants are used to cultivate hemp, a durable fiber from the stalk of the cannabis plant.

What is super Indica? ›

The Urb Blackberry Kush Super Indica Delta 8 THC & CBN 1+ Gram Disposable Vape is the first to market with “super” strains and formula's boosting Indicas with Delta 8 and CBN. The device has a 420mA battery retrofitted with completely dialed in and tested airflow to ensure the best temperature, flavor, and no clogging.

What strain is Gorilla Glue? ›

Gorilla Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing an indica-dominant parent with a sativa-dominant parent strain. It is often 60% indica and 40% sativa, and some variants of GG may come as a 50/50 hybrid.

Why is Blue Dream so popular? ›

Growers caught on to its ease of cultivation and popularity long ago, making this strain easily accessible for most people — barring a drought. It's even easy to find concentrates made with Blue Dream strains due to its ubiquitous growth! They are usually high-quality and made with cannabis-derived terpenes.

What strain is Granddaddy purple? ›

Granddaddy Purple is an indica-dominant hybrid. It is expected to grow short and bushy with thick, dense, bulbous nugs. GDP nugs hold a deep purple color stacked on top of the usual green in cannabis, wrapped in thick orange hairs and milky white trichomes.

What is super indica? ›

The Urb Blackberry Kush Super Indica Delta 8 THC & CBN 1+ Gram Disposable Vape is the first to market with “super” strains and formula's boosting Indicas with Delta 8 and CBN. The device has a 420mA battery retrofitted with completely dialed in and tested airflow to ensure the best temperature, flavor, and no clogging.

Is Maui Wowie a strong strain? ›

Today, Maui Wowie is deemed to be a middle to high-grade strain, which provides a few Indica perks and a typical Sativa high. In terms of THC content, there are a lot of other strains and new hybrids that have either caught up with Maui Wowie or surpassed the THC content.

In this post, we will look at the strongest Sativa strains that you can find today. Get the list of the highest THC Sativa strains in 2022 that will keep you awake and active all day long.

Both Indica and Sativa cannabis are for recreational and medical purposes.. Sativa cannabis strains are famously known for the head high effect and characteristic energizing and creative effects that boost focus.. More often than not, we have faced the question of “what is the strongest Sativa strains.” There is no doubt that Sativa varieties are highly potent marijuana with high levels of THC.. But there are other reasons why you would choose this strain over Indica.. Medical users have taken advantage of this to use it for treating anxiety, stress, and depression.. It might not be the strongest Sativa strains in 2022 but worth being on this list because of its positive effects that improve productivity.. Jack Herer strain is characterized by head high effects consisting of bubbly, happy, and euphoric, making you more energetic and creative to take on any tasks.. From the parental lineage, Super Sour Diesel smells diesel when smoked.. Its effects are known to make your pain and stress evaporate while enhancing creativity and focus.. This is a highly addictive and potent Sativa strain on our list with a high THC level of up to 25%.. With a high THC level of 26%, Purple Haze is one of the strongest haze strains with an immediate high-energy cerebral stimulation characterized by creativity and focus.. Lemon Haze is a heavily Sativa dominant marijuana strain made by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze.

Get the list of the top 20 best marijuana strains that are popular in Colorado and internationally according to cannabis experts and users.

Our list of the top 20 best strains of weed has cannabis varieties that are popular in Colorado and internationally.. If you are looking for top weed strains in Colorado, then this article is all you need.. Girl Scout Cookies is at the top of our list of the best cannabis weed strains for the right reasons.. This Indica-dominant weed strain has a high characterized by a happy, euphoria, and couch-lock.. Its potency makes it one of the top strains of weed in the world.. Like all other top strains of weed on this list, Zkittlez is for both medicinal and recreational use.. Sour Diesel is a 90% Sativa and 10% Indica hybrid strain that has also won its place on our list of top 20 weed strains.. Purple Haze is highly potent, making it the best weed strain for treating depression, anxiety, chronic pain, among other medicinal conditions.. This top-quality marijuana also has relaxing and other desirable effects, making it a top medical marijuana strain.. Chemdawg is a hybrid weed strain with a near balance between Indica and Sativa.. It is probably one of the top medical marijuana strains for users who want both effects of Indica and Sativa.

There’s nothing more attractive to a stoner’s sight than a bud of dank purple weed! Wanna know what purple marijuana strains are hot this year? Read on for the list of top purple weed strains – Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids

As this happens, the leaves, stems, and flowers of purple cannabis strains start to gradually change from green (chlorophyll) to purple (anthocyanin).. This is why cannabis breeders make sure to breed strains that are able to release enough anthocyanin for the plants to turn beautiful hues of purple every time.. Although it’s a mind-warping weed with THC percentages up the wazoo, this strain is best known for its classic grape soda flavor profile straight out of the ’90s.. As you can imagine, the potency and powerful Indica influence make this purple strain a must-have for pain relief and anxiety.. A sparkling lilac spectacle, this strain is good for more than just offering a lovely sedating high – it also works well as a powerful medicinal strain for easing symptoms of glaucoma, epilepsy, chronic pain, and more.. Reminiscent of two potent citrus beverages, this strain’s 30% THC content will leave you intoxicatedly happy with a comforting euphoric feel and the refreshing sweet citrus flavors of mandarin and mimosa.

Wouldn't you want to know the type of pain marijuana strains is capable of combating? So, I've compiled the list of 10 best Marijuana strains for pain.

Before we head-on into full details, let me narrow down your search, wouldn’t you want to know the type of pain marijuana strains is capable of combating?. A few examples of the problem nerve damage can stem from are pain, sciatica, and phantom limb pain.. Examples include arthritis, headache, and fibromyalgia, back pain, bladder pain, irritable bowel symptoms, and endometriosis.. The current report from the National Academics of Sciences Engineering Medicine reveals that cannabis or cannabinoids were used in treating and curing adults with chronic pain and the further result shows that those treated with cannabis are very likely to experience clinically lowered pain symptoms easily.. In the application of weed for medical treatment, most especially the one that has to do with a pain reliever, two relevant and essential strains ring a bell – Sativa, and Indica.. This makes great use for generalized pain and pain that is paired with staying alert.. The Sativa compilation of cookies marijuana is great for the pain reliever, even for severe pain because it consists of high THC levels of 28% and the extent of CBD level is relatively low at 1%.. Being one of the most potent strains for chronic pain, Girl Scout correctly knocks out pain swiftly.. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a great stimulant, and with a happy quality of Sativa, it goes a long way to relieve pain with the presence of 23% THC content.

Marijuana has become increasingly popular in recent years, and growers are capitalizing on its newfound popularity. If you are an avid marijuana user or want to make money growing weed, now’s the time to get started since many states are beginning to legalize cannabis. Lots of states already allow the medicinal and recreational use of […]

While the flowering time is a bit high, Blue Dream is still a great strain to grow because of its popularity.. While outdoor growers can grow this strain, White Widow is best for indoor growers.. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and begin growing marijuana, you’ll need to decide which strains you want to grow.. Choosing your strains is one of the fun parts about growing weed, but you need to select strains that are best suited to your environment.. If you want a strain that produces an intense high, choose a strain with a high concentration of THC.. Growing your own marijuana is fun and rewarding, and all of these strains are great options with high yields.

We have ten contestants that compete on this list of high-THC strains. Who will be the winner? Who has the highest THC content? Zamnesia has all the answers!

Well, today's top-shelf weed strains can feature THC percentages between 25–30%+.. So, now that you’re familiar with the nature of THC, here are the top 10 high-THC strains!. Banana flavours aren't something you see in strains all the time, but this lady gives you sweet and mouth-watering banana flavour all the way.. This strain was bred for power: powerful growth, powerful flavours, and, of course, powerful highs!. Offering a massive 30% THC, this strain is among the most potent in the world.. Much like the previous Bruce Banner mentioned, this strain provides a similar but familiar sweet and earthy flavour with hints of diesel, making it ideal for a smooth smoke or vape.. Still, she spares you the excessive couch-lock you might expect from a strain of her potency—so there is no chance of you turning into a raging green monster while enjoying this strain.. This strain provides some familiar sweet and earthy tones in both its flavour and aroma.

These are the strains to look out for and enjoy in 2021. Stoners will always want fresh flavors, and with their tolerance growing, more THC will be...

From their delicious flavors to the exciting high they offer, these fantastic strains will keep you satiated for a while.. This strain is a potent hybrid with THC levels at 27%.. Runtz Muffin (The Barney’s Farm offering up to 29%). Barney’s Farm has been leading the cannabis strain sector for many years, especially in setting up new trends within the marijuana cultivation sector.. This strain results from a mix of two famous strains: The Gelato 33 and the Girl Scout and the Gelato 33).. After it flowers for 8-10 weeks, it produces up to 600g/m (when it is cultivated indoors).. The New (Known as Humboldt Seeds at 28%). Barney’s Farm is yet on the list again, this time with a highly balanced hybrid strain known as Mimosa Evo (also called the Mimosa X Orange Punch).. Its THC levels can get up to 30% at the highest, with flavorful yields at 700gr/m2 while indoors.. Future #1 (Anesia Seeds at 30%). This is a foremost India strain exclusively available at Mike Tyson’s brand known as “Tyson Ranch.” The THC levels are confirmed to be between 31-37%, with the buds having an aromatic smell that is like a blend of orange, diesel, and cinnamon.

In this post, we will focus on the most potent Indica Strains. Get the list of heaviest Indica Strains 2021 the best for your evening treatment.

Compared to Sativa , Indica marijuana strains have higher levels of THC.. The most potent Indica strains in this list or that you will find have high THC levels that might not be for novice smokers.. This is a cross between Strawberry Bubblegum and Crocket’s Banana Kush, resulting in a 70% Indica cannabis strain with a high THC level of 26%.. Despite the couchlock and sedation effects, this strain has been used in relieving chronic pain, stress, depression, and loss of appetite.. It is medical marijuana whose calming effects have been used for overcoming conditions such as nausea and insomnia.. It is a highly potent strain with a THC level range between 20 and 25%, resulting from crossing Skywalker and OG Kush.. It is one of the marijuana strains with the highest amount of THC in Indica, averaging at 26%.. Grease Monkey is 70% Indica with a high THC level of between 25% and 27%.

It’s one of the most frequent questions from indoor cannabis growers. Which are the best yielding indoor feminised seeds? After much deliberation the Dutch Passion team have prepared a list of the top 5 best yielding indoor feminised seeds. All of these strains have high THC levels and will deliver fine quality crops of satisfying cannabis, as well as XL yields. Like all Dutch Passion strains, this list of heavy yielding cannabis seeds are all uncomplicated to grow. They will grow well in all the usual grow mediums and grow techniques. The final yields will depend greatly on several factors, including:

Which are the best yielding indoor feminised seeds?. Like all Dutch Passion strains, this list of heavy yielding cannabis seeds are all uncomplicated to grow.. Lighting conditions: An experienced grower with optimised lighting conditions will produce higher yields from a given variety than a grower with low light levels.. All the following 5 feminised seed varieties have been chosen for the unusually heavy yields available to indoor growers.. These varieties all have high THC levels, so you can expect strong harvests of seriously enjoyable and satisfying cannabis.. FeminisedOriginal Power PlantClassicsSativaHighIndoor8 weeksXXLIf you’re looking for a heavy yielding feminised seed with strong sativa buds and short bloom times then Power Plant seeds should be in your collection!. With the perfect combination of XXL yields and an unusually powerful high, The Ultimate has made it into Dutch Passion’s acclaimed category of Very High THC seeds .. Outdoor growers have one advantage over the indoor grower when it comes to heavy yields.. With yields of 1-2Kg or more.. That’s generally far larger/heavier than anything that the average indoor grower could achieve in an indoor grow room/tent.. Often the demands for indoor and outdoor cannabis plants can require different genetics.. A good cannabis seed supplier understands the different needs for indoor and outdoor cultivation and offers feminised seeds and autoflowering seeds bred/optimised for each type of grower.

Best mold resistant and fast flowering cannabis strains for a healthy weed garden. List of strains that are hardy and resilient to mold, mildew, and pests. Most of them are pretty darn potent too

What makes for a mold-resistant cannabis strain?. There are mold-resistant autoflower strains out there as well: Candy Kush Auto by Auto Seeds, for example.. Another entry in our list of the best mold-resistant cannabis strains is The Church, also a strain related to Northern Lights.. You can definitely add Kandy Kush to the list of awesome mold-resistant indoor strains.. Sugar Candy is famously easy to grow from seed and also happens to be one of the most mold-resistant weed strains available.. Choosing a strain that’s specifically mold-resistant can nip the problem in the bud before you even start growing.. What are your favorite mold-resistant weed strains to grow in wet conditions?

Discover what determines the strength of a cannabis strain and what is the most potent weed. Get a list of the highest THC strains 2022.

Currently, the strongest weed strain has a THC value of about 30% and is expected to increase even further.. We are yet to see a weed strain with 40% THC content.. The strongest marijuana strain is determined by the level of THC compound in their buds.. This is an Indica-dominant weed strain resulting from a cross between Gorilla Glue and Cookies and Cream marijuana strains.. This strain features in our list of high THC strains because it has a high percentage of this compound.. This weed strain is 90% Sativa with an average THC level of 26.77%.

Brand-new! The best marijuana strains 2022—for sale as feminized and autoflower seeds. Grow the absolute best strains of weed in 2022.

The best marijuana strains 2022—for sale as feminized and autoflower seeds.. Overview: Godfather OG is an award-winning Kush strain favored for its exceptionally high THC content, up to 30%.. GG4 plants are easy to manage for any grower indoors or outdoors and produce excellent yields of potent frosty cannabis, tested up to 26% THC.. The resulting plants grow to moderate heights, show resistance to cannabis mold , and produce decent yields of resin-soaked buds with sugary sweet aromas and flavors.. Grow Time10–14 weeksSeed BreederILGMPack Size5/10/20 seedsYield4–6 oz/3x3ftBuy Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds🌱. Grow Time10–14 weeksSeed BreederILGMPack Size5/10/20 seedsYield4–6 oz/3x3ftBuy Granddaddy Purple Autoflower Seeds🌱

Not sure about the whole indica vs. sativa thing? Having trouble choosing an indica strain? We've got you. Learn about the effects commonly associated with indica strains and find options for relaxation, sleep, pain relief, and appetite.

Choosing a cannabis strain can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re at a dispensary that carries dozens of strains.. While plenty of indica strains might produce these effects, strains aren’t an exact science.. Cannabis indica strains are often said to have the following effects:. People say cannabis indica strains help their muscles relax and their brains slow down.. How we choose strains We chose the following strains using Leafly’s strain explorer and consumer reviews.. Some strains are reported to contain 25–27 percent THC, which is considerably higher than the 17–20 percent THC that’s usually reported for this strain.

Landrace cannabis seeds list of pure landrace sativa and landrace indica strains to buy in 2022. While many old-school landrace strains are hard to find

Flowering Time18 weeks; Late DecemberReleased ByThe Real Seed CompanyPack Size5/12 seedsYield1–2 kg/plant Honduras by Ace Seeds is a 100% pure sativa second-generation landrace cannabis strain from Central America.. Flowering TimeMid-October–Early NovemberReleased ByThe Real Seed CompanyPack Size5/12 seedsYield1–2 kg/plant Kwazulu is a quick-flowering landrace pure sativa strain obtained from wild cannabis plants growing along the north-facing slopes of South Africa’s Drakensberg ridge, since maintained by World of Seeds.. Flowering Time14–16 weeks; Long floweringReleased ByThe Real Seed CompanyPack Size5/12 seedsYieldHigh Manipuri is a strong, landrace sativa strain with a long flowering time sourced from Imphal Valley, in the Indian state of Manipur, located in Northeast India on the Myanmar border.. Flowering TimeMid-October–NovemberReleased ByThe Real Seed CompanyPack Size5/12 seedsYield1 kg+/plant One of the most beautiful indicas that Cannabiogen has ever grown, Pakistan Chitral Kush is a pure indica strain originally sourced from the Chitral District northern Pakistan, famous for its hash.. Flowering TimeLate September–Early OctoberReleased ByThe Real Seed CompanyPack Size5/12 seedsYieldHigh A hardy landrace cannabis variety adapted to hot desert summer days and cold nights, Syrian strains share similarities to Lebanese landraces from Bekaa Valley, likely due to Syria’s long tradition of cannabis cultivation, particularly in the mountainous western region bordering Lebanon.. Flowering TimeSeptember–OctoberReleased ByThe Real Seed CompanyPack Size5/12 seedsYieldMedium Tirah is a pure Hindu Kush landrace strain from Tirah Valley, an area in Northwest Pakistan highly regarded as a center for hashish production.

It's a fact that weed is getting stronger, but these cannabis strains will blow your mind. We bring you the best and strongest marijuana strains of the year.

It is also likely true that cannabis strain production has contributed to the greater strength of pot; growers prefer marijuana strains with high cannabinoid levels , and today, the strongest selections are hybrid crosses of well-known strains.. So, how does “selecting” for a strain with high THC content work, you might be wondering?. This strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cup for best indica strain in the past, and when you smoke the bud, it will hit you with an incredible cerebral high that soon results in a whole-body euphoria.. In fact, this strain is used to create Sour Diesel — another one of the world’s most popular (and potent) marijuana strains.. This is an indica-dominant strain (roughly 70%) and is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing marijuana strains around .. Whatever strain you decide to try, remember that the terms ‘strong’ and ‘potent’ don’t always have to mean ‘high-quality.’ We have worked hard to find (what we expect to be) the world’s most powerful marijuana strains of the year.

You may have heard about sativa and indica strains of cannabis but may not know the difference. Keep reading to learn more!

Moreover, newer cannabis strains have revamped how most people experience their highs.. The grower description is also an excellent place to understand cannabis strain effects.. After learning about the effects of sativa vs. indica strains, it’s time to research what type of high is right for you.. A hybrid is created when two different strains of cannabis cross together, indica and sativa plants.. The amount of THC varies from strain to strain, but most hybrids contain over 10 percent THC on average.. The Ruderalis strain of cannabis is a hardy, resilient plant that is not commonly used since it is not potent.. Farmers can breed ruderalis strains with other cannabis strains.. The THC content in this strain can reach up to 23%, which makes it one of the more potent strains available today.. Sativa strains normally have higher levels of THC, the active ingredient that makes you feel high.. Indica strains have higher CBD levels than sativa strains.

You know that feeling when you simply can't get off the couch? Well these 5 strains will have you full of energy and ready for action.

Cannabis is generally divided into three species: Cannabis sativa , Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis .. There is a suggestion that indica strains cause tiredness while sativas perk you up.. As it happens, sativa strains often contain terpenes that provide an energy boost.. However, not every indica helps you sleep, and not every sativa wakes you up.. Super Lemon Haze is an extremely popular strain among cannabis smokers.. Sativa-dominant, this strain is excellent for delivering a hit of energy Bred as a hybrid between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk It has a predominantly citrusy aroma and flavor Has a growth period of 56-65 days THC content can be as high as 22%, meaning it is not appropriate for novice smokers. Super Lemon Haze is a great energizer, leaving users with a sense of euphoria after they light up.. Originally called ‘Green Kush,’ Snoop Dogg renamed this sativa-dominant strain ‘Green Crack.’ As the word ‘crack’ suggests, this strain delivers a pretty intense high.. Many users compare this strain to espresso, so take that as a sign that you’ll feel more awake in no time.. As long as you know your limits, you’ll have fired through your chores before you hit midday!. Although it is 70-80% sativa, Sour Diesel also has some indica genetics.. Sativa dominant with some indica genetics Boasts a strong THC content of up to 22% It has a fuel-like scent which gives the strain its name, but some find the taste too chemical and strong Flowers within 10 weeks when grown indoors The high lasts around 2-3 hours Produces a pleasant high with some physical relaxation, making it great for sufferers of anxiety. This strain tends to cause associative thinking, excellent for those looking for a creative energy boost.. It provides users with a powerful creative high that is somehow relaxing.

Find out who ranked #1 in this article on the best marijuana strains that get you high the fastest. But be forewarned - a freight train is coming.

In reality, the ‘bliss’ molecule anandamide, discovered in 1992, is responsible for us feeling good after taking a hit of weed.. Of the 37,606 cannabis samples, 11,344 of these were classified as sinsemilla samples.. Sinsemilla cannabis also has a much higher THC content; usually at least twice that of a fertilized female plant, but it can be as high as ten times depending on the particular strain and the growing methods employed.. From their analysis, ElSohly et al. found that the average THC level of cannabis samples had increased from 4% in 1995 to 12% in 2014.. Growing methods like the sinsemilla method and the cross-breeding of potent cannabis strains have led to the development of cannabis strains with extremely high THC levels.. The numbing body high is extremely pleasant, and you should feel completely relaxed and sedated within minutes of your first smoke.. There are few better marijuana strains to tackle insomnia and Purple Kush users also report serious cases of the munchies.. Eventually, Purple Kush completely takes over your body and mind, and the high lasts for hours.. As well as winning the High Times award for Best Indica, a strain of Godfather OG grown by CHR LA Private Reserve broke the world record for highest THC content.. Initially, you’ll have an uplifting sensation and will soon feel joyful.. Eventually, Godfather OG makes its way to the body and completely kills all tension.. If you’ve never had Strawberry Banana before, you would be forgiven for underestimating its potency.. There is no question about it; Super Glue is a brilliant name for this marijuana strain because users are ‘glued’ to their sofas after using this indica dominant hybrid (40%).. Less is more with these strains.


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